Wholesale Leggings Business From China To Improve Your Business

  • Provide an expert manufacturer for your wholesale leggings business
  • Helps you to have solid and bestselling wholesale leggings
  • Make sure you receive your selected leggings worth it and beneficial
  • Arrange safe packaging wholesale leggings  from China
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Productive Wholesale Leggings Business From China That Will Achieve By Your Desired Business

SourcingWise is glad to help you find the best manufacturer for your successful wholesale leggings business from China to your country. Below are the lists of some of our best selling products!

Wholesale Mid-Calf Lenght Leggings
Wholesale Mid-Calf Lenght Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Stirrup Leggings
Wholesale Stirrup Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale High-rise Stretch Leggings
Wholesale High-rise Stretch Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Sport Workout Leggings
Wholesale Sport Workout Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Leather Leggings
Wholesale Leather Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Stretch Jersey Leggings
Wholesale Stretch Jersey Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Printed Leggings
Wholesale Printed Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Disco Leggings
Wholesale Disco Leggings

MOQ from 50pcs

How Sourcing Wise Will Help You Import
Wholesale Leggings Easier

  • We help you process the shipment of your products in a simple way
  • Help you to find expert manufacturers, and make sure you can get good quality  leggings  you desired when it’s imported
  • Willing to hold your wholesale leggings safely by warehousing in China until it imported to your country

Wear unique and fashionable leggings by wearing Slit Leggings for Women, SourcingWise assures you to have a good supplier for the best items.


Most people of all ages loved to wear Knitted Leggings because it is comfortable and durable to wear especially for kids. SourcingWise is the one whose perfect to find you a great supplier for that quality product for your leggings business 


It is a kind of leggings that gives the denim-like style to you. It has a fake pocket and seams which gives an image of jeans, SourcingWise assures you to have a supplier for you to get a comfortable jegging material for your business.


If you want Leggings that are perfect in every sense, try colored cotton leggings, SourcingWise will help you find reliable suppliers who can help you choose any kind and style which is in demand especially in this generation.


Among other types, Footed Leggings is the type of leggings that can protect you from cold, it is similar to tights and no need to wear socks when you wear them, get the best quality material of the said product by the help of manufacturers introduced by SourcingWise for you.


It is a dancer-like style from your bottom, has a strap that connects under your ankle, SourcingWise can offer you, loyal suppliers, that can provide low-cost products for your business.


It ends below the knee, perfect for yoga, dance, working out, and gymnastics, have a comfortable quality of the said leggings and SourcingWise can help you find an expert supplier for it.


Leggings with different patterns look amazing in any season, get famous ones with the help of suppliers recommended by SourcingWise.

Why SourcingWise Can Support Your Wholesale Leggings Business

  • SourcingWise knows and expert in terms of handling clients for their productive business
  • Experienced enough to help you find trusted suppliers for your wholesale business
  • We provide free quality analysis of the products you select
  • Give assurance when it comes to importing your wholesale products in your country

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Wholesale Leggings from China - The Complete Guide

How SourcingWise Help You Importing Leggings from China

SourcingWise knows expert and professional manufacturers who can give and guide you to have high quality and efficient products for your wholesale leggings business.

We can handle the processing of the sourcing, collect different but high-quality products from different suppliers warehoused, and package it safely. We also conduct a free quality inspection for you to have satisfying products for your wholesale business and organize easy but faster transportation.

With the help of SourcingWise, we transfer your wanted products for your wholesale business from China to your country. SourcingWise is glad to help you get durable and bestselling products of leggings for your booming business. We also let you choose your preferred and desired types of leggings you need for your planned wholesale business. Due to our history, we can provide you the best services for you to have a successful wholesale business.

Feel free to contact us for your wholesale leggings business from China!

1. Yiwu Youtong Clothing Co., Ltd.

YiwuYiwu Youtong Garment Co., Ltd. is a professional garment manufacturer with state-of-the-art testing equipment and a highly skilled workforce. The company’s own original design, weaving, dyeing, and garment processing factories, as well as 2000 excellent goods. The main products are sportswear, leggings, pants and casual pants. They cordially welcome business friends from all walks of life, looking forward to establishing pleasant business ties with you and achieving a win-win goal. Their goods have been widely acknowledged and trusted by the majority of users.

