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Sourcingwise will gladly arrange the most suitable type of shipping for your products from China. We offer many shipment options, as well as additional pre-shipment services.

Air Freight From China
Air Freight From China

Air freight shipping from China is perfect for express shipments that are not too large. The cargo will not be shipped by air if it is not loadable on board of the aircraft. This may be due to size, gross weight restrictions, or hazardous products. We will arrange your sir freight as quickly as you need. You will receive your products within 5-7 days, or even faster.

Sea Freight From China
Sea Freight From China

Sea freight shipping from China is primarily for mass shipments, and those that are not time-sensitive. Sea freight may be cheaper than air freight, but shipping may take up to a month. This is a reliable type of shipment from China, and we will help you set it up. We will also help you with cargo insurance. Sea freight from China will take your shipment across the ocean to the USA, Canada, Africa, and many other places.

Rail Freight From China
Rail Freight From China

Rail freight shipping from China is another fast option. It is useful to ship goods across land. You can ship your product from China to Russia, Europe, India, and more. Rail freight takes half the time as sea freight does, and it is good for mass shipments. Sourcingwise will arrange the most optimal rail shipping route, schedule, and more.

Truck Freight From China
Truck Freight From China

Truck freight shipping from China may be combined with other types of shipment. For example, you may need a truck to move your goods from a sea port to your warehouse that is farther inland. Also, truck shipping is good for shipments within China or to areas close-by. Truck freight is good for small shipments. This is a versatile type of shipment that helps support your primary means of shipping from China.

FCL Shipping from China
FCL Shipping from China

FCL shipping from China stands for Full Container Load. This means that the entire container houses only your products, or only 1 type of product. FCL shipping is great for sea and rail freight—when you have mass production in China. FCL shipments ensure that your goods do not get lost or broken along the way. Sourcingwise will arrange an efficient FCL shipment for your products.

FCL Shipping from China
LCL Shipping from China

LCL shipments from China have their own advantages. It means Less than Container Load. They are perfect for smaller shipments or consolidated shipping from China. Here, 1 container holds products of several manufacturers or importers. Such shipments are great for air freight, and they are also cheaper than FCL shipping. If you are just starting out as a product importer from China, LCL shipping is ideal for you.

Amazon FBA Warehouse Shipping From China
Amazon FBA Warehouse Shipping From China

Sourcingwise will professionally ship your goods from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse. Wholesale shipping to an Amazon fulfilment centre is a profitable business, so Sourcingwise is ready to arrange everything for you. We will also deal with FNSKU labelling, carton labels, proper packaging, and more. Everything to comply with Amazon’s requirements to skyrocket your import shipping from China.

Fraquently Asked Question

How long does shipping from China take?

Shipping times really depend on the type of freight and your destination. 

Usually, shipping to the US from China takes 5-10 days by air, and 30-40 days by sea.

Contact us and we will be able to give you more accurate estimates. 

How much does shipping from China cost?

This also depends on a few things. But, here is a rough outline:

  • Factory to port transportation: $40-$500
  • China export clearance: $100-$300
  • Shipping: $600-$3000
  • Cargo insurance: 0.2% from 1.1 x cargo value
  • Port charges: $100-$500
  • US customs bond: $100-$200
  • Other expenses

Your final cost would depend on cargo weight, value, the proximity of your destination, and more.

Can I request shipping from China with a courier?

Of course, we can set up your shipping from China with a courier company. Usually, UPS is the most common courier for imports from China, but DHL and FedEx would also work.

Will you help me with Incoterms?

Sourcingwise is your professional agent in China, and we will arrange and help you with many things. We can advise you on Incoterms as well. The most common Incoterm in China is FOB, or Free-On-Board. This includes the transportation of your goods from the factory to the port of destination, with all the export procedures legally required. However, from the port of import, your goods are your responsibility.

Will I be able to track my shipment from China?

Yes, you will be able to track all your shipments, and their progress. We will communicate with you on the status of your import and the state of your products.

What taxes would I have to pay for shipping from China?

Taxes vary depending on your product and the country you are importing into. For example, if you want to ship wristwatches from China, import duties in the EU would be 4.5%, but in the USA, it would be 9.8%. At the same time, solar panels have 0% import taxes in both the EU and the US. 

Moreover, products imported into the EU from China are subject to the Value Added Tax (VAT). 

Some additional duties for US imports include Merchandise Processing Fee and Harbor Maintenance Fee. 

Import fees in Canada may even depend on a given province. 

As you can see, taxes are complex, so contact us for more information.

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

Examples of Industries We Can Arrange Shipping From China For

Whether you are planning to ship decorated or rugged wristwatches, Sourcingwise will help arrange your shipment. We will tell you tax rates, packaging requirements, arrange the method of shipment, and optimize the route. Your delivery will be timely and secure. We can set up sea freight or express air freight from China for your business.

