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New to Yiwu?

  • Afraid of supplier scam?
  • Need to mix items into one container?
  • Need repackaging, warehousing, and shipping?

From procurement to export, we will help you complete all the steps of the process smoothly. The difference between SourcingWise and most other agents in the Yiwu market is that we promise not to charge any black commission from the suppliers, putting our clients first.

Guide in Yiwu market

We are very familiar with the Yiwu market, and can quickly locate which district to go to according to your product. It will help you save a lot of time.

Record and make quotes

We’ll record the products that you are interested in, the quantity you need, various product specifications, volume, and weight. Then, we will put them into a quotation for reference; it will help you make the final decision.

Quality control

We’ll inspect available products in our warehouse, returning any that don’t meet standards. Throughout production, we ensure quality for timely shipping.

Arrange shipment

We are able to send the goods to every corner in the world. For each shipment, we’ll get insurance to ensure good condition of the delivery.

Fraquently Asked Question

How many years you have been purchasing products in the Yiwu market?

We’ve been working around the Yiwu market for 8 years. We’re familiar with the product distribution of this market.

Does the Yiwu market still has its price advantage?

It still has price advantages for many items, and if you want to combine different items into one shipment, Yiwu market is definitely the best choice.

Should I pay to each supplier by myself?

No, we will distribute your payment to each supplier. We can manage the suppliers for you better, if the products’ quality is not good, then the supplier can’t receive the money from our account.

Will you change the supplier that I choose?

Absolutely not, we will use the supplier you choose by yourself, and this will be written into the contract. Unless the supplier you choose is not responsible, we will notify you and then change to another supplier.

Is it safe to pay you directly?

Yes, we’re both a Hong Kong-registered company and a China mainland company, so our contract is valid and protected by Chinese law.

How much do you charge?

It’s 3-8% commission, according to your order amount. It’s higher than most other agents that claim their commission is only 2%, or even 0%, but in reality, they will charge you more than 10% extra commission invisibly.

Will you get kickback from suppliers?

Getting kickback will create a conflict of interests for us when we need to negotiate with the suppliers on your behalf, so we’ will not do that.

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

Products We Have Purchased in Yiwu Market

In China, Yiwu market is one of the great wholesale traders. Jewelry is one of their products that can be seen in Yiwu market. Whether you are a trader or importers of jewelry, a lot of different suppliers and manufacturers of different authentic jewelries are in Yiwu Market. If you are new or a first timer to purchase jewelry in Yiwu Market, they have Yiwu Agent to guide you all the way.

Toys are very popular for kids. If you are eyeing for a producers of toys for your business you can purchase different variants of toys in Yiwu Market. All sizes and styles for all ages are available. You can ensure its quality because they are using safe and high class materials in manufacturing their toys. Yiwu Agent are available if you want hassle-free in importing toys from Yiwu Market.

Yiwu Market has a lot to render when it comes to stationery. All kinds of stationeries can be seen in Yiwu Market. Yiwu Agent can assist you to find incredible, affordable, and product quality stationery that you need from a trusted manufacturer.

Yiwu Market is well-known for shoe wholesale market in China. In terms of shoes, they all types of shoes in Yiwu market such as for men’s shoes, women’s shoes, and kid’s shoes. And also shoes that can be worn for any type of occasion, events, and even in different weather seasons.

For men and women bags are very important and it is a solidity for women. When you look for authentic bags for your business, Yiwu Market is the perfect place. They have a lot of different branded and luxurious bags such as handbags, luggage bags, leather bags, travel bags, and many more.

There are thousands of shops that can be found in the Yiwu market trade, if you want to import kitchenware to supply your business, visit in Yiwu kitchen market. There is a huge range of kitchenware that you can from like kitchen utensils, tablewares, cookware, and etc.

You can find all types of hair accessories in Yiwu China. Most of the manufacturers and suppliers of their hair accessories and other leading products are come from this place. Sourcingwise will help you find trusted hair accessories for you.

In terms of cosmetics, Yiwu cosmetics market is famous because you can find different varieties of cosmetics. If you have a beauty or salon business and you need products like skincare products, beauty tools, perfumes, make ups, hair care products, and so on, the Yiwu cosmetics market is perfect for you. There are manufacturers in Yiwu that specialize in making high-end cosmetics that you surely don’t regret.

Importers come to Yiwu to purchase furniture since Yiwu is very much popular in making the best furniture in China. If you look for wooden furniture, home and office furniture,  indoor and outdoor furniture, Yiwu furniture market is the place for you.

Selecting supplier for your business is hard to find but in Sourcingwise it end all your dilemmas, we will guide and lend our hand to you to find a reliable source of high quality of keychains for your business. In Yiwu market, it has many keychain shops and factory owners that manufacture affordable, cute, personalized keychains and others.

In importing electronics from China, Yiwu electronics market is the best place to come. There are tons of electronics that you can choose like digital electronics, power electronics, electronic components, and many more. Yiwu market is the best place for wholesale buyers like you. And Sourcingwise is the leading Yiwu Agent in China that help you find a perfect supplier for you.

There are many options in choosing what household products that you like. Most of the manufacturers of Yiwu market located in different parts of Yiwu. If you are not familiar with the place, Sourcingwise is a well-known Yiwu Agent that you need to get the right manufacturer to supply the demand of your business.

There are so many beautiful hats that are being manufactured in China. If you wish to have colourful hats for men and women such as baseball cap, beanie hat, pillbox hat, hats with brims and many more, Chinese manufacturers are indeed the best provider of different hats that you customers will surely like.


Yiwu Agent: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Yiwu agent is a third party who acts as a link between you and the product supplier or manufacturer.

Yiwu agent is based in Yiwu city in China and help clients from around the world with product sourcing.

Why do you need Yiwu Agent?

Yiwu Market Districts

Yiwu Market Districts

You need the services of a Yiwu agent when sourcing from China for the following reasons:

· Saves Time

Sourcing for a product or products can be a tiresome experience especially if you are a newbie in the market.

