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  • Procurement of samples
  • Manufacturing consulting
  • Reliable sourcing
  • Networking with suppliers in China
  • Quality control
  • Shipping consulting

China purchasing agents consider price, quality, availability, reliability, and technical support when sourcing suppliers and products for your business. Sourcingwise will source the optimal supplier for you to help your company grow.

Sourcing product
Sourcing Products

Sourcingwise will help you source the best wholesale products in China. If you are looking to import ODM products, Sourcingwise is best for you. We will find everything according to your requirements and budget. Usually, such sourcing happens on markets, like the Yiwu market. Our professional team will help you decide what products you like during 1-on-1 service. Sourcing and importing products may be faster than importing OEM products, so this is a profitable solution for beginners.

Sourcing Supplier
Sourcing Supplier

Besides sourcing products, we can also source the most suitable supplier for your business. We know thousands of factories in China, and we will choose the best one to manufacture your products. Of course, we will conduct factory audits to ensure the good quality and environment of the factory. Our networking solutions will help you build a great business relationship with Chinese suppliers. You will be able to produce a range of customized products perfect for your idea. 

Collect Samples
Collect Samples

Collecting samples is an important part of any import business. As your top China purchasing agent, Sourcingwise will facilitate the development, inspection, and shipping of your product samples to you. Whether this is OEM or ODM production, multiple samples are always helpful. We will source samples with the lowest MOQ and arrange the fastest shipping, including door-to-door services. We will also facilitate communication between you and your supplier, so your feedback will always be heard.  

Quality Review
Quality Review

Factory audits and product inspections play a key role in the success of your business. As a prime China purchasing agent, we provide these services for you! We will perform quality checks before production, during production, and right before shipping. Different stages of manufacturing need to be examined to ensure the continuous good practices of the supplier. Our professionals will also examine the packaging of your goods and the safety within the manufacturing facility. Your China purchasing agent will keep an eye on your products sourced from China.

Import and Export Shipping Consulting
Import and Export Shipping Consulting

Being a professional China purchasing agent, we will also arrange shipping for your China-sourced goods. After purchasing, developing, and checking your products, they have to be sent to you. And so, we will help you set up shipping logistics to any part of the world. We will optimize the route for you—whether by sea, air, or rail.

Fraquently Asked Question

How much does a purchasing agent cost?

Our China purchasing agent fees are moderate and perfectly transparent. We charge 5-10% in commission, depending on what exact services you request from us.

What is the purpose of a China purchasing agent?

Sourcing and purchasing agents are companies or people that you can hire to find high-quality suppliers in their local country on your behalf. They speak the language and are familiar with doing business in that area. Basically, they liaise with the supplier, visit the factories, and complete on-site examinations. A China purchasing agent will find your products and suppliers in China that are suitable for your business ideas.

How can I get a supplier in China?

Finding a supplier in China may be tricky, since there are many different opportunities to do so. You can find a supplier on a market, during a trade show, or through sourcing directories. The best way, however, is to contact a China purchasing agent, such as Sourcingwise.

This will save you time and money, as well as lower risks.

When can a purchasing agent help your business?

Are you new to importing from China? Do you have a lot of different products for your import? Then, a purchasing or sourcing agent is perfect for you. 

Generally, if you only need one type of product, you can contact the product manufacturer directly to save on expenses. 

However, when dealing with multiple products, or OEM orders, China purchasing agents are of great help.

What industries do you purchase for?

Purchasing agents can only help source common products for home use, such as toys, jewelry, office supplies, etc. If you need to import industrious products, like cement or paint, then most purchasing agents cannot help you here.

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

Some Industries We Can Service As A China Purchasing Agent

Are you looking to purchase different toys from China? Be that plush toys, wooden toys, or electronic toys, Sourcingwise will find you the best options. We will look through markets and supplier products to purchase the right toys for your import. No matter what your requirements are, we are your reliable China purchasing agent.

