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Pre-production inspection
Pre-production inspection

Pre-production inspection lets you control production from the start to avoid risks. Sourcingwise will test the materials, facilities, machinery, and the readiness of the supplier. We will ensure that you and the supplier are on the same page. Also, check the quality of raw materials and parts. 

in line inspection china
In-line inspection

We will monitor the production status for you. This will make sure that your goods are made and shipped on time. We will not only inspect production speed, but also quality of work. Furthermore, Sourcingwise will examine that the supplier is following your specifications, as well as production safety rules.

Post-production inspection
Post-production inspection

Our post-production inspection service happens usually just before shipment. Here, we will ensure that product quantity and quality are in order. All your requirements, function and safety tests will also fall under our strict inspection. Finally, Sourcingwise will check whether your goods have been packaged and stored well. 

Piece-by-piece inspection
Piece-by-piece inspection

Piece-by-piece product inspection in China means that our inspectors will check each product for quality. Usually, 2-10 % of products are examined randomly. However, this service ensures inspection of everything. This is perfect if you have high standards or a high-stakes product like hospital gear.

Fraquently Asked Question

How much experience in product inspection do you have?

We have 8 years of experience in product inspection, so you can be confident in our professionalism and knowledge of the field. 

How do you check product quality?

This depends on what type of inspection service you choose. 

In pre-production, we will go to the factory and examine raw materials.

During in-line inspection, we will test products at various stages of development. 

During post-production inspection, we do the following. When the goods arrive at a warehouse, we will open random boxes for each type of product. This way, the supplier won’t be able to hide bad products somewhere in the back. Then, we will perform tests, record results, and take photos or videos for you. All this is included in the final product inspection report. Finally, we examine packaging and replace it if necessary.

What if products fail quality control?

Upon inspection, if we find goods of unacceptable quality, we will call the supplier and return the products to them. Usually, Chinese suppliers take responsibility for this and cooperate. However, sometimes they do not. In this case, Sourcingwise will deal with everything and protect your investment with our contract. You can always count on us!

How to arrange product inspection in China?

You can simply contact us any time! As we work together, you will need to tell us some things you want us to inspect. For example, your quality standard, the quantity breakdown, description of your desired packaging, and any special requirements. Sometimes, it is also helpful to provide a sample of your perfect product if you have already made it. If not, no worries! We will help you, but our team would need details of your requirements and wishes. 

If you choose to source with us, asking us for product inspection services will make the process easier for you.

What else do you inspect besides the products themselves?

We can also do process control to ensure that processes within a company are functioning correctly. For example, we can examine whether the machines are operating correctly, producing products accurately. Process control also checks that a manufacturer is performing at target output level—meeting production speed requirements. 

Can you do container loading supervision?

Yes, of course! This is part of pre-shipment or post-production inspection. We will ensure that your products are packed and packaged properly, and ready to be shipped!

What is a control plan?

A control plan is a document that describes various measurements, inspections, quality checks or monitoring of processes required at each stage of production. We can develop this together and our specialists will conform to it. 

What industries do you specialize in?

We can perform product inspection in any industry. We constantly learn more and expand our knowledge of different products and fields. Below, you can look at some examples of common industries we can inspect products in. 

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

Industries We Can Perform Product Inspections For

Chinese factories supply all types of toys made from plastic, metal, and more. As it is a big industry, we have carefully trained our staff for product quality inspection. We check toxicity, risk assessment, durability, as well as safety compliances with EU Toy Directive, CPSIA, and more.

If you are a designer or clothes business, we can help you source and inspect apparel in China. We will examine both the start material and the finished product. Here, we would look for various fabric defects, proper garment labelling, pattern continuity, stitching, as well as toxicity of dyes and so much more. Everything to suit your product quality requirements!

Glass bottles and containers are used in many industries, such as food, cosmetics, beverage, etc. We can inspect glass bottles using illuminators, checking opacity, thickness, colour. We can also examine the strength of glass and how it shatters. Sourcingwise will take care to ensure high quality of your glass bottles.