This is because it requires you to spend time surfing through the internet for the right supplier thereafter vet them.

However, this is not the case when you involve the services of Yiwu agent.

Reason being, the agent will carry out the supplier search and present you with a list as per your requirements.

This will save you time and lower the risk of choosing a dubious supplier.

· Network and Experience

An experienced Yiwu agent has contacts for various suppliers and manufacturers who they have interacted with.

The longer the years of experience in sourcing services the bigger the networks hence can easily provide a suitable supplier.

· Product Briefing & Language Barrier

Since Yiwu agent is able to communicate clearly and precisely between you and the supplier, they can help with product briefing.

This will communicate to the suppliers your product needs and requirements to the last details.

This is very important when you cannot communicate in the suppliers’ language.

· Negotiation

One of the services provided by Yiwu agent is price negotiation with the manufacturer or suppliers while maintaining quality.

This is possible due to their close working relationships with the suppliers.

· Documents Verification

Yiwu agent has to source for a supplier who meets your product quality threshold as well as the good manufacturing practices.

This can be verified by checking on the business licenses, permits, certifications, etc., the manufacturer possess.

The agent will be able to tell genuine quality products from fake ones and also suppliers who meet the requirements.

It is pointless for you to verify the documents if you do not understand the language and the quality standards of China.

  • Some suppliers do not ship directly to clients hence may not be knowledgeable about the shipping documents and packaging.
  • Yiwu agent is able to verify the product quality before you can purchase.
  • When shipping from China for the first time using Yiwu agent is the best bet to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous suppliers.

Which types of Yiwu Agents are there?

Some of the most common Yiwu agents include:

· Single-Sourcing Agents

These are individuals who provide sourcing services to their clients.

They are able to offer personalized services since they do not have many clients at a time.

It is hard to do a background check on single sourcing agents thus you may be easily scammed.

Secondly, single sourcing agents do not have a bigger network platform hence may not provide suitable suppliers.

· Sourcing Companies

These are large sourcing agencies with a number of sourcing agents and with a traceable address.

China sourcing agents specialize in different products thus are able to offer excellent services.

Additionally, these sourcing companies have a wide array of the network which gives them a competitive advantage over single sourcing agents.

Unlike single-sourcing agents, sourcing agencies are a bit expensive.

· Full-service Sourcing and Logistics

Full-service sourcing and logistics companies go an extra mile and provide a ‘one-stop shop’ service to their clients.

They offer to source, perform quality checks, ship the products, clear with the customs and deliver the products to your address.

They eliminate the need of having different companies handle the same product from sourcing to delivery.

This type of Yiwu agent comes with better in-house communication services thus making the process seamless.

It is however a very expensive option compared to single sourcing and sourcing agencies.

Where is Yiwu?

Yiwu is a city in East China in Central Zhejiang Province with about 1.2 million inhabitants.

It is located 300 kilometres (km) from Shanghai city and 140km from Hangzhou China.

Yiwu city is surrounded by Guangdong and Fujian to the south, Shanghai and Ningbo port in the north and east respectively.

Who should buy from Yiwu Market?

Yiwu market is also known as Yiwu International Trade City and is the largest small commodities wholesale market in Yiwu.

In 2005, it was recognized by the World Bank as the largest small commodities market in the world.

 Yiwu Wholesale Market

 Yiwu Wholesale Market

Over 100,000 suppliers have booths at the Yiwu Wholesale Market in China where they exhibit their products for both local and foreign buyers.

They are spread out in the five different districts of products according to their wares.

The wide range of quality goods at competitive prices allow buyers both small and large importers to buy at one place.

Buyers can get same product from different suppliers in different quantities thereafter consolidate and ship as one consignment.

Those who buy to sell usually buy in large quantities either in person or through their Yiwu agent.

Shipping of goods can be done in one large container or consolidated with other goods in one container.

What Types of Services does Yiwu Agent offer?

· Visa processing and Hotel Accommodation

We facilitate visa processing and hotel accommodation for clients who wish to visit the Yiwu market before making their orders.

We have some hotels that have partnered with us and offer great discounts to our clients.

 Airport Pickup

We organize for airport transfers for our clients from the moment they land in Yiwu city as part of the package.

· Market Research and Product Sourcing

This is the core to our business as Yiwu agents.

We carry out market research for different products, understand our clients’ needs, product specs and quality, manufacturing standards, etc.

This helps us to recommend suitable suppliers to our clients.

· Yiwu Market Guide

Yiwu market is the biggest wholesale for small consumer goods therefore it may not be possible to visit all the districts.

We, therefore, recommend suitable suppliers and facilitate the market visit.

When a client needs to make factory visits, we are ready to organize for that too.

· Translation

It is common for clients to not speak our local Chinese language therefore we organize for translation service for such cases.

Some of the suppliers in the market may also not speak English, we ensure that both client and suppliers can communicate by translating to them.

· Supplier Verification and Factory Audit

We vet the suppliers and carry out a background check on them before we recommend them to our clients.

We ensure they have the right licenses, certifications, follow the right procedures and are compliant to set standards.

Our Factory Audit services ensure that suppliers have the capacity to produce the goods and have a humane working environment.

· Order Tracking

Once the client places their order with the supplier, we then follow up with them to ensure they deliver on time.

We keep our clients informed on the status of their orders.

· Quality Control

Quality control is import in ensuring our client gets what they ordered for.

We approach this in different ways:

  • Sample check to see if they are of good quality and meet the required standards before the production process starts.
  • Production sampling to confirm if the product matches the sample provided.
  • Random product inspection on the goods upon production completion to ensure that only quality goods are packed.

· Cargo Consolidation

This is done depending on the order size for our clients, less than container goods are packed in one container.

· Warehouse Keeping

We keep our clients’ goods at our Yiwu Warehouse before they are loaded for shipping.

· Container Loading

All the goods are packed in the container starting from the heavier ones then stacking lighter ones on top.

