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Why Us

If you want to find a reliable sourcing agent in China, then Sourcing Wise can be your best choice. Sourcing Wise is a professional team to handle all your business in China including sourcing product, factory audit, product inspection, product shipping and more.

About SourcingWise

SourcingWise was born out of frustration

Nowadays, working with a Chinese sourcing company is a popular method of importing from China. However, most of the sourcing agents claim 0-2% commission. Sounds like they are providing service for free, but in reality, far from it. It’s pure trickery.

SourcingWise removes all this wrongness, letting people source from China at the lowest possible true cost. We rejected ridiculous commission rates and strictly enforced anti-bribery agreements. A revolution sparked.

SourcingWise has been working in the sourcing industry for the past 8 years. We sincerely believe that doing everything for our customers and helping them profit will be exchanged for their trust, and our partnership will last.

Our Values

Our Value change to What Can We Do for You?
  • Product Sourcing (Free)
  • Translator & Guide in China ($60 per day, > 20ft container is free)
  • Sample Collection (Free)
  • Pre-Negotiation (Free)
  • Quality Inspection (Included in commission)
  • Prepare all documents for customs (Included in commission)
  • Consolidate goods and arrange shipping ( Included in commission)

Our Daily Work

  • loading-container
  • check-cartons-quantity
  • domestic-loading
  • measure-size-quality-inspection
  • random-quality-inspection

Frequently Asked Question

How can I trust SourcingWise?

We create value for customers, save costs, and time. We can provide new customers with free sourcing, free quality inspection, and 7-day free warehousing services. You can use one or two trial orders to test whether we’re an excellent Chinese partner or not.

Why don't I choose the factory directly, but cooperate with you?

Because we can be your hands and eyes in China, adding a dependable guarantee to your trade. We can better manage suppliers, supervise the production process, formulate Chinese contracts to constrain the factory, and conduct one more quality inspection after delivery. It is like flexible insurance that helps you avoid losses, hidden costs, and time.

What type of importers do you usually work with?

The types of customers we work with include wholesalers, e-commerce practitioners such as Amazon sellers, supermarket buyers, and private label buyers.

How do you charge?

Our charge is 5%-10%, depending on the amount of your order and the specific service content. Please refer to our charging page for details.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Bank Transfer (T/T), Western Union, PayPal; if you have a preferred payment method, please contact us for details.

Any other question?

Our Value change to What Can We Do for You?
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