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Popular Toys Great For Your Profitable Import

We have compiled a list of popular toys for import from China. We can source them right now to boom your wholesale retail business.

Wholesale Educational Magnetic Toys
Wholesale Educational Magnetic Toys

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Stuffed Plush Animal Toys
Wholesale Stuffed Plush Animal Toys

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Plastic Toy Car Model
Wholesale Plastic Toy Car Model

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Jigsaw Puzzle Toys
Wholesale Jigsaw Puzzle Toys

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Building Block Toys
Wholesale Building Block Toys

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Rattler Toys
Wholesale Rattler Toys

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Electronic Robot Toys
Wholesale Electronic Robot Toys

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Action Figures
Wholesale Action Figures

MOQ from 50pcs

Why Choose Sourcingwise To Import Your Wholesale Toys From China?

  • With your specifications in mind, we will source the best wholesale toy manufacturer in China
  • We will conduct factory audits and product inspections
  • You can use our warehouse in China
  • We will arrange different shipment services
  • Everything is included in 5-10% commission

Infant wholesale toys from China help children develop their abilities and perceptions. Such toys help infants speak, walk, develop motor skills, as well as basic cognition. Infant toys are for ages of 0-3 years. They include activity gyms, walkers, sorters, rattlers, and more. Our trusted wholesale infant toy suppliers in China are in Wenzhou, Yangzhou, Dongguan, Guangzhou, etc.

Wholesale educational toys help children develop further. These toys focus on fine motor skills, alphabet, phonics, counting, sorting, and basic problem solving skills. Educational toys are perfect for curious toddlers. Busy boards and puzzles are some examples of popular educational wholesale toys from China. However, they include small pieces, so our manufacturers and auditors ensure special safety here. Some of our wholesale toy suppliers are in Zhejiang and Guangdong in China.

Our China manufacturers can supply all sorts of wholesale dolls for import. Be that ragdolls, porcelain decorative dolls, baby dolls, ethnic dolls, or popular cartoon dolls, we can source everything. Just give us your design and our manufacturers will provide you with products.

Stuffed animal and doll wholesale toys from China are highly common in imports. These toys are usually made from some type of fabric and soft cotton, wool, or polyester stuffing. These are the toys that often become a child’s best friend, so we pay extra attention to the safety of materials. Your import will have quality magical or realistic plushies ready for the wholesale market. Baigou market is well-known for its plush toys.

Wooden wholesale toys from China can be building blocks, puzzles, or dolls. These toys are popular among parents that prefer natural materials to plastic. Wooden toys are also more durable. Many educational toys can be made from wood. They are bright and less likely to cause injury. Sourcingwise offers our services to help your wooden toy import from China skyrocket. Here, the Yunhe market is a good resource.

Porcelain wholesale toys from China are great for both play and decoration. Porcelain dolls, figurines, dollhouse miniature furniture, and tea sets may be especially popular among girls. Such toys are not only beautiful, but they also add an atmosphere of magical antiques to play. Of course, porcelain toys may be more fragile, but we will inspect everything for durability and safety.

Wholesale toys from China are often made from plastics. And so, we can source plastic, vinyl, PVC, and resin toys from various suppliers. PVC wholesale toys from China tend to be action figures or animals. Be that realistic beetles or magical animals, we will provide your business with the best quality PVC toys from China.

Is your business focusing on wholesale inflatable pool toys? Sourcingwise will gladly help you find the perfect manufacturer in China for it. Flamingo pool floats, toy inflatable boats, and even inflatable pools—we’ve got everything. Our inspection team will check the safety of rubber and weather seals are waterproof. Your inflatable wholesale toys from China are sure to ride the wave!

Rubber wholesale toys from China include bath toys, rubber balls, squeaky toys, and even teething toys for infants. Children always love the yellow rubber bath ducks! Often, rubber toys end up being chewed by young kids. Sourcingwise will ensure the safety of these rubber toys, as well as your brand image.

In the current age of electronics, such toys have grown in demand. Robots, tablets, mini radios, remote control cars, and more all fall in this category. They are educational and fun for children. Plus, these toys can have sound effects and LED lighting. However, they may be dangerous due to electricity and batteries. Sourcingwise will help you find the safest manufacturer and inspect products for quality. Factories in Shantou and Shenzhen tend to have the best reputation with electronic wholesale toys from China.