Sourcingwise will take care of your sports equipment import from China. Dumbbells, sport apparel, yoga mats, and resistance bands are some of the products we can ship from China for you. If you have your own brand, FCL or LCL shipment will be great options for you. Our professionals will ensure secure shipment from China.

We can help you ship bags, backpacks, purses, and more from China. We will help you with Incoterms, as well as arranging a suitable shipment method. Factory-to-port shipping, as well as door-to-door shipments will all be under our care. Your bags from China will surely skyrocket your business after we optimize your shipping routes from China.

Do you want to import educational toys, action figures, or soft plushies, Sourcingwise will set up the right shipment for you. We will ensure compliance with packaging regulations, safe container loading, customs clearance, and timely arrival. Shipping from China with Soucringwise will reduce your shipping risks, as well as ensure professional handling.

Home decor includes lamps, picture frames, vases, flower pots, carpets, trolleys, and more. This is a broad category that you can express yourself in. We will happily help you arrange shipping from China for your wholesale or designer home decor items. We will overlook packaging, rail freight, sea freight, and even Amazon FBA shipping from China.

Sourcingwise will not only help you source the best bedding, but we will also arrange shipping from China. Everything from sheets, duvet covers, quilts, to pillow sets can be shipped with our services. This means that we can support your wholesale bedding Amazon FBA shipment from China, as well as truck freight to your warehouse.

Do you need to ship jewelry from China? Precious metals, gems, plastic, leather, wood, and other jewelry will be carefully handled with our professional supervision. We will also help you insure your valuable cargo to protect against theft and other challenges. We make shipping from China easy and reliable.

Clothes production is a large industry in China and the rest of the world. All sorts of clothing and apparel is imported worldwide from China. This is why Sourcingwise will gladly help you arrange and optimize shipping from China. We will set up your FCL sea freight or LCL express air freight quickly and efficiently. And, our timelines will always keep your clothes warehouse in stock.

Also called dinnerware, tableware is whatever people use to set up their meals. This may include plates, bowls, spoons, knives. However, this may be more culture-specific as well—such as chopsticks. Sourcingwise will ensure that the packaging and loading of your products is proper, especially if they are fragile. Let’s advance your business with professional shipping from China.

Stationery includes various office supplies like scissors, markers, pens, tape, notebooks, and such. Whether you are an Amazon wholesaler or a small company, we will arrange the best shipping method for you. We will also set up door-to-door shipping with courier services like DHL and UPS. All to help your stationery business grow. Shipping from China with us is easy.


Shipping From China To Advance Your Business

Do you want to ship your goods from China? Is there anything you are worried about? 

Sourcingwise is here to help you!

We will arrange everything for your shipment for a small commission. This includes customs clearance, documentation, Incoterms, pre-shipping services, insurance, shipping method, tracking, and more. 

Our professional agents will recommend the most suitable shipping method based on your products, their amount, their value, your budget, and your timelines. 

Some common shipping methods from China are air freight, sea freight, rail freight, and truck freight. Your products can be organized into FCL shipments or consolidated LCL shipments. 

Naturally, we can also set up Amazon FBA shipping from China. And don’t forget the courier services and door-to-door shipping!

Door-to-door shipping from China may be expensive, but it is also effective for small businesses.

Air freight is the most expensive, while other shipment methods range depending on the distance to your destination. Similarly, LCL shipments tend to be cheaper than FCL shipments from China. 

Also, large mass production is better shipped with FCL sea freight. Meanwhile, smaller shipments are optimal as LCL freight. 

Sourcingwise will make sure that your documents are in order, including the most suitable Incoterms and insurance. Insurance is especially useful for valuable cargo, but it also may be a requirement. Additionally, we help many of our clients with customs clearance. 

Import duties are another big challenge for brands shipping from China. We can help sort out all the taxes and duties for your products. Tariffs depend on how much you are shipping, where you are shipping to, and what you are shipping from China. We are ready to help you sort all this out. 

We work with all sorts of companies and industries. This means that if you’ve got an idea, chances are that we can help you. 

Our shipping from China arrangements will optimize the workflow, inventory fill-up, and delivery schedule. Of course, still keeping in mind your products and your budget. 

Country-specific regulations are also something that we can check. 

In terms of the actual shipment, we can set up a few things. 

We can arrange for your products to get picked up from the manufacturer and delivered to a warehouse for pre-shipment processing. If you need, we can let you use our warehouse space for 14 days. 

Then, we can arrange for the shipment method—plane, ship, rail, etc. We can supervise delivery to the airport or port, as well as container loading. 

Your goods will be taken care of. If you need, we can arrange delivery from your destination port to your local warehouse as well. 

We offer you these services for a genuine commission of 5-10%. Our business thrives on trust, so we will keep a transparent relationship with you. 

Contact us today, and we’ll arrange the best shipping from China for you!

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