We take great care at this point so that all goods arrive in good shape.

· Customs Declaration

We are exports experts and understand all the requirements of customs when it comes to shipping from Yiwu city in China.

Once we are done with container loading, we reach out to customs with the required paperwork for customs clearance.

China Customs Clearance an important step as it may cause shipping delays if documents provided are not in order.

· Shipping

This is the transportation of goods by sea, air or train from Yiwu city to our clients’ destination address.

We follow your shipping instructions.

How do Yiwu Agents Work?

Yiwu agents work depending on the clients’ needs, some choose to travel to Yiwu while others do not.

The following steps are for clients who choose to come to Yiwu;

  1. The client contacts the Yiwu agent and states their visiting plans by indicating the date of travel, product details and accommodation needs.
  2. The agent arranges for a visa, hotel accommodation and visiting itinerary and airport transfers.
  3. Upon arrival to Yiwu, the agent schedules for a business meeting with the client to further understand their product needs.

They also provide their cost of service break down, ways of working and terms of payment.

An agreement is reached at this point to avoid unforeseen costs or charges.

  1. After the agreement is reached, Yiwu agent accompanies the client to the market and guide them through their orders.

They ensure the client visits all suitable suppliers for their products and the suppliers understand the clients’ products specifications.

Where the supplier and buyer don’t understand each other due language barrier, the agent translates for both.

  1. Once the clients finish ordering and confirms everything is right, they make a 30 % deposit through the agent.
  2. The agents distribute the payment to all the suppliers and give a go ahead for production to begin.
  3. Upon completion of production, the agent contacts the client to pay the remaining 70% before shipping.

The agent then collects the products, sample them for quality checks before preparing shipping documents.

  1. All the shipment is done as per your agreements, the agent facilitates goods movement from the factory to the terminal.
  2. Yiwu agent ensures you have all the shipping documents such as a bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice on time.

All the custom clearance process is taken care of by Yiwu agents.

  1. When clients receive their consignment, they are supposed to verify the quantity, quality and material within 60 days.

Any complaints should be accompanied by videos or photos of the damaged products.

We will follow up with the relevant supplier for replacement of refund.

The following steps are for clients who cannot come to Yiwu:

  1. Get in touch with Yiwu agent and share your product specifications such as size, material, quantity, weight and 3-dimension photos.

Alternatively, describe the product idea with the agent. We will go through and share a quotation withing 48 hours.

  1. Yiwu agent will begin the search of the perfect supplier from their supplier networks. Once they are done, they will share with you a list of 3 to 4 suppliers to choose from. The suppliers list has the product, cost, delivery period, payment terms, etc.
  2. Based on the supplier selected, you will make payments before the agent can authorize production of goods.
  3. Yiwu agent will follow up on the production progress, carry out quality inspections and ship the products to the clients.
  4. In case the client is not satisfied by the product received, they can raise the issue with Yiwu agent.

What are the Benefits of Working with a Yiwu Agent?

Working with Yiwu agent has a list of benefits as listed below:

  • Yiwu agent is able to identify a supplier with good quality products and at affordable prices. This is possible because of their extensive supplier network and working relationship.
  • Reduced risk of being scammed by the supplier. Yiwu agents carry out all the due diligence necessary before engaging a supplier.

They also ensure that pre-production, production and post-production inspections are done to the required standards.

Furthermore, they make sure only quality products are shipped to their clients and have contracts in place to protect their clients.

  • Yiwu agent is able to communicate on your behalf where the language barrier is presented.
  • Using Yiwu agent saves you time and cost of travelling to China to buy products.

The agent is able to facilitate the transaction without you being present.

What Kind of Products do Yiwu Agents help you Source from China?

There are a number of items that you can buy from China through Yiwu agents.

These products are found in different floors of the 5 products districts as follows:

District 1:

  • Jewelry and ornaments
  • Toys
  • Decorations
  • Party items
  • Artificial flowers
  • Christmas gifts

District 2:

  • Outdoor items
  • Umbrella and bags
  • Kitchenware
  • Hardware materials
  • Electronics
  • Bathroom products

District 3:

  • Office and school supplies
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Art & craft
  • Stationery
  • Sport and outdoor items

District 4:

  • Undergarments and socks
  • Shoes
  • Plastic products
  • Garments
  • Belts

District 5:

  • Bedding
  • Car accessories
  • Baby products
  • Pets
  • Hotel and restaurant supply

How Long will it Take Yiwu Agent to Identify a Suitable Supplier for your Products?

We normally maintain good relationship with our suppliers thus are able to recommend a few immediately in our areas of expertise.

If the product is new to us, we will have to source for the suppliers and evaluate them before listing them. This takes between 7 to 21 days.

Can a Yiwu Agent share Suppliers Contacts?

Yes and No.

Yes, because some of our clients do wish to meet and evaluate suppliers before they can place their orders.

This also makes our business transparent and removes any doubts from the clients.

In some instance, we do not share the contacts because we are bound by non-disclosure agreement with the supplier.

This is common with drop shipping and it protects us from exploitation by some clients.

How do Yiwu Agents Source Products and Suppliers for Foreign Importers?

Every year hundreds of foreign clients contact Yiwu agents for product sourcing from Yiwu wholesale market.

We get all the products details e.g., quantity, size, color, weight, materials, etc. from our clients.

We use this information to recommend or search for suitable suppliers.

For foreign clients who wish to visit the market, we arrange for their travel visa, hotel accommodation and airport pickups.

Upon arrival, we send them for the market tour with a guide who is also able to translate.

The customers visit the booths and get the pricing as our guide takes detailed notes of the order including photos.

The client then wires to our account 30% deposit leaves the rest to us as they return to their country.

We make order confirmation and follow-ups, inspect the goods, load in a container and clear with customs.

At this point, we contact the customer for the 70% balance payment before we can ship their orders.

We provide all the necessary paperwork to the client when the ship departs and finally offer after-sales services as well.

