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Common Wholesale Paper Cup Designs From China to Boom Your Business

Need ideas for your wholesale paper cup import from China business? No worries, we have some examples of popular paper cups for wholesale. 

Wholesale Single-Wall White Paper Cup
Wholesale Single-Wall White Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Double-Wall 20oz Paper Cup
Wholesale Double-Wall 20oz Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale 4oz Small Printed Paper Cup
Wholesale 4oz Small Printed Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Insulated Coffee Paper Cup
Wholesale Insulated Coffee Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Lidded 24oz Large Paper Cup
Wholesale Disposable Eco-friendly Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Disposable Eco-friendly Paper Cup
Wholesale 12oz Soda Party Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale 12oz Soda Party Paper Cup
Wholesale Bulk Ice-Cream Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Bulk Ice-Cream Paper Cup
Wholesale Bulk Ice-Cream Paper Cup


MOQ from 50pcs

Why Choose Sourcingwise For Your
Wholesale Paper Cups From China?

  • Send us your requirements
  • We will find  a suitable wholesale paper cup manufacturer in China
  • We will conduct strict factory audits, quality control, and inspections
  • We will support and prepare your goods for import 
  • We will arrange your import shipment



Wholesale paper cups are primarily used for hot drinks, such as coffee and tea. These cups are in every fast food restaurant, office break room and more. We will help you find the right supplier in China to meet all your production demands. Paper cups from China are affordable and will always be needed on the market. 


Similar to hot paper cups, coffee paper cups are used everywhere. If you are a vendor for a fast-food restaurant, office supplies company, or event catering, such cups are a must. A specially coated paper keeps coffee hot. You can also request cup sleeves as an additional feature. Let us help import your wholesale paper cups from China!


Cone paper cups are perfect for economical dispensers. For example, workplace water coolers, picnic coolers, water fountains, and more benefit from such convenient cone paper cups. Your cone wholesale paper cups from China will always find success on the market. Our supplier will manufacture any size cone paper cups, according to your requirements. 


Sometimes, it so happens that a cup slips out of one’s hand. This is what the insulated ripple paper cup design is for! Due to its rippled texture, it promotes a better grip. Also, the grooves help cool the outside of the cup. So, your customers won’t burn their hands, while the insulation keeps their drink hot. Ripples can be of different shapes and sizes. Contact us today, and we will source the best ripple insulated wholesale paper cups from China for you!


Double-wall wholesale paper cups are also great for hot beverages. The double-wall design works to insulate the heat and prevent your customer’s hands from getting burnt. Our product inspectors will make sure that these paper cups are leak-free and insulate well. As a professional sourcing agent, we will provide you with high-quality double-wall wholesale paper cups from China. 


Party wholesale paper cups are a perfect solution for event catering. Do you organize bachelor parties, weddings, birthdays, etc? Party paper cups will help create the right atmosphere! We will help you import your product from start to finish. You can specify cup size, and decorative elements, such as shiny foil, prints, and more. Let’s import your fun party wholesale paper cups from China. 


Do you want a particular design printed onto your wholesale paper cups? You can request a design, your logo, your slogan, or any necessary labels printed onto your cusp. We will ensure the quality of that! We will check the dye, the compliance with your design, the durability of the print, and anything else you want. We will find you the perfect manufacturer for printing designs on paper cups. And surface texture does not matter. Your printed wholesale paper cups from China are sure to be popular.


Eco-friendly paper cups are very common nowadays. Request these paper cups to save the environment. We will certainly source a verified supplier for you. Regular paper cups are not recyclable because of a layer of plastic coating it. However, there are some compounds that allow the paper to be recycled, while keeping beverages from leaking through. It is more difficult and expensive, but we can do it. Import


Bamboo wholesale paper cups are biodegradable and eco-friendly as well. Bamboo paper cups take about 1 year to break down. These cups are usually brown in colors, can be composted. Bamboo fiber is great for disposable wholesale paper cups from China for your business. So, if your brand image promotes ecological sustainability, bamboo paper cups are perfect. We will source the best supplier for your bamboo wholesale paper cups from China. 


Wholesale paper cups with a volume from 20-24oz correspond to the large drink size. These cups are usually tall and slim, but they can be bucket-like as well. Large-sized drinks are a must for fast-food restaurants and coffee shops. As part of sourcing, we will inspect all the 22oz and 24oz large paper cups for volume preciseness and quality. Importing your 24oz wholesale paper cups from China with Sourcingwise will help your business skyrocket.


Medium is another size of beverages popular in coffee shops. Their volume is about 12-16 fluid ounces. They are perfect for coffee, tea, mocha, hot chocolate, and more. We will take care of your 16oz medium wholesale paper cups from China import. Some of the best manufacturers reside in Anhui, Changhan, Jiangsu, and other provinces.


Classically, large- and medium-sized drinks must also have a small alternative. This is why you need 8-10oz small wholesale paper cups from China. Our factory audits will determine the best Chinese manufacturer for your small paper cups import. You can request any size in the range of 8 to 10 ounces for your small wholesale paper cups from China. 


