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New to Yiwu?

  • Afraid of supplier scam?
  • Need to mix items into one container?
  • Need repackaging, warehousing, and shipping?

From procurement to export, we will help you complete all the steps of the process smoothly. The difference between SourcingWise and most other agents in the Yiwu market is that we promise not to charge any black commission from the suppliers, putting our clients first.

Guide in Yiwu market

We are very familiar with the Yiwu market, and can quickly locate which district to go to according to your product. It will help you save a lot of time.

Record and make quotes

We’ll record the products that you are interested in, the quantity you need, various product specifications, volume, and weight. Then, we will put them into a quotation for reference; it will help you make the final decision.

Quality control

If the products you ordered are in stock, we will store the goods in our warehouse for quality inspection. If the quality is not good, we will return them directly to the supplier. During the production, we will also do quality control to ensure that the order can be produced and shipped in a timely manner.

Arrange shipment

We are able to send the goods to every corner in the world. For each shipment, we’ll get insurance to ensure good condition of the delivery.

Fraquently Asked Question

How many years you have been purchasing products in the Yiwu market?

We’ve been working around the Yiwu market for 8 years. We’re familiar with the product distribution of this market.

Does the Yiwu market still has its price advantage?

It still has price advantages for many items, and if you want to combine different items into one shipment, Yiwu market is definitely the best choice.

Should I pay to each supplier by myself?

No, we will distribute your payment to each supplier. We can manage the suppliers for you better, if the products’ quality is not good, then the supplier can’t receive the money from our account.

Will you change the supplier that I choose?

Absolutely not, we will use the supplier you choose by yourself, and this will be written into the contract. Unless the supplier you choose is not responsible, we will notify you and then change to another supplier.

Is it safe to pay you directly?

Yes, we’re both a Hong Kong-registered company and a China mainland company, so our contract is valid and protected by Chinese law.

How much do you charge?

It’s 3-8% commission, according to your order amount. It’s higher than most other agents that claim their commission is only 2%, or even 0%, but in reality, they will charge you more than 10% extra commission invisibly.

Will you get kickback from suppliers?

Getting kickback will create a conflict of interests for us when we need to negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf, so we’ will not do that.

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

Products We Have Purchased in Yiwu Market

In China, Yiwu market is one of the great wholesale traders. Jewelry is one of their products that can be seen in Yiwu market. Whether you are a trader or importers of jewelry, a lot of different suppliers and manufacturers of different authentic jewelries are in Yiwu Market. If you are new or a first timer to purchase jewelry in Yiwu Market, they have Yiwu Agent to guide you all the way.

Toys are very popular for kids. If you are eyeing for a producers of toys for your business you can purchase different variants of toys in Yiwu Market. All sizes and styles for all ages are available. You can ensure its quality because they are using safe and high class materials in manufacturing their toys. Yiwu Agent are available if you want hassle-free in importing toys from Yiwu Market.

Yiwu Market has a lot to render when it comes to stationery. All kinds of stationeries can be seen in Yiwu Market. Yiwu Agent can assist you to find incredible, affordable, and product quality stationery that you need from a trusted manufacturer.

Yiwu Market is well-known for shoe wholesale market in China. In terms of shoes, they all types of shoes in Yiwu market such as for men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and kid’s shoes. And also shoes that can be worn for any type of occasion, events, and even in different weather seasons.

For men and women bags are very important and it is a solidity for women. When you look for authentic bags for your business, Yiwu Market is the perfect place. They have a lot of different branded and luxurious bags such as handbags, luggage bags, leather bags, travel bags, and many more.

There are thousands of shops that can be found in the Yiwu market trade, if you want to import kitchenware to supply your business, visit in Yiwu kitchen market. There is a huge range of kitchenware that you can from like kitchen utensils, tablewares, cookware, and etc.

You can find all types of hair accessories in Yiwu China. Most of the manufacturers and suppliers of their hair accessories and other leading products are come from this place. Sourcingwise will help you find trusted hair accessories for you.

In terms of cosmetics, Yiwu cosmetics market is famous because you can find different varieties of cosmetics. If you have a beauty or salon business and you need products like skincare products, beauty tools, perfumes, make ups, hair care products, and so on, the Yiwu cosmetics market is perfect for you. There are manufacturers in Yiwu that specialize in making high-end cosmetics that you surely don’t regret.

Importers come to Yiwu to purchase furniture since Yiwu is very much popular in making the best furniture in China. If you look for wooden furniture, home and office furniture,  indoor and outdoor furniture, Yiwu furniture market is the place for you.

Selecting supplier for your business is hard to find but in Sourcingwise it end all your dilemmas, we will guide and lend our hand to you to find a reliable source of high quality of keychains for your business. In Yiwu market, it has many keychain shops and factory owners that manufacture affordable, cute, personalized keychains and others.

In importing electronics from China, Yiwu electronics market is the best place to come. There are tons of electronics that you can choose like digital electronics, power electronics, electronic components, and many more. Yiwu market is the best place for wholesale buyers like you. And Sourcingwise is the leading Yiwu Agent in China that help you find a perfect supplier for you.

There are many options in choosing what household products that you like. Most of the manufacturers of Yiwu market located in different parts of Yiwu. If you are not familiar with the place, Sourcingwise is a well-known Yiwu Agent that you need to get the right manufacturer to supply the demand of your business.

There are so many beautiful hats that are being manufactured in China. If you wish to have colourful hats for men and women such as baseball cap, beanie hat, pillbox hat, hats with brims and many more, Chinese manufacturers are indeed the best provider of different hats that you customers will surely like.


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