Alternately, foreign customers who do not wish to come to Yiwu city can send us their product specifications though email.

We will get them the price quotations and send for them to decide before we order.

We follow the same procedure of ordering, inspection, loading and shipping in both processes.

How do Yiwu Agents Collect Cargo for Buyers from Yiwu Wholesale Market?

We organize with the factory suppliers on when to drop the goods once they are ready and have passed the QC.

Different suppliers drop the packaged products at our warehouses for quality inspection followed by cargo consolidation before loading.

We ensure the suppliers deliver the goods on time and as indicated on the supply contract.

We inspect the goods we receive at our warehouses to ascertain that they have not been exchanged at the factory.

In case we find any defects, we communicate to suppliers at this point for replacement before shipping.

How do Yiwu Agents Charge for Services?

There are 4 ways which a Yiwu China Agent  can use to charge for their services namely:

· Commission-based

Payment by the commission is calculated as a percentage of the order quantity, value and frequency and ranges between 2 to 10%.

This form of payment tends to be higher for smaller order value and also on the first order.

Bigger orders get a lower percentage and subsequent orders reduce the percentage as well.

Yiwu agents who charge on a commission basis will find a suitable supplier for you then calculated their cut after order confirmation.

The amount is paid to the agent once the products are shipped to.

The downside of commission-based payment is that the agents focus on expensive suppliers to earn more commission.

· Hourly Rate

This payment model charges a fixed rate per hour, therefore; the agent gets paid for the total working hours.

As much as it is a flat rate, it is open to exploitation since tracking the actual working hours is difficult.

Yiwu agent may decide to extend search time to earn more while also causing delay in result submission.

· Fixed Fee

Like the hourly rate, this model also has a fixed rate but not charged per hour.

The agent calculates the cost for the assignment and shares with you before the search begins.

Once you agree on the terms, the agent proceeds to find all suitable suppliers and share the list with you.

You will then choose a supplier from the presented list and sometimes, you may not find them suitable.

In this model, the Yiwu agent is paid regardless of you picking the product supplier or not.

This makes it easy for unscrupulous Yiwu agents to present shoddy suppliers.

· Mixed Payment Structure

This type of charging involves a flat rate up to a certain value thereafter commission applies.

For instance, the table below shows the Yiwu agent who provides full services and the charges past a certain threshold.

Full-Service Charge
Product Sourcing and Development
Inspection and Quality Control
Warehousing and Re-packing
Documents and Shipping
After-sale Services
USD 1000 or lessUSD 100
USD 1000-30008.0%
USD 3000-50007.5%
USD 5000-80007.0


The advantage of using mixed model is that you can source and ship for small orders before graduating to big ones.

It also gives you a glimpse of Yiwu agent’s work ethic and professionalism before engaging them in big projects.

Are there any Hidden Charges to Yiwu Agent Fees?

A genuine Yiwu agent will not have hidden charges because they will share a transparent quotation of their fees.

However, crafty Yiwu agents will quote a lower commission percentage as their fees to attract unsuspecting clients.

Thereafter, such agents will collude with suppliers to raise product prices and wire the mark up to them.

Others will source for cheapest similar poor-quality products and deliver to you while making profits from the price difference.

Which are the Acceptable Payment Terms for Yiwu Agents?

We accept payments in two telegraphic transfer (TT) instalments; 30% deposit upon order confirmation and 70% before order shipping.

How can you get Best Prices from Yiwu Market Suppliers?

  • Engage the services of a Yiwu agent to help you get suppliers with good price offers for your products.
  • From the list of suppliers we recommend, request for quotations and compare the prices before picking one.

This will give you an idea of the market rate range for your products and who offers the best price.

If at the market, visit as many booths as possible and get their product pricing before making an order.

  • Order in bulk from the market suppliers to allow you to negotiate for good discounts, e.g., full container orders. Small orders like a few cartons of products will not earn you discounts.

Do Yiwu Agents Accept Discounts from Suppliers?


We do not receive any discounts from suppliers as this may influence our business delivery.

What we do is that we source for suppliers with fair pricing and quality products for our clients.

The larger the order from our clients the better the pricing and so is our commission.

What is the Difference Between Yiwu Market and the Canton Fair?

Yiwu market is also known as China Yiwu International Trade City is the biggest small commodities wholesale market in the world.

Canton Fair is China’s largest and popular Import and Export Trade Fair show.

While Yiwu market is permanently found in Yiwu city in Zhejiang, Canton Fair is held bi-annually in Guangzhou City.

Yiwu city is found East China whereas Canton Fair in held in South China.

Canton Fair was founded in the year 1957 whereas the Yiwu market was started later in 1982 by small traders.

Yiwu market operates through ought the year while Canton Fair opens a few days in April and October yearly.

Both Canton Fair and Yiwu market do not operate during the Chinese New Year holiday

Yiwu market targets small to medium suppliers and distributors while Canton Fair attracts major suppliers and import companies.

Canton Fair suppliers deal with high MOQ usually containers while Yiwu market supplier’s trade in low MOQ one container or less.

Canton Fair has suppliers who can communicate in English and are able to export directly to clients.

In Yiwu market, a handful of suppliers can express themselves in English and export hence the need for a Yiwu agent.

Prices at Yiwu market are fairly low compared to those in Canton Fair show.

Additionally, the Yiwu market has many suppliers than Canton Fair.

What Time does Yiwu Market Open and Close?

 Yiwu Market Operating Hours

Yiwu Market Operating Hours

Yiwu market operates every day from Monday to Sunday week from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm except on Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year is calculated by the lunar calendar and the dates vary yearly.

It mostly falls between January and February, therefore, the Yiwu market will remain closed during this period.

The best time to visit the Yiwu market is between mid of March towards the end of December.

When is the Best Time to Visit Yiwu?

The best times to visit Yiwu city is between March and December when several tradeshows are available.

Yiwu market has a variety of small commodities and at an affordable rate.