2. Jiaxing Yihutong Import&Export Co., Ltd.

JiaxingWith well-equipped testing equipment and a strong technological force, their firm produces slimming underwear, model body underwear, garments, toning pants, leggings, pressure socks, gorgeous leg socks, and socks. They focus on the innovative creation of new goods. With a large selection, high quality, affordable pricing, and fashionable designs. They are in agreement with the efficiency of the most recent style design, bringing the most recent items to market in the quickest possible manner. They also give the highest quality service to the majority of customers, according to the philosophy of customer first.

3. Dongyang Shenzhong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

DongyangDongyang Shenzhong Supply Chain Co., Ltd, founded in 2019, is a professional trading business specializing in the design, development, and manufacture of fanny packs, compression socks, leggings, outdoor products, bikinis, and other similar items. All of their goods meet international quality requirements and are well-received in a wide range of markets throughout the globe. They provide clients all around the world OEM and ODM services. They are a global wholesale company that welcomes all types of orders of all sizes. Simply email them an inquiry for a quick quote within 24 hours.

4. Yiwu Viv News Garments Co., Ltd.

YiwuViv News is a leading manufacturer of luxury leggings and fitness yoga gear based in Yiwu, China. Years of OEM experience in the premium legging and fitness yoga wear industry. They’ve worked with a number of multinational clients and have a solid reputation both at home and abroad. They are extremely adaptable and quick to meet your deadlines and lead times. Any of your orders, regardless of what you have in your mind or in your hands, such as ideas, images, samples, or drawing. They have the ability to make it happen. Join them today to learn more about the burgeoning legging and yoga clothing industry.

5. Yiwu E-Shine Import And Export Co., Ltd.

YiwuYiwu E-Shine Import And Export Co., Ltd., a garment manufacturer with well-equipped testing facilities and a strong technical team, is located in Yiwu, China. Their goods are widely utilized in clothing and other sectors due to their vast range, high quality, cheap pricing, and fashionable designs. The main products are yoga wear, yoga bra, sportswear, sports accessories and legging. Their goods are well-known and trusted by customers, and they can adapt to shifting economic and social demands.

6. Xiamen Sender Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

XiamenXiamen Sender Industry and Trade, based in Xiamen, China, was founded in 2009. They produce high-quality yoga wear, swimwear, men’s wear, leggings and handbags for ladies at an affordable price. They also utilize a variety of materials to make clothing, such as cotton, rayon, polyester, and so on. They have a lot of expertise making high-quality garments. They have the smallest MOQ and provide OEM service and customized design. Great clientele from all around the world are cordially invited to work with them.

7. Yiwu Kaiqi Trading Co., Ltd.

YiwuYiwu Kaiqi Trading Co., Ltd. is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of women’s accessories, including socks, leggings, scarves, hats, gloves, and festival items. They are based in Yiwu and offer high-end accessory goods and stock to boutiques, importers, and supermarket chain shops in more than 20 countries. Their firm keeps high-quality, low-cost goods all year. Their business philosophy is to meet the needs of a wide range of clients all over the world by delivering solutions suited to specific markets.

8. Zhejiang Serand Mido Import & Export Co., Ltd.

ZhejiangZhejiang Serand Mido Co., Ltd is a fabric producer and trader with extensive experience in fabric manufacturing and distribution. They are located in the world’s largest greige fabric manufacturing area, Lanxi City, which is a small city yet produces 50% to 60% of all greige fabric in China, including cotton-spandex fabric, denim fabric, and bonded fabric. The main products are yoga pants, yoga bra, yoga sets and leggings. They also provide OEM services, and all of the materials they use are environmentally safe and meet European standards, including ISO9001 and FSC-COC certifications.

9. Pujiang Geling Clothing Co., Ltd.

PujiangThey also provide OEM services, and all of the materials they use are environmentally safe and meet European standards, including ISO9001 and FSC-COC certifications. The main products are leggings, dress, flannel pajamas, sports sets and more. They produced the products with high-quality standard and offer with reasonable price. Pujiang Geling Clothing Co., Ltd. adhere to “Excellent Technology and Good Reputation” for how many years. The main market are North America, South America and Eastern Asia.

10. Guangzhou Moshengqi Trading Co., Ltd.

GuangzhouGuangzhou Moshengqi Co., Ltd, founded in 2015, is a manufacturer and trade specializing in the design and manufacturing of Yoga Pants, Leggings, and Bikinis. They are in Guangzhou and have easy access to public transit. All of their goods meet international quality requirements and are well-received in a wide range of markets all over the world. They gained a global sales network as a consequence of our high-quality product and excellent customer service, reaching the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, and other countries.

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