Magnetic wholesale toys from China are also commonly imported to different countries. Magnetic toys are usually various magnetic building blocks, panels, balls, and bars that children can test their imagination with. These toys help develop problem solving skills and fine motor skills. However, like with puzzles, small pieces may be dangerous. But, no worries. Sourcingwise will test and properly label everything for you.

Ride-on wholesale toys from China are perfect for active children. Such toys include bicycles, toy scooters, toy cars, balance scooters, and more. Ride-on toys are profitable for import and bring children excitement. They are typically made from plastic and metal.

Music helps children develop language and emotions. This is why Sourcingwise will gladly help you find a suitable wholesale toy manufacturer in China. Musical toys may be xylophones, plastic drums, toy recorders, and toy guitars. Your musical wholesale toys from China will be the best quality.

Building blocks are a universal puzzle toy great for children developing all sorts of skills. We can source rubber blocks, plastic blocks, wooden blocks. These blocks can be uniform or differently shaped, like LEGO. These wholesale toys from China are always in demand. Some professional suppliers we source from are located in Caoxian, Yiwu, Wenzhou, Xiair, Guangzhou, and many other areas in China.

Game wholesale toys from China can be found worldwide. You can make new board games or those similar to existing ones. This is also a great way to exercise your imagination or bring board games from one culture around the world. Your board game wholesale toys from China can be made from cardboard, paper, plastic, wood, leather, and more.

China is an important importer of different action figures. These toys have a large market potential. Action figure wholesale toys from China can be even marketed to adults as collector items! Action figures are characters from movies, comics, games, TV shows, etc. We can source the best wholesale action figure toy suppliers in China. Also, we will inspect the products for workmanship and safety.

Spinning toys include frisbees, yo-yo, fidget spinners, and more. These are small toys for casual fidgeting and playing. Such toys can also be marketed to teens. Your spinning wholesale toys from China are sure to gain popularity with our support.

Creative wholesale toys from China is a large and popular category. It includes toys used for arts and crafts, such as play-doh, crayons, spirographs, and more. With such toys, children can exercise their imagination. But, it is also important that creative wholesale toys from China are safe. Sourcingwise will take care of that.

Optical toys include toy telescopes, kaleidoscopes, fiber optic lights, and more. Such toys are interesting and require some optical engineering. With Sourcingwise, you’ll be able to find just the right supplier to fulfil your optics requirements. Optical wholesale toys from China will surely rock the market and bring you profit.

Model building toys are also toys that can be marketed to adults as collector items. This is because you can create kits of model airplanes, cars, and trains. Such toys help learn about engineering and history, as well as fulfil hobbies. Sourcingwise will ensure that such model building wholesale toy kits from China are safe and high-quality.

Sports toys are great to promote outdoor play among children and adults. These toys include hula hoops, kites, water guns, and more. Sports wholesale toys from China will be checked for function and safety. We will also audit your supplier and arrange shipping for your import. 

We Will Help Your Import Business of Wholesale Toys From China Prosper

  • Countless services for your company
  • More than 1000 verified toy manufacturers in China
  • Auditing and inspection
  • 8 years of experience
  • Personable service

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Wholesale Toys from China - The Complete Guide

Sourcing And Importing Wholesale Toys From China With Sourcingwise

Almost 90% of wholesale toys are produced in China. So, this is a large industry! And we are ready to help you establish yourself in this industry.

We will help you source the right supplier, materials, and products for your wholesale toys from China. There are countless wholesale toy manufacturers in China, and we will find you the most suitable one. 

We can also show you China’s wholesale toy markets, such as ones in Yiwu, Shantou, Lingyi, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, and others. 

Sourcingwise will also help your business by conducting factory audits and product inspections. This will ensure the quality of your goods, so that you can build a flawless brand image. We will also ensure compliance with your specifications and government import regulations. 

Furthermore, we will help with warehousing, pre-shipment preparations—labelling and packaging—and import shipping arrangements. Amazon FBA import is among our services as well. With us, the entire process from sourcing to import will go smoothly. Your wholesale toys from China will be successful. 

Working with us will reduce risks and maximize your profits. 

If you are looking to import wholesale toys from China, Sourcingwise is your one-stop solution. We offer you many services for a mild commission of 5-10%. Sourcing from the most dependable suppliers, we will professionally help you import your products. 

Contact us today to kickstart your wholesale toys business!

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