Other trade shows also tend to happen between these periods thus you can also visit them.

East China Fair occurs for 4 days beginning of March and is in Shanghai a 4-hour bus ride to Yiwu.

In Guangzhou city, Canton Import and Export Fair show is held from mid-April to early May and also in October.

This is the biggest trade fair in china and it attracts a huge number of manufacturers and importers.

To travel to Guangzhou city from Yiwu city, you can board a plane or use the train.

Others such as Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair in April and the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show in March respectively.

The weather between March and June is usually spring and quite favourable for supplier and foreigners visiting China the first time.

New merchandises are also launched in the market from March onwards.

From July to August, the humidity levels do rise thus is not a good time to visit.

Also, most fairs and trades do not occur at this time till September to December.

The second phase of Canton Fair is held in October to early November.

Honk Kong Electronic Fair and Honk Kong International lighting Fair are also held in October.

The products in the Yiwu market are pretty complementary to these fairs. So, you can compare and enrich.

Can Yiwu Agents issue an ASEAN-China Free Trade Certificate of Origin?

Yes, they can.

Yiwu agents can issue the ASEAN China Free Trade Certificate of Origin also referred as Form E upon request.

This form is filled in English and the information provided must be truthful.

This certificate is limited to certain products and countries that comply with the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area of Rules Origin regulations.

These countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

They get to enjoy a preferential trade tariff concession of 5% when they present it to their destination customs.

Why is Yiwu Market Prices Affordable?

Yiwu market was birthed from chicken feather and sugar barter trade during the reign of Qing dynasty in the early 1980s.

Small trader would exchange sugar for chicken feathers and use them to make products that they would sell for little money.

As time passed by the government expanded the market by building several product districts with several booths for traders.

Hundreds of buyers would visit the market to buy the commodities at affordable wholesale price.

Secondly, the city has efficient transport systems e.g., airport, trains and buses, customs services among others.

This development has boosted the market making it easier for them to provide affordable pricing due to efficient vital services.

Furthermore, the presence of several hundreds of factories and suppliers in the Yiwu market has made the competition very stiff.

In order to survive the suppliers must provide quality goods at cheaper pricing.

This scalability has further made production, material, labor and logistics costs cheaper.

What are Some Yiwu Sourcing Packaging Tips?

Packaging plays an import role in ensuring the goods arrive to the client in good shape without any damages or losses.

Some market the products hence they should have aesthetic finish.

When sourcing for products, it is necessary to specify the product’s packaging needs the suppliers.

Some of the packaging materials that can be used include; corrugated boxes, layered boxes, drums, plastics, etc.

The type used should protect the products from environmental factors such as moisture, oxygen, dust, etc.

The packaging materials can be in primary, secondary or tertiary form and other cushioning materials added, e.g., Styrofoam, air bubbles, etc.

Fragile goods must be packaged with utmost care and right materials such as cushioning in between used.

This will protect them from impact during transit, loading and customs handling.

The labels should also be clearly displayed on the secondary package to guide whoever is handling the products.

 Fragile Goods Packaging

 Fragile Goods Packaging

Can Yiwu Agent help you source custom products from Yiwu?

Yes, we can.

All you have to do is clearly share the product specifications with us in details.

We will use the provided information to get the most suitable manufacturer and who meets the required quality standards.

If possible, we also send sample for your confirmation before making full order.

How do Yiwu Agents Check Quality Control for Products?

 Aspects of China Quality Control

Aspects of China Quality Control

Quality control is among the services that we offer as we understand the need to quality products delivered to our clients.

The first step in China Quality Control is taken when vetting the suppliers and their factories. We must ensure that they meet the manufacturing standards for the products in question, are regulatory compliant, have production capacity, etc.

The supplier audit report developed is also shared with the client for their knowledge and vetting as well.

Only suppliers who pass QC inspection are listed in our network database and recommended to our clients.

The second step of quality control is done at the pre-production stage where we inspect the samples provided against client’s quality specifications.

Production only begins when we are satisfied with the sample quality.

During production, the factories must follow the standard operating procedures and each stage documented by our quality inspection team.

Only products that pass the test continue to the end while those that fail are withdrawn from the process.

Post production inspection is also carried out by sampling each packaged carton at random.

We inspect for sealing method, labelling, finish, quality and products’ physical appearance.

The finished product must be similar to the sample that was initially provided to us and the client for confirmation.

Mismatches are rejected at this point and only good quality products are packaged for shipment to the clients.

It is therefore important to have one qualified agent for your sourcing services to avoid receiving poor quality goods.

How do Yiwu Agents Load and Ship Containers for Customers?

Yiwu agents are professional in their service delivery, thus are able to load and ship cargo containers seamlessly.

They will organize for order shipment from the manufacturer or supplier to their warehouse facility.

Upon receipt of customer’s goods, the orders are sorted according to their weight, size, state (liquid or solid) and fragility.

Thereafter, they load the heavier and unbreakable goods first while ensuring even weight distribution in the container floor. This will prevent container from toppling when the ship encounters stormy waters.

The lighter goods are stowed on top of the heavier ones and distributed evenly across the container.

Fragile goods are place on top most tier to prevent damage due to stacking.

The spaces between the tiers are filled with other smaller goods so that the cargo is tightly packed in the container.

This makes it hard for the goods to move while in transit hence ensuring they arrive in good shape to the customer.

Once loading is completed, the agent informs customs agents to initiate customs clearance for container shipping. Important documentations such as bill of lading, packing list, commercial invoice, etc. are provided to customs by Yiwu agent.

The agent will keep updating the customer of the goods’ progress and make follow ups till the customer receives their goods.

How can you Access your Money in Yiwu?

It is important to plan your finances before travelling to Yiwu city and know how you will pay for your expenses.

There are different ways of accessing your money such as through cash, banks or ATM machines.

While carrying cash is the easiest option, it is good to be safe and avoid customs problems for carrying excessive cash.

