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Popular Wholesale Underwear Styles From China

Here are some examples of successful wholesale underwear from China that will help develop your business. 

Wholesale Women’s Scalloped Seamless Underwear
Wholesale Women’s Scalloped Seamless Underwear


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale White Trendy Organic Underwear
Wholesale White Trendy Organic Underwear


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Unisex Underwear
Wholesale Unisex Underwear


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Men’s Cotton Thermal Underwear
Wholesale Men’s Cotton Thermal Underwear


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Women Bras
Wholesale Women Bras


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Nylon Underwear for Men
Wholesale Nylon Underwear for Men


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Kids Underwear
Wholesale Kids Underwear


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Maternity Nursing Underwear
Wholesale Maternity Nursing Underwear


MOQ from 50pcs

Why Import Your
Wholesale Underwear From China With Sourcingwise?

  • Tell us your specifications
  • We will source the best wholesale underwear manufacturer in China for you
  • We will conduct thorough factory audits 
  • We have strict quality control and product inspections
  • We offer countless pre-shipment import services
  • We will arrange your import shipment

Wholesale underwear shorts from China are universally popular and great for import business. This longer type of underwear is marketed as a comfortable alternative product. Wholesale underwear shorts from China are also unisex and inclusive, helping you develop a brand image. We will help you find the right supplier, the right materials, and more.

Lace lingerie wholesale underwear from China is a large and profitable category of underwear. It includes lace bodysuits, panties, bras. We will help you source the best quality lace for your products. You can tell us the specifications of the lace patterns, thread thickness, and more. This also includes mesh and translucent materials. By importing wholesale lace underwear from China, we can help women feel beautiful and confident.

Boxer briefs are the ultimate design of men’s underwear. Many men often opt for boxer briefs. And, so, we can help you import wholesale men’s underwear from China—especially boxer briefs. We will source the best quality cotton, modal, spandex, and other materials. Let’s grow your men’s underwear business together with suppliers from China.

If your business develops kids’ apparel, and you are looking to import boys’ underwear from China, Sourcingwise will help. We will source the finest materials and meet your product requirements. Guangdong is especially great for supplying boy’s underwear. Whatever the design—cartoon characters or plain—we will help you develop your wholesale underwear business.

On the other hand, if your apparel company wants to import wholesale girls’ underwear from China, we will help as well. Need the best quality cotton, design prints, etc? Sourcingwise will direct you to a suitable manufacturer. We will also conduct product inspections to guarantee quality. Let’s help your company’s girls’ underwear imports prosper.

We will help you source 100% organic, finest cotton. Organic cotton wholesale underwear from China can build your brand image. Do you want to market your product as a safe and comfortable alternative to synthetic underwear? Our sourcing team will dedicate itself to making it a reality.

Nylon is a synthetic polymer material that underwear is often manufactured from. Nylon is durable and stretchy, making it a shiny and plus-size-friendly fabric. We will find you the best nylon wholesale underwear manufacturer in China. However, cotton supplies will also have to be included. But, Sourcingwise is your professional agent, and we will deal with everything.

Women’s bra wholesale underwear from China comprises a profitable category of undergarments for import. Wholesale bras and bralettes from China include all sorts of designs, features, materials, sizes, and styles. We will help your lingerie business import stylish bras. Push-up bras, maternity bras, underwire bras, or strapless bras will all be provided by our suppliers. Many Chinese provinces have suitable factories—especially Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Anhui, and Zhejiang.

Pregnant and nursing women need special undergarments. If your business focuses on such maternity products, Sourcingwise will gladly help you import maternity wholesale underwear from China. Pregnant women often need soft, high-waisted underwear to support their tummy. Also, nursing women need special bras to feed their infants. We will help you find a certified and trusted underwear manufacturer for your import. Such suppliers are often in Guangdong, Henan, Shandong, and Shanghai.

There is generally less choice in underwear for plus-size folks. So, we are ready to support your business. We will source the perfect materials, audit factories, and arrange shipment. All to help import your plus-size XXL wholesale underwear from China. Let’s expand the underwear market together and make it profitable, high-quality, and inclusive. Some suitable manufacturers can be found in Guangdong and Zhejiang.

Importing wholesale underwear from China may seem difficult, but not when Sourcingwise is here to help. We will ensure the quality, safety, and compliance of wholesale underwear with various regulations. Control underwear may refer to shapewear or to underwear with special functions, like menstrual underwear. Such panties and bras help people live more comfortably. Import control wholesale underwear from China for a profitable business and mission.

Wholesale boxer shorts are another style of men’s underwear popular on the market. Boxer shorts are often made from cotton, and comfortable for everyone. We will find you verified manufacturers in China to maximize production and minimize costs. Your wholesale boxer shorts underwear import from China is sure to skyrocket your men’s apparel business.

High-cut underwear is a fashionable style of underwear. If you want to import trendy high-cut wholesale underwear from China, we will help you. By auditing the chosen factory, we’ll ensure its reliability. You can request cotton, nylon, modal, spandex, or polyester high-cut underwear from China. With us, your underwear company will profit and build a fashionable brand image.

