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Import Shipping Prep
Import Shipping Prep

Sourcingwise will gladly help prepare your goods for import. This entails labelling, packaging, consolidation, loading supervision, customization, and more. We will not only find the best supplier for you, but also make sure that your products are delivered in great condition. Prep takes about 1-3 days. We will make all shipping arrangements for you. And, all this is included in our commission. 

Warehousing in China
Warehousing in China

We offer up to 2 weeks free storage in our warehouse. There, we can conduct quality inspections, consolidation, packaging, and import from there. All the shipping and import prep can take place there. Everything for your convenience during import. This is a secure service to benefit your importing experience. 

Customs Clearance
Customs Clearance

We will handle all the documentation. We will check and compile various certifications and licenses. Furthermore, if you need a Bill of Lading, we will help here as well. We will help you figure out Incoterms, supplier contracts, tariffs, duties, and more. 

Arrange Import Shipping China to USA
Arrange Import Shipping China to USA

If you need, we are ready to provide door-to-door shipping, courier services from China to the USA, FCL and LCL shipping, and freight. Your goods will be picked up from the supplier or a warehouse.Then, we will arrange and supervise import from China to USA. In FCL shipping, the entire container space is yours, and there are less confusion risks. However, LCL is great for smaller businesses and consolidated goods. We support air freight and sea freight to the USA. These methods of shipping from China to the US are common, and Sourcingwise will support you in either of them. 

Fraquently Asked Question

Are there special conditions for importing from China to the USA?

There are rules and regulations specific to North America. Firstly, certain quality standards are different from EU standards. An example is FDA regulations. 

Furthermore, some products are restricted for import. And some products are required to have special packaging. Sourcingwise will take care of these issues for you. 

What risks are there for importing from China to the USA?

Certain risks do exist. Here are a few:

  • Supplier scam
  • Shipment theft
  • Product damage during import

This is why Sourcingwise is ready to support you. Being a professional local sourcing company in China, we will be able to lower these risks for you. 

We conduct factory inspections to reduce scams, insure your shipment and supervise loading.

How should I pay for import customs?

Whatever method of payment suits you, and is accepted by US customs is perfectly fine. The best way is usually online. Your import tax depends on the type of goods you are importing. Plus, you will be required to pay the VAT fee when importing from China. There is more information on US import taxes and HS codes, but it all depends on your products. 

What taxes and duties will I have to pay?

As for 2019, the 10% import tax has been raised to 25% for some products. However, the tax also depends on the products you are importing. For example, LED bulb lights have a tax of 3.9%, while peanuts are taxed at 131.8%. Some products may not have taxes at all, such as solar panels. Taxes can range, so it is product-specific. 

How long does import from China to the USA take?

Import takes anywhere from 2-35 days, depending on shipment method. Air freight is the fastest, while sea freight takes at least 18 days, but is cheaper. 

Can you import from China to Amazon FBA?

For sure! We have a whole range of services focusing on importing to Amazon FBA from China!

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

Industries and Services We Offer for Importing to the USA

Electronics and electronic parts are commonly imported to the US from China. Everything from smartphones to PC motherboards is sourced from China. To market your products in the USA, you need UL and FCC certifications. We will help you obtain these as part of import preparations. You can also request different freight methods for your electronics from China.

Importing watches from China to USA may be difficult. This is because they require special packaging. However, Sourcingwise will arrange everything to make your import go smoothly. We will source the best supplier and import your goods in the most suitable way. Be that rugged waterproof watches, multi-dial watches, or elegant watches, we will arrange everything.

Fashion is a big industry, and so it is another key player in US imports from China. We will help your wholesale, e-commerce goods be included in that market. As a brand designer, you can count on the fabrics and styles sourced by us. We can help you import baby clothes, menswear, women’s clothes, sleepwear, formal and casual clothes.

China food export regulations are strict, but certain foods may be restricted or prohibited for US imports. This is where we will help you. We will rigorously inspect your snacks for quality. We will also make sure that you have all the necessary documents, and the import is completely regulated. Sourcingwise will help with pre-import licensing, health certificates, proper labelling, and more. Sweets and savoury snacks are all great for US imports!

Beauty is another large industry where imports from China are key. Various makeup brushes, skin rollers, and other beauty tools comprise profitable imports to USA. Importing these is easier than cosmetics. Nonetheless, Sourcingwise will arrange proper quality audits and import procedures for your beauty brand.

We can help you import all sorts of jewelry. This may be metal, plastic, wooden, and even jewelry with precious metals. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and body jewelry all fall into our importing capabilities. We will arrange secure shipping and customs clearance.

Many toys in the US are imported from China, so it is common to see the “Made in China” label. To market toys in the USA, CPSIA and ASTM F963 regulate the safety of plastic, rubber, plush, and other toys. You can warehouse your goods at our facilities. And, we will supervise loading and importing of your toy products to the US.

In this category, we have glass and plastic bottles, foil packaging, plastic food packets, and more. Oftentimes, a brand manufactures products in the US, but imports packaging and containers from China. This is because it is cheaper that way. Sourcingwise will examine your packaging for you, making sure it is non-toxic, air-tight, and leak-free. We will then help with all the importing steps to the US from China.

If you want to import stainless steel cookware or rubber kitchen tools to USA from China, Sourcingwise can help. We will ensure that your supplier follows FDA food contact materials guidelines. Frying pan, mixing spoons, and measuring cups are examples of the product we can import from China.

Stationary includes calculators, pens, pencils, highlighters, rulers, sticky notes, scissors, and various organizers. These products are great for homes, offices, and schools. It is a profitable industry where you can be creative. And, we will help you import your dream stationary supplies to US from China. 


Your Dependable Partner in Importing to the USA from China

Importing from China to US is a common and large part of global trade. Many products are imported annually across the sea. 

Products sourced and manufactured in China are cheaper than those manufactured in the US. And so, import is a great solution. However, import has its complications with customs and shipping. This is where Sourcingwise comes to the rescue. 

We will help you develop your business. Starting from sourcing, and all the way to import, we offer countless services for you. We will conduct audits, product inspections, container loading, customs clearance, warehousing, and shipping. 

Quality control will help you save time and money, as well as build a brand image. Then, we can help with various shipment prep. For example, we will print FNSKU and your company labels, and stick them onto the products. 

We will also package your goods according to your specifications and official regulations. Be that fragile or hazardous cargo, we will deal with everything. Additionally, we can consolidate your goods in our warehouse. You will have free storage there for up to 2 whole weeks. 

Plus, we will support your documentation for you. We will conduct tests and get certifications, as well as other things to guarantee successful customs clearance. Documents like Bill of Lading, packing list, and others will all be prepared. 

Tariffs are also important. Tax codes and regulations may be confusing, but Sourcingwise is here for you. We will gladly help you with Incoterms, product taxes, and import duties. 

Of course, we will supervise proper container loading to minimize product damage during import transit. We support Amazon FBA and door-to-door shipments. Our import arrangements include air and sea freight, FCL and LCL shipments. 

All this may sound difficult and stressful. But, this is why Sourcingwise is here, ready for action. All our services are aimed to make import from China to the USA as easy for you as possible. We hope to help your importing business grow and prosper. 

All for a 5-10% truthful commission! 

Sourcingwise has many professionals, all dedicated to facilitating your import from China to USA. We offer all-encompassing services to cover all sorts of issues. 

What are you waiting for?

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