Sourcingwise will help you source the perfect watch supplier in China. Moreover, we will inspect everything for you. We will examine time-keeping accuracy, scratch resistance, lifetime, and drop-test results. If your watches or clocks are waterproof, we will inspect all aspects of that as well.

Beauty products, fragrances, self-care products, hygiene products—all these go under cosmetics. This is an especially large industry and quality here has high stakes. At Sourcingwise, we pay careful attention to product inspection for this category. We will examine clinical trials, toxicity, allergies, compliance with the EU Cosmetics Directive or the US Safe Cosmetics Act. All to ensure the safety of your products!

Cleaning products include detergents, disinfectants, waxes, polishes, and more. These products are used to clean houses and offices, necessary everywhere. This is why we have trained inspectors for this industry as well. Sourcingwise employees will test shelf-life, performance claims, environmental effects, microbiological testing, and user safety. You can be sure of the quality of your cleaning products made in China.

Is your brand selling refrigerators? Microwaves? Kettles? Vacuums or dishwashers? We will source and inspect the right manufacturer for you! All these household appliances are different, so they will be tested differently. However, the general focus will be function and safety. For example, inspection may include electrical connection, power leakage, and sensitivity of dials.

Manufacturing furniture in China is a great investment. And we will source the best materials and factories for you. Rest assured that your requirements are followed. During and post-production, our inspectors will perform drop tests, stability, symmetry, endurance, weight checks, and more. You will receive the perfect furniture you had in mind.

China manufactures a lot of the world’s electronics, including mobile phones, computers, and more. So, product inspection for electronics sourced in China is important for many companies. We can inspect analog, digital products, radios, cameras, laptops, printers, etc. Product inspection includes power consumption, memory size, current leakage, frequency, and other checks.

If you manage an accessories brand and want to provide high-quality jewelry, Sourcingwise has got your back! We have trained professionals that will inspect the appearance and functionality of products. Are the coatings and platings uniform? Are proper materials used? Is clasp performance and tensile strength sub-par? You will see all this information in our product inspection report.

A large amount of food and agricultural products around the world are made in China. Thus, we took the responsibility of sourcing and inspecting food from Chinese suppliers. Shelf-life, allergies, chemicals, infections—all will fall under our careful eye to deliver the best-quality foods for your business. 


The Most Authentic Product Inspection Audit In China

Our services are built on transparency and trust with our clients. And so, we have undertaken the mission of sourcing making sure that you get the best production possible. Product inspection services in China are our way of protecting your goods. 

Product inspection will help you save costs and time by catching bad products and preventing re-works. Presently, around a third of all products made in China must be re-worked. Such a supply chain has lots of room for improvement, especially for businesses sourcing on a large scale. 

This is why product inspection by Sourcingwise is a great solution for your production. It will help lower the re-work rate. During in-line inspection, we can detect sub-par products and get them fixed or remade at once. 

Also, you will avoid regulatory violations and build a fantastic brand image by having product inspection. This is because your customers will get only high-quality goods. Less returns, better company reviews!

Lastly, quality products are less likely to sustain damage during shipping. Quality products are in perfect condition, able to take loading and packing stress. 

Inspection, testing, advisory, training, and quality assurance all create trust and efficiency across the supply chain. 

Some types of inspection in manufacturing include pre-production, in-line, piece-by-piece, and finished product inspection. The procedures vary depending on your products. 

Usually, we test some or all products by closely inspecting them and performing various tests. Sourcingwise checks appearance, function, and safety. We ensure that the product parameters meet your requirements, import directives, and government acts.

With us, your production will be looked after starting from raw materials inspection, and ending with packaging checks and loading supervision. Together, we will develop a control plan, quality checklists, and more. 

Our trained professional inspectors are knowledgeable in any industry. What’s more, we always expand the range of industries we can provide product inspection in China for. 

We take 5-10% transparent commission. And you can be sure that no negotiations happen behind your back. We value your business, trust, and growth. 

Inspection and quality control in manufacturing ensures prosperity for every business.

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