Sourcingwise can source and purchase many types of clothes for your business. For example, baby clothes, sweaters, yoga pants, jackets, and more. Just tell us your specifications, and we will purchase the right products or find the right supplier in China. Anything from material to colour to workmanship to design—we will check for and purchase the best quality.

Cosmetics is another large and rapidly growing industry. Your business can easily profit from importing makeup purchased in China. We will help you source anything from eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, and foundation, to mascara and eyeliners. Plus, we will find for you make-up tools, such as brushes and spoolies. Our capabilities are extensive enough to support your makeup import. Let Sourcingwise be your top-choice China purchasing agent.

Lamps are a common piece of house, office, and room decor. This is why we offer to source and purchase these products for your business. If you need ODM ready-made lamps from the market, we will purchase your order. If you need unique, custom OEM designs, we will source the most suitable manufacturer in China for you. Warmth of light and electrical safety will all be checked for quality.

Hats are always trendy, be that warm winter hats or summer sun hats. They can even be statement pieces. And so, you can purchase hats in China to expand your wholesale or design business locally. Your China purchasing agent will always help you pick the right products, materials, manufacturers, and more. All this while keeping in mind your budget. Contact us today!

Nowadays, masks are a ubiquitous commodity, so your business is sure to profit from these products. As your premium China purchasing agent, Sourcingwise will help you acquire the best masks in China. We will audit the factory, collect product samples, and arrange fast shipping to your destination. Purchase your wholesale masks for import from China today!

Purses are also common statement pieces in fashion. However, purses are also useful for everyday errands. Do you want to purchase purses from China to import them? Or, do you want to create your unique product with a China manufacturer? Being your China purchasing agent, Sourcingwise will provide top consulting services to help your brand prosper. We will source any purses: vegan faux leather, fabric, suede, etc.

Many underwear brands purchase and source their products in China. This is a fast and profitable solution. Sourcingwise will be your representative China purchasing agent to establish a network and supply chain suitable for your business. We help with importing all sorts of underwear products, including menswear, children’s underwear, women’s underwear, shapewear, etc. We will source any material and colour.

Do you represent a bedding company looking to purchase products from China? Look no further! Sourcingwise offers you a 1-on-1 service to help you source the right products and suppliers in China. Our professionals will find pillowcases, sheets, bed covers of all dimensions, colours, and materials. Just tell us your requirements, and your China purchasing agent will take care of things.

Candles are a common item in home decor. They often come in different sizes, colours, and scents. Candles can even be used for aromatherapy! Being a prime China purchasing agent, we will help you source the optimal materials, manufacturers, and products for your business. Surely, we will inspect the quality, the factory, the samples. And, we will arrange the best shipping for your wholesale candles from China. 


The Best China Purchasing Agent For Your Business

Purchasing agents are a perfect solution for many import and export businesses. Operating in the same country as vendors, manufacturers, and suppliers a China purchasing agent acts as your representative. He or she gathers comprehensive intelligence about how to build or enhance supply chains for your products in China.

China purchasing agents can give you access to large supplier databases and networks. Such networks give you a great competitive advantage for companies purchasing in China.

Furthermore, when ordering with suppliers spread out across China, a purchasing agent will help with samples, inspections, consolidating shipments, and more. All this will help your business significantly save on cost and time.

A Sourcingwise purchasing agent in China will not only bring skills and work power to your business team but also provide a fresh outlook on your supply chain in China and its efficiency. 

Our professional China purchasing agents will use their experience and dedication to build and enhance supply chains with the right suppliers, products, processes, and more.

All to ensure the success of your importing business!

We charge a mild commission of 5-10% depending on the specific services you request. Many third-party companies charge a black commission, but Sourcingwise advocates for the transparent business. 

We work with all sorts of home-use industries, so your ideas will surely be realized. Networking with suppliers and knowing markets all over China, our professionals are always ready to help you. 

Acting as your buying agent in China, we will deal with everything. 

Contact us today, and let’s build a great supply chain together! We are your top China purchasing agent.

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