You will have to exchange it to Yuan RMB or U.S. dollars for it to be acceptable for use in Yiwu.

Carrying an international master card as backup is good in case you run out of cash.

Another option is to wire cash to someone’s account in China provide you can trust them.

This will then make it possible for you to withdraw the money from the local bank in Yiwu city.

There are charges involved when wiring the cash from your local bank to an account in China.

Money transfer takes time therefore, you should start the process early to avoid inconveniences due to waiting period.

Additionally, you can carry international master cards for ATM withdrawals while in Yiwu city.

This method will require you to seek authorization from your local bank.

It also has a limitation of how much you can access in a day or at once with high transaction costs.

Can Yiwu Agent provide Invitation Letter for Visa?

 Sample Invitation Letter for China Visa

Sample Invitation Letter for China Visa

We are professional service providers legally registered in Yiwu city, China as a business.

We can therefore provide official invitation letters to our customers for their visa applications in their local Chinese embassy.

To do this, you have to share copies of your passport photos and official names with us via email or WhatsApp.

We also send the letter via email, WhatsApp or couriers services.

How do you Get to Yiwu?

There are different modes of transportation when accessing Yiwu city from outside China and within China.

These modes of transport are timed and leave their respective terminals at the stated times.

You can choose to use a bus, train, private car or plane depending on where you are departing from and convenience.

· Plane

When traveling from outside of China to Yiwu, a direct international flight to Yiwu or connection through Shanghai, Guangzhou, will be necessary.

When you connect, you can use bus or train to get to Yiwu city.

· Train

Different train services are available within the cities of China such as express train, speed train, etc.

The train tickets are affordable and meal services are provided onboard at a fee.

Express services are convenient and do not stop till its destination.

· Bus

Buses are convenient when you are travelling from other towns within China and flights or train services are unavailable.

The bus tickets are affordable and have route flexibility.

You can easily catch buses headed to Yiwu Market at the Yiwu BRT.

 Yiwu BRT

 Yiwu BRT

· Private Car

This is convenient for airport transfers or if you do not want to wait for a certain time to travel to Yiwu.

You can request for airport transfers from your Yiwu agent or even hire taxi services through them.

Is Yiwu safe for Foreign Customers?


There are about 13,000 foreigners who reside in Yiwu city at the moment and a thousand others visit every year to shop.

What are some Goods Hotels in Yiwu?

Yiwu city is an international wholesale market as well as a tourist destination.

As a result, hotels with great facilities were built in Yiwu city notably:

· Yiwu Marriott Hotel

Yiwu Marriot Hotel

 Yiwu Marriot Hotel

Yiwu Marriott hotel is a five-star facility located 10 walking minutes away from Yiwu market.

The hotel offers excellent accommodation services to its clientele from different parts of the world.

It is built with hi-tech equipment technology and has a sporting facility which is freely accessible to their guests.

Besides visiting Yiwu markets, guest can take a 5 minutes’ walk to the biggest wetland park and enjoy the scenery.

· Yiwu Yindu Hotel

This hotel is located in Yiwu city’s business district and has different types of rooms such as standard, double, deluxe.

The accommodation facility is great and offers guest a relaxed environment after a busy market visit.

Other facilities such as spa center, swimming pool, entertainment spots are available for staying guests.

· Yiwu International Conference Center

Yiwu International Conference Center

Yiwu International Conference Center

Yiwu conference centre is about 20 minutes to Yiwu market and offers a serene and quiet ambience to its guests.

There is also a beautiful lake nearby and a train station for easy intercity commutes.

· Ramada Plaza Hotel

Ramada Plaza Hotel is a four-star facility managed by the US Wyndham hotel group.

It located downtown in Yiwu city and a combination of traditional, modern and luxuries concepts.

The guest’s rooms have high-speed internet connectivity, safes, TVs, etc., for their convenience.

· Best Western Premier Hotel

This hotel is owned and managed by Zhejiang China Group and is located in district 2 of the Yiwu Trade Center.

It is a four-star hotel located near the local airport, bus terminal and train station.

The hotel is equipped with an executive lounge, conference facilities, gym, swimming pool and serves both Chinese and western cuisine.

This hotel is tastefully furnished and with high Wi-Fi speed in all areas.

· Kaison International Hotel

Located at the centre of Yiwu is Kaison hotel making it easy to access the Yiwu trade centre.

The hotel has 162 rooms, nicely furnished and with other services such as taxis services, 24-hour front desk services, etc.

It also offers spa services to help you relax after a busy day at the trade center.

· Kaison Purey Hotel

This is located in International Trade City hence is easy to access Yiwu trade center and other city’s attractive sites.

It offers fast internet connectivity, conference rooms, lounging areas, masseuse services among others.

Can Yiwu Agent help you Find Suitable Accommodation in Yiwu?

Yes, they can.

Yiwu agents partner with most of the Yiwu hotels and get discounted rates for their clients.

During spring when the majority of shoppers and tourist throng Yiwu city hotels rates double and the demand goes up.

Getting accommodation at this time is almost impossible, therefore, an agent can assist when you book earlier.

Why should you Use Yiwu Agent and Not Buy from the Factory Directly?

Yiwu agent is a better to place to negotiate for prices on your behalf with the factories and suppliers.

This is because we have a huge supplier network giving us an advantage as opposed to when you approach the factory directly.

We have trained professionals with vast experience in services such as order follow up, quality inspection, loading, customs clearance, exports, etc.

We are therefore better place to help you source and ship the products from China with ease.

Buying your products from Yiwu market through us reduces the risks involved when sourcing from China.

We do that by:

  • We vet the suppliers to ensure they are legit and have the capacity to produce the product needed.
  • We do production follow up right from the time you confirm your order to ensure the supplier delivers as promised.
  • We carry out inspections on your behalf to avoid losses due to delivery of poor-quality goods.

Isn’t it Cheaper to Buy from Suppliers Yourself Rather than use Yiwu Agent Service?