Wholesale boyshorts from China are perfect for a unisex style import. Boyshort underwear is comfortable for women and men, boys and girls, as well as non-binary customers. We are your reliable sourcing agent in China. So, tell us your requirements, and we’ll arrange import of your boyshorts wholesale underwear.

Wholesale shapewear from China is perfect for lingerie, fitness, and specialty underwear businesses. Shapewear is tight-fitting elastic underwear, such as tummy control panties or corsets, that give the body a particular figure. For example, it masks stomach rolls, and so much more. We will source everything for your shapewear design. Let’s help millions of people gain confidence in their figure by importing your shapewear wholesale underwear from China.

Thermal underwear is great for anyone—men, women, and children. Such thermal wholesale underwear from China is especially marketable to cold environments, ski resorts, and mountainous regions. Sourcingwise will inspect materials, such as wool and synthetic fabrics, and conduct factory audits. Thermal wholesale underwear from China includes tights, boyshorts, spaghetti tops, etc.

Regular bras are unsuitable for fitness exercises. And, so, we will help you import gym tops and sports bras that you want. Gym tops can be padded, seamless, moisture-wicking. If you focus on sports apparel, gym tops wholesale underwear from China is an effective investment.

Bikini wholesale underwear from China is among the most common underwear designs on the market. Bikini panties and briefs can be from any material, including cotton, elastane, polyester, and more. Contact us today to start sourcing for your bikini wholesale underwear from China.

Hipster briefs have the waist-band at the hip. It is a style of women’s underwear, much like classic briefs, bikini, tanga, thong, or g-string. We can source hipster wholesale underwear, as well as all these other types of underwear. We will ensure the success of your import from China.

Your wholesale underwear from China can have any design you specify. This may be plain white or coloured underwear. Alternatively, this can be patterned underwear. The patterns can be anything from stripes to letters to complex designs, like those for children’s underwear. We will not only inspect the quality of the materials, but the safety of dyes as well. You can also request various decorative elements like bows or ruffles.

Polyester is a great material for underwear because of its wicking properties. Especially, polyester is commonly used for men’s underwear. Sourcingwise will find you the best polyester wholesale underwear from China. Polyester and spandex underwear can be plain white or colored, and it can be in various styles. Be that boxer briefs or women’s hipster underwear, we will arrange your import.

Commonly, underwear is sold in sets of matching bra and undies, or in packs of 3-10 items. We will source you a manufacturer able to meet your demands. Moreover, we will make sure that quantity does not hurt quality. Your sets and packs of wholesale underwear from China will surely thrive on the market!

Satin is another material lingerie underwear can be made from. Silky, shiny satin is great for lingerie business import from China. This product is less common, but you can take up that niche. We will help you develop your ideas and secure a profitable place in your local market. Import your satin wholesale underwear from China with Sourcingwise.

This is a broad category. It includes trendy underwear with letter tape, ruffles, bows, silk straps, embroidery, scalloped trims, and more. We will inspect that all your requirements are met and your designs areas you want them. Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, and Shandong provinces are the go-to provinces for quality decorated wholesale underwear from China. 

Our Goal Is To Help Your Wholesale Underwear Import From China Grow

  • 1-on-1 negotiations 
  • Compliance with your requirements and import regulations 
  • Countless reliable wholesale underwear manufacturers in China
  • 5-10% commission
  • 8 years of professional experience
  • Shipment arrangement

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Wholesale Underwear from China - The Complete Guide

How We Source Your Wholesale Underwear From China 

Do you need help finding the right wholesale underwear manufacturer in China? 

You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are looking to import organic cotton men’s boxer briefs, women’s lace hipsters, thermal underwear, or athletic tops, Sourcingwise will make everything easier for you. 

We will source the right wholesale manufacturer in China for you. You will receive quality products made with great materials and workmanship. All this, while adhering to your budget and keeping your expenses low. Our advising is sure to boom your business.

There are many wholesale underwear suppliers in China, and we will find you the most suitable one. We will also perform factory audits to validate the reliability of a factory. 

We offer 1-on-1 services as well—to show your local wholesale markets in China, such as one in Yiwu

Some of the top wholesale underwear suppliers in China reside in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shantou, Hangzhou, Fujian, Xiamen, Yiwu, and others. 

We will inspect compliance with your specifications. This means that we will check product quality, details of design, including patterns and embellishments. Also, our quality control team will examine compliance with industry and import regulations. This includes health, ethics, and safety regulations. Not to mention, we will help you with customs clearance as well. 

Whether your brand image is comfortable or appealing apparel, we will ensure the reliability of that image.  

What’s more, we have a range of pre-shipment services, such as warehousing, labelling, packing, and loading supervision. Of course, we will help you arrange the shipment itself. Take your wholesale underwear from China import worldwide.  

You can count on Sourcingwise to support your wholesale undergarments import from start to finish. We will source quality women’s, men’s, and children’s underwear of any style and material. 

Let’s build a strong business relationship to maximize your profits. Become a successful wholesale importer from China today! 

All these benefits will cost you about 5-10% commission. You can pay us in any way—via PayPal, Western Union, T/T, etc. Sourcing from the best-certified suppliers, we will help you import your wholesale underwear from China. 

Contact us now to skyrocket your wholesale business!

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