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Popular Wholesale Jewelry Styles From China

Here are some examples of successful wholesale jewelry from China that will help boost your business. 

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry
Wholesale Fashion Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry
Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Jewelry Set
Wholesale Jewelry Set

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Silver Jewelry
Wholesale Silver Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry
Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Statement Jewelry
Wholesale Statement Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Diamond Jewelry
Wholesale Diamond Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Wedding Jewelry
Wholesale Wedding Jewelry

MOQ from 50pcs

Why Import Your
Wholesale Jewelry From China With Sourcingwise?

  • 1-on-1 Discussion
  • We will help you find ideal jewelry for your needs
  • We support finding excellent supplier fast
  • Able to handle various orders
  • Has the capability to offer full support for your business
  • We are a registered company that able to secure your payments.

There many styles and shapes when looking for quality beaded jewelry. From China, we are helping a lot of customers find their ideal jewelry business partners. Beaded jewelries are commonly includes necklace and bracelets. There are traditional beaded jewelries made with quality materials.

We, SourcingWise will source bracelets for kids, men, and women in different materials, specifications, and more to consider when choosing the best one. SourcingWise can support you by giving you the best suggestions for the business. We can suggest sending your own bracelet designs so we can find the best manufacturers that able to custom your designs.

We, SourcingWise have selected jewelry suppliers from China that can suggest for you. They can help save efforts and time like we are capable of. Copper jewelry is unique and attractive type that can make different kinds of fashion jewelry. It is perfect for any statement type of jewelry. You always feel satisfied. We can cater your orders from China safety.

We can find the best manufacturers for your earrings orders. There are lots of jewelry manufacturers that ensure complete equipment like cutting machines, CNC, molding machines, cleaning machines, and more. Earring is very popular and most common customers want. In this industry, jewelries are amongst the top productive around the world. Plenty of shapes, styles, and more are accessible.

We are capable to support you import wholesale jewelry from China. We are capable to source jewelry for kids such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, or tiara. We can help you expand your business. SourcingWise has a great supply chain. There are suppliers that capable to produce tested jewelry in many locations worldwide. We have known plenty of international certified producers of jewelry from China.

There are different selections when searching for jewelry for men. China is a productive country that you’re in a right place. You can demand your ideal designs, materials, and more jewelry for men. Commonly the jewelry that fits every man is bracelets, rings, and necklaces. We are popular and have a great connection with many jewelry suppliers and manufacturers from China.

If planning to wholesale jewelry for women, make your process easier and quick by relying on SourcingWise. We have an amazing relationship with many jewelry manufacturers and suppliers from China which we can easily help you find the best quality jewelry. We can suggest different materials from suppliers. There are excellent pendants for necklaces, stones for rings, and more.

If you are looking for fine jewelry, China is the perfect place. Metal jewelry is a precious metal commonly comprise of gold and silver. Nowadays, fine jewelry is also fabricated of Titaniums which perfect for men’s jewelry. It is also applicable to tungsten materials. It has the best durability and appearance as well. Most of our selected suppliers of jewelry are manufactured metal jewelry.

The necklace is one of the most negotiable and profitable products in the industry. Since you are dealing from a productive country, China, you can trust you will enjoy the best quality of every product you receive. We, SourcingWise can support your urgent needs that handle the quicker shipment for your jewelry orders. We will source a great jewelry selection for you.

For fashion purposes of jewelry, pearl beaded jewelry is the best to wear and to support a business as well. Aside from the negotiable type of jewelry, pearl beaded are more unique and elegant which also purchasable at a lower cost or affordable prices. We can help you wholesale jewelry in China. We also support save customer’s budgets as well.

In finding the best pendants for your business, you should consider the quality. We can help you import from a certified supplier from China. Pendants can be personalized based on your request. In China, there are many places like provinces with many outstanding jewelry manufacturers and factory. We have amazing connections with them in many years that you can trust us as well.

Wholesale ring manufacturer and supplier from China is everywhere. You can easily find them. But SourcingWise can help choose a better one. In many years, a lot of people love to add jewelry to their collections. A wide range of jewelry materials is made that a lot of people attract their attention. Rings are perfect for wedding purposes. You can demand customize rings.

Jewelry are very attractive especially when it already attached to the body. Stackable bangles are accessible in different styles and sizes. It can be decorative and customizable stackable bangles. You can send the ideal custom bangles for your orders. We can select a manufacturer that can make your designs perfectly.

Statement necklaces are also elegant, unique, and attractive types of jewelry that commonly used by artist and models. The cost is based on the material. There are lots of manufacturers that manufacture jewelry quality, durable, yet cost-effective. We are handling strict inspection in every order import. We ensure the security and quality of packaging as well.

There are many people who like statement rings as an engagement rings. But Statement rings are fashionable that commonly used for fashion. Mostly models, actresses, and even rich peoples use it to make them look pretty and elegant. There are gold plated, gold statement rings, metals, sterling silver, and more types of statement ring you can consider wholesale. SourcingWise can help you wholesale jewelry in China and support your quick success.

We Can Help You Boost Your Wholesale Jewelry Import From China

  • Able to handle all types of shipment
  • Can supply any amount of jewelry orders
  • 5-10% Commission
  • Build long term partnership
  • Plenty shipment options
  • Suggest fast shipping options

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Wholesale Jewelry from China - The Complete Guide

Are you struggling with finding the right wholesale jewelry supplier in China?

Then you’re in the right place to rely on.

No worries from scammers and get your high-quality jewelry orders with the help of SourcingWise. We, SourcingWise can help you waste your time finding which suppliers are right. We have plenty of connections with big-time companies.

We have the capability to handle any problems since we have experienced a lot in 7 years in the sourcing industry.

Since we are a registered sourcing agent and experiences a lot of years, SoourcingWise has great supplier resources. We can find suppliers quickly through our advanced technology and other company connection.

Whatever your purposes in dealing with us, SourcingWise is capable to give full support. We will solve all your trade difficulties. We are willing to fully support you find great jewelry suppliers in China fast. SourcingWise has safety terms of payment to secure your money and business as well. You can send your payment through Western Union, T/T, LC, PayPal, and more.

We are handling strict quality inspection for your jewelry orders and make sure the packagings are secured well. We are a trusted sourcing agent in many years that offers one-stop solutions.

For your orders, we can provide safety warehouse temporarily and prepare for quality inspection. We will ensure on-time process through our skilled and hardworking team and workers.

We can be your best sourcing agent when having difficulties in finding suppliers. We can help you check the best quality of your orders like jewelry. If you are finding the best product source, we can manage different orders and handle safety exports to your location. Whatever your purpose in dealing with us, SourcingWise is capable of the whole process.

All importers and e-commerce businesses are fully supported. We completely manage production time that assures you to make your orders arrive ahead of time you needed. We secured shipment through air, sea, by land, etc., and trusted in more than 15 years of expertise.

SourcingWise can build the best relationship with you. We can be your partner in expanding your business. Your success relies on how to choose a partner.


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