Making direct purchase from the factory may seem cheaper than going through the agent but that is not always the case.

Factory purchases are based on standard MOQ therefore, the prices stated tend to be higher than through an agent.

Secondly, it is not possible to make several factory visits comparing prices and quality of similar products.

This is because it is a tiresome process and language barrier may slow you down.

Some factories may deliberately raise their prices for foreign customers; lie about their quality, etc.

Furthermore, you will incur costs of hiring a quality inspection officer and a logistics company to collect and ship your product.

What do Yiwu Agents Guarantee when Importing from China?

As Yiwu agents our word and professionalism are what keeps our customers coming back and even recommend us.

We therefore strive to assure our clients that our services are excellent by:

  • Taking full responsibility of their goods from the moment they sign a contract agreement with us.
  • Guaranteeing you a 100% money security in our accounts in case you send in excess. You can withdraw the excess cash or leave them for future transaction.
  • We 100% promise to pay supplier their moneys sent through us in time to avoid delay in delivery of products.
  • Assuming you that we shall refund or replace any products that have manufacturer default.
  • Promising to do thorough QC before we dispatch goods to you.
  • When sending goods in full container load, we promise to take responsibility for any loss or damages.
  • We guarantee you that we shall provide inspection audit report as well as QC inspection report for your assessment.

How Long does Shipping Take after Ordering with Yiwu Agent?

Shipping time from China highly depends on product availability at the time of ordering and production time.

Mode of shipping also play a part as well as type of container load used.

Available stock orders will take us about 7 days to prepare and ship while unavailable product will take longer.

Production typically takes between 7 to 21 days depending on material availability and process stages.

Shipping by airfreight takes between 2-5 days to ship while ocean freight takes several days or months to ship.

Less than container load (LCL) will need to be consolidated with other goods in one container before they can be shipped.

This may take several days as you have to wait for other customers’ goods and also drop them at different terminals.

Full container load (FCL) on the other is faster as only your cargo is filled in the container and the ship departs. Unlike LCL, the ship will only stop at the destination depot.

How do you Find Good Yiwu Agent?

A good Yiwu agent should possess qualities such as trustworthiness, reliability, experienced, honest and is able to deliver within the timelines.

Getting a good Yiwu agent is no mean fit and will require you to have a checklist:

· Business Documents

A good Yiwu agent should have a business license and work permits as per the Chinese law and regulations.

These legal documents are proof of registration in Zhejiang China and tax compliance.

· Agent Locality and Flexibility

Yiwu agent should not be further than 500 km if they are to provide sourcing services within Yiwu area.

This is because when the agent if far from the supplier’s factory they will require transport every time they visit supplier.

This cost is passed to the client which may be expensive to bear.

· Referrals and Testimonials

Previous and current clients can be easily accessed on Yiwu agent website.

The feedbacks both positive and negative will attest to their work ethics.

A good Yiwu agent will have more positive testimonials.

· Supplier Network

This goes hand in hand with the years of an agent’s experience.

The longer the years and good working relations, the larger the network of factory suppliers.

Such agents can easily present a number of perfect suppliers for your products.

· Experience and Area of Specialization

Yiwu agent who has been in the industry longer has a wealth of experience of how sourcing works.

They are therefore able to advise their clients accordingly as opposed to those who started a few weeks back.

Another area to watch out for is the agent’s specialization such as textile, furniture or electronics.

Yiwu agent who focuses on a particular product is able offer a personalized solution as compared to one who handles everything.

· Transparency

This is especially important when giving cost break down for all the services to be rendered.

A good Yiwu agent should be able to account for every coin charged.

It also protects the client from unforeseen charges.

Some crafty agents will give a blanket quotation making it hard for the clients to justify the cost.

Additionally, a good Yiwu agent should be able to take you for a factory tour upon request.

This is crucial in vetting the factories and getting to know their work environment.

· Language Proficiency

An agent based in Yiwu should be able to speak fluent local language and English for foreign clients.

This is important because the agent will be able to translate to the supplier and yourself and ensure you’re both understood.

Can Yiwu Agent help you Source from Alibaba?

Alibaba Homepage

Alibaba Homepage


Alibaba is an online shopping website that has several suppliers just like

We will carry out our background verification on the suppliers and give you our factory audit reports.

Where we feel it is necessary to change suppliers, we shall give our recommendations to avoid getting conned by malicious suppliers.

We will offer services such as product quality inspection, sampling among others to ensure you receive your delivery on time.

Can Yiwu Agent Assist in Drop Shipping Goods from Multiple Suppliers in Yiwu?


Yiwu agent’s work is to assist their clients to get products of their choice from Yiwu market and ship to them.

We do not stock the products but we accept our customers’ orders and share with the suppliers.

We then oversea the supply chain process till the customers receives their orders.

Can you Source Brand Name Products from China with Yiwu Agent?


You need to specify the product brand and we will source it and deliver to you.

Will YiWu Agent help in Sourcing Copy Products?

We do not source for copy products because we believe in quality and respecting intellectual property.

Do Yiwu Agents Provide Translation Services?

Translation Services

Translation Services

Yes, they do.

Yiwu agents have professional translators who assist foreign clients to communicate effectively with the suppliers.

The translator ensures the client and suppliers have both understood each other and agreed on terms.

Can Yiwu Agent Service help in Sourcing Small Quantities that cannot meet MOQ?


Yiwu agents can get you orders below the required MOQ and ship them together with orders for other clients.

This is one of the advantages of suing Yiwu agent to source for your products.

What are the Disadvantages of Hiring Yiwu Agent Service?

The disadvantage of using Yiwu agent is brought about when you fall in the hands of a wrong agents.

Such agents write nice information on their experiences and services on their website to attract clients.

A wrong agent will make your experience horrible in so many ways such as;

  • They may not have suppliers’ contacts hence take long to identify a supplier.
  • Are inexperience hence are making trial and error with your product sourcing, have no warehouse and can even abandon your goods.
  • Will use cheapest and inexperienced logistics company for shipping who may lose or deliver damaged cargos.