If you want your paper cups to look like mugs, we can source a manufacturer for paper cups with handles. Paper cup handles have to be foldable and sturdy, and Sourcingwise will ensure these qualities. Such a feature will help your paper cups stand out and market your product more. Paper cups with handles don’t only look good but are functional. The handles will make sure that people don’t burn themselves by holding a hot cup. You can even save costs on insulation! Import your wholesale paper cups from China today!


Many paper cups go with lids for the customer’s convenience. We will help you source not only wholesale paper cups but the lids as well. All sorts of lid designs will be carefully manufactured by our chosen supplier. The lids can be of any diameter, color, and design. Let’s import your lidded wholesale paper cups from China. 


Ice-cream wholesale paper cups are usually wide and short. They are insulated so that the customer does not feel the cold on their hands. If you own a dessert business or supply ice-cream shops, these paper cups are for you. They can be recyclable or biodegradable as well. We will ensure that your logo is printed perfectly and that the cups are according to your specifications. Your ice-cream wholesale paper cups from China will be affordable and high-quality.

Travel wholesale paper cups can be marketed to people on-the-go, travelers, and tourists. Such cups are insulated, provide a good grip, and have convenient volume. Contact us today, and we will find you a reliable, certified supplier from China. We also offer many pre-shipment services you can take advantage of. Anything from warehousing to labeling and loading supervision. We are your professional agent for the import of travel wholesale paper cups from China. 


Sampler wholesale paper cups are great for marketing a new product. These paper cups are 3-6oz in volume—perfect for giving out or selling small samples of a product. Some coffee shops use 6oz sampler paper cups as a kid’s size beverage cup. Sampler paper cups can be universally useful for anything. If you are launching a new product, let’s import your sampler wholesale paper cups from China together.


Soup paper cups are similar to ice-cream paper cups in shape. These cups are wide and short to hold soup conveniently. Many fast-food restaurants use such soup paper cups. It is affordable and profitable. Just specify your requirements, and we will import your soup wholesale paper cups from China for you. 



Compostable wholesale paper cups are biodegradable cups great for an environmentally-friendly business. Such paper cups are usually made from bamboo or similar organic fibers that can be safely disposed of in a compost bin. We will audit and inspect the quality of compostable paper cups. Sourcingwise is ready to help you import your eco-friendly wholesale paper cups from China. 


Embossed-wall paper cups are similar to ripple insulated cups. Embossed cups usually have a diamond, octagonal, or bubble design. Such textures also help insulate a hot beverage, as well as improve grip. You can request any design embossment on cups of any size. Your import of embossed wholesale paper cups from China is in our professional hands.


Foam-surface wholesale paper cups are made for insulation. The foam keeps heat in well, so foam-coated paper cups are well-insulated. Also, a foam surface helps a paper cup look either shiny or matte and smooth. Either way, foam coating helps improve cup appearance. This may be more expensive, but we will help you source the most profitable supplier for your wholesale paper cups from China.


Soda wholesale paper cups are usually affordable, single-wall cups perfect for any setting. We will find a manufacturer to print your soda logo on the paper cup for eye-catching marketing. We will also check the environmental safety of our chosen factory. All to grow your imports of soda wholesale paper cups from China.


These popcorn paper cups can be as large as 64oz, and as small as 30oz. Your popcorn paper cups can have bright prints of logos and other marketing material. We will inspect the food-contact safety of these cups for your customers. Let’s help your business prosper with imported popcorn wholesale paper cups from China. 

Let’s Advance Your Business Together

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  • Compliance with your product specifications and import regulations 
  • 5-10% commission
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Wholesale Paper Cups from China - The Complete Guide

Your Professional Sourcing Agent For Wholesale Paper Cups From China 

Are you a cafe owner, a catering agent, a convenience store vendor, or an Amazon wholesaler?

Do you need bulk custom wholesale paper cups? 

We are here to help! 

Sourcing from China is a profitable business; the costs are low, while your revenue will be high. 

Let us become your #1 professional sourcing agent in China.

We will listen to your specifications and make sure they are in line with your budget and government regulations. 

Then, we will find you the perfect paper cup supplier in China. We even offer 1-on-1 service, showing you the Yiwu market. Once settled on the factory, we will audit it according to your needs and wishes. 

Some great places for wholesale paper cup suppliers include Anhui, Changshan, Anqing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and others. 

We will keep performing product inspections throughout the manufacturing process. To make sure that your wholesale paper cups are on track, we follow strict rules.

Do you need a warehouse? We’ve got it for you! 

Do you need product labeling and consolidation? Count on us!

And, of course, we will arrange your wholesale import shipment from China to any corner of the world. That also includes Amazon FBA shipments for wholesale imports from China. 

All this for a mild commission of 5-10% depending on the services you choose.

Many sourcing agents list a smaller price, but that is often a trick. Our price is truthful—no black commission.

You will get your wholesale paper cups from China, helping you skyrocket your business and marketing. 

Besides wholesale paper cups, we can source all sorts of products. If you would like to import several products, we will help here as well. 

You can pay us in any way convenient for you. We take PayPal, Western Union, T/T, and other payments. 

We are your reliable sourcing agent. Our goal is to help your brand prosper with our wholesale paper cup imports from China. 

Contact us now to start a profitable wholesale business!

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