Guangzhou Warehouse: The Ultimate FAQs Guide

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Whether you want to know the exact location, safety, size, requirements, or any other logistics requirements – I will explain everything in this guide.

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Where is Guangzhou Warehouse?

Guangzhou warehouse is located in Guangzhou City in the South Central mainland China and home of the largest Pearl River Delta.


Guangzhou Warehouse Interior

Guangzhou city is the home of the largest trade fair in China; Canton Fair which happens twice annually.

This trade fair attracts Chinese and foreigners alike due to the high demand for consumer goods.

In return, this has spurred the growth of Guangzhou city due to high demands of Guangzhou warehouse facilities, transport, hotel accommodation, etc.

Accessibility of Guangzhