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Production management entails the development of product strategy, decisions concerning the products, and marketing. 

Production Design Selection
Production Design Selection

Firstly, production management starts with design and idea generation. Your product has to comply with certain safety standards and import regulations. We can help guide your design to meet these requirements. Plus, by performing value engineering and value analysis, we’ll be able to balance your product design features with your budget.

Production Process Selection
Production Process Selection

Our professional production management teams will also help select the suitable production process. This includes material handling systems, machines, technologies, and more. We will source the best manufacturer in China for your product. Also, we will settle on the production process most fitting to your requirements. 


Production Capacity Selection
Production Capacity Selection

Choosing the right production capacity will directly increase or lower your profits. And so, as part of production management in China, we will deal with capacity. We will consider both short-term and long-term goals, and break-even analysis. Let’s skyrocket your business with perfect production capacity selection. 

Production Planning

Production planning is another important part and service of production management. This includes routing and scheduling. Routing refers to the efficient flow of work, the steps of the manufacturing process, and operational sequence. Scheduling helps plan time and due dates. As a result, everything in production is planned out. Contact us today for professional production planning management in China. 

Production Control
Production Control

Production control service compares production plan with how production is progressing in reality. Our agent will then analyze any deviations from the plan and correct them. Production control management also includes quality control and cost control. Sourcingwise will ensure that your products comply with quality requirements, and that costs remain economical. Interested in our production management services in China? Take a look at our factory audit and inspection services as well! 

Inventory Control
Inventory Control

As part of production management, inventory control is also examined. We make sure that there is no over-or under-production. Both problems will greatly affect your business. We ensure that materials are not spoiled and that your deliveries are not lacking. We will ensure the smooth running of your production in China. 

Production Analytics
Production Analytics

We will analyze your production profitability, costs, output, and more. Also, we will inspect factory machinery and equipment as part of efficiency metrics. All our findings will be neatly organized into coherent reports for your viewing. Sourcingwise is your experienced production management agent in China. We are always happy to advise your business.

Fraquently Asked Question

What is production management?

Production management involves organizing, controlling, planning, and directing the production process. We work with you and the supplier to optimize workflow, costs, and timelines.  

What are the components of production management?

There are several components of production management in China. The process starts with design selection, factory selection, production process selection, production capacity, planning, control, quality and cost control, and more. 

How to choose the best production strategy?

In analyzing your production and selecting the best strategy, we look at a few things. 

We look at your requirements and your target customers. Then, we decide on the criteria of success and various metrics. Our professional managers will select the best production strategy. 

What are the types of production management?

The basic types of production processes are batch, continuous, and project. 

Batch production is for small quantities of a product, such as a limited edition product. Continuous production is large-scale mass production with a series of operations and non-stop manufacturing. Project production is when one or two products are made at once, such as prototypes. We will assess the type of your product and demand, and choose the optimal process.

How important is production management?

Production management optimizes the supply chain. Through it, business concepts are used to create products. Production management helps guide your manufacturing and importing process in China. With it, we will be able to lower production costs, procure materials, direct factory work, control quality, and increase your profits. Production management in China is vital for import success. 

What is your commission on production management?

Our commission is 5-10%, depending on what services you request. Contact us today to get the exact quote. 

How experienced are you in production management in China?

We have been sourcing in China for 8 years, so our production management teams are very experienced. 

What are some problems in production management?

Some challenges that may surface during production management in China include quality problems, output problems, cost problems, and management problems. Quality problems entail high defect and return rates. Output problems mean long lead times, unreasonable scheduling, overstocking, and understocking.

Cost problems involve low efficiency, idle personnel, and machinery. Further management problems are safety hazards and bad working conditions. Sourcingwise production management in China will ensure that all these problems do not affect your products.

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Examples of Industries We Can Manage Production For

Whether you want to import electronic, plush, or educational toys, Sourcingwise will provide professional production management. We will optimize the supply chain, direct all processes, and ensure safety of the toys from China. We will also take care of inventory control. Let’s skyrocket your business with our production management.

Are you importing elegant or waterproof watches? Contact us, and we will set up the ideal production for your goods. We will direct batch production or mass manufacturing depending on your requirements and market demands. We will also keep track of all timelines and due dates. Your production will always follow the planned schedule. To improve efficiency, your import delivery will be on time.

Sourcingwise will ensure the smooth workflow of your production process. We will source the best shoe manufacturer in China, perform an audit, and create a detailed and realistic plan. Your wholesale shoe brand is sure to profit with our cost, quality, and inventory control.

Why worry about production management when Sourcingwise is here? We will support your backpack production in China. Your comfortable and stylish designs will be efficiently made to boom your business. We will analyze your market, your costs and profits, and compliance with safety requirements. Our professional backpack production management in China will bring you success.

Furniture from China is a profitable and creative business. This is why we are offering our production management services to help your brand grow even more. By performing on-site control and value analyses, Sourcingwise will take care of the quality of your furniture. Your unique chair or table designs will secure a great spot on the market with our production planning.

Blankets, as well as pillows and bedding, are another popular product for import. If you would like production management for your idea, we will help. We will balance output, quality, and cost. We will also make a detailed plan for all operations, sourcing, and import. Just rely on us for your production management in China.

Do you need to import stylish sunglasses from China? Contact Sourcingwise! We will find the best supplier for you. Also, our professional production planning will shield your business from problems. Any challenges that arise, our agents will plan corrective action against. All to protect the success of your sunglasses import from China.

Clothes production is a large industry in China. A lot of clothes are imported from Chinese manufacturers all the time. This is why Sourcingwise specializes in production management for apparel companies. We can source, select the right process, direct, and control production, as well as working conditions. With our production management in China, your clothes import will prosper.

Pans, bowls, measuring cups, spoons—these are just some of all the kitchenware we can source for your business. Whether you need full support for production management or just specific services, Sourcingwise will provide everything. Our planning and control will streamline your kitchenware production in China.

Sourcingwise will help you manage your production of paper cups in China. Any design—printed, double-wall, foam-surface—will be successfully sourced. Our professional production managers will create the perfect plan, balance all expenses, and control quality. Your paper cup production in China will boom your business. 

Production Management Article

The Most Reliable Production Management Agent In China

Production management is a responsible task. It oversees the entire production process, preparatory action, and analytics. To make the most out of your import, proper production management is critical. 

Here is where Sourcingwise comes into play. We have extensive experience in many commercial industries. Contact us today and let’s talk about your product ideas!

Our approach centers on transparent business practices and support for our client. Your production management in China will be in great hands with Sourcingwise. 

Production management entails many different services, steps, and processes. And we will take care of everything for our 5-10% commission. 

We will start with your product idea and design, making sure that it complies with safety regulations. We will also ensure that production meets your budget plans, and proceed from there. 

Then, we will source a factory in China for you, perform factory audits and inspections. If you already have a supplier, then we will advise on the production process and strategy. Analyzing the market, your budget, and your requirements, we can set up batch or mass production in China.

Our agents will calculate the most profitable production capacity, professionally balancing expenses. Your business is sure to prosper with our production management.

Production planning is another important step in management. We will figure out routing and scheduling. All the workflow operations will run smoothly and on time. If something happens and production goes off-track, our agents will plan to fix the issue in record time. 

Of course, we will conduct extensive inspections. These include quality control, inventory control, cost control, and process control. Your products will always be up to standard without cost increases. And, your warehouse will never be overstocked or empty. Production management process control involves checking machinery, working conditions, and safety regulations. 

Your production management in China is an all-around service from Sourcingwise. Supporting your import business is our #1 priority. 

We are your one-stop professional production management agent in China. Let’s build a reliable business relationship to bring your brand success. 

Contact us today for professional production management support. 

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