What is


This is the official website for Yiwu market from where you can make your online purchases from.

It has several suppliers for different products selling their products and the minimum orders are also stated.

When you visit to make your purchase, you can browse through and compare prices for similar product from different suppliers.

The mode of payment is stated on the site as well as shipping and logistics services among others.

Can Yiwu Agent Help you Buy Products and Ship from

Yes, we can.

Discuss with us the products you wish to buy from and suppliers identified if there is any.

We will then engage the suppliers on your behalf or recommend others if we see the need.

Thereafter, we will arrange for product sampling, before making orders and finally shipping it to you.

We do not overlook quality inspection while buying from as we know that some suppliers may take advantage.

Which Tricks do you Yiwu Agents use to Swindle Customers?

Some of the most common tricks include

· Abrupt Change of Supplier

Some Yiwu agents may decide to change the supplier after the clients has chosen their preferred supplier.

They do this so that they can maximize on their profit.

What these Yiwu agents do is by get the cheapest price for a similar product and ignore the effect in quality.

· Ask for a Further Price Cut from Supplier

These Yiwu agents approach the suppliers behind the clients’ back and make them reduce the price further or risk losing business.

They use blackmail to achieve their goal since they are aware of still competition that exists.

The supplier is then forced to produce the same product but compromise on quality in order to avoid loses.

· Receive Kickbacks from Suppliers

Yiwu agents who receive financial incentives from suppliers give them clients even when they know their quality is compromised.

Other times, they overlook the quality inspection process and even the factory’s standard requirements due to that.

If You Want a Quote from a Yiwu Agent, What Documentation do you Need to Provide?

Once you have an idea of what product you are sourcing for, we will require you to share the following information:

  • Product type possibly a clear photo of it.
  • Product specification; color, material, size, weight, dimensions, design, packaging, order size, etc.
  • Manufacturing instructions; handles, labelling, packaging type, delivery time, etc.
  • Scope of service from us; product sampling, translation, QC, paperwork, shipping, etc.

This information will help us come up with a comprehensive quotation depending on our payment method.

Do Yiwu Agents Sign NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) with Clients?

Some Yiwu agents sign a non-disclosure agreement with their clients if they are not willing to share their supplier’s information.

This is common with drop shipping to protect the agent’s business.

Which is Better; Yiwu Agent or Yiwu Trading Company?

Yiwu trading company because it has the capacity to offer several other services such as warehouse storage, logistics, etc.

Trading companies in Yiwu are easy to trace because they have a business address, pay taxes while Yiwu agent may operate online.

Yiwu trading company has several employees with their area of expertise such as furniture, electronics, clothing, etc.

It is therefore easier for them to recommend suppliers for different products.

Yiwu agent on the other hand may have only one area of specialization thus has limited supplier networks.

There are several conmen online who pose as Yiwu agents therefore it is hard to tell a genuine agent.

Yiwu Company has one website that has all their details hence it is easy to verify by asking for documents.

How is Yiwu Agent Service the Same as Freight Forwarding Service?

Yiwu agent services and freight forwarding services are similar in the sense that they both act on behalf of the client.

Both offer customs clearance, shipping and logistics services for client’s goods from the factory to their destination address.

Although some Yiwu agents do not logistics supports as they focus solely on connecting buyers and sellers in Yiwu.

China Freight forwarders, on the other provide both sourcing and logistics support. They even do customs clearances for clients.

How does Yiwu Agent,  Guangzhou Agent and Shenzhen Agent compare?

Yiwu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen agents are all intermediary between customers and suppliers.

Yiwu agent helps with sourcing services in Yiwu market, Guangzhou agent in Guangzhou while Shenzhen agent in Shenzhen.

What are Some of the Red Flags to look for in Yiwu Agent?

Not all Yiwu sourcing agents are genuine, some are just out to con unsuspecting clients.

Therefore, while looking for a Yiwu agent lookout for the following red flags:

· Lack of Business License

One of the qualities of a genuine Yiwu agent is the possession of a valid business license and other necessary permits.

These documents offer clients confidence in your services in the country of operation.

When a Yiwu agent fails to produce a business license to clients on request, it opens a can of doubts.

· Kickbacks from Factories

Some manufacturers and suppliers offer payment to Yiwu agents to make them promote their products.

This influence on Yiwu agents compromises their service delivery to clients.

It is import for a client to do proper background checks to Yiwu agent before hiring avoid this conflict of interest.

· Poor Language Skills

One of the services an agent offer is clear communication to both client and supplier in local or English language.

An agent who cannot relay clear information is likely to mess up with your order thus costing you money and time.

One way of verifying this is by checking the location of Yiwu agent and their correspondence.

· Offer Quality Inspection Service and is Paid on Commission

Payment on the commission model is done only when the products have been shipped to the client.

A Yiwu agent who works on commission will then ensure that all the products pass the quality test even defective ones.

Therefore, you should be careful with the service offered by Yiwu agent who charges on commission.

· Take Long to Identify Suppliers

Experienced Yiwu agents can refer suppliers immediately you describe your product to them or take a few days.

If an agent takes a week to find a suitable supplier, then their experience and network is questionable.

· Lack of Transparency in the Process

A good agent should provide their client with a clear breakdown of services and cost to justify each cost.

When an agent refuses to offer a transparent breakdown, be very cautious as you are likely to be swindled.

Do Yiwu Agents only Source Products from Yiwu Market?


Yiwu agents have partnered with many manufacturers and suppliers that provide a wide range of goods for export.

Agents have an elaborate network of suppliers that allows them to get the goods that their clients have ordered for export.

However, most of the goods that the agents trade in are sourced for locally within Yiwu.

Occasionally some agents normally source for goods that are not found within Yiwu market to satisfy their frequent clients.

At SourcingWise, we will help you with all your product sourcing needs from China.

Contact us now for any inquiries or questions about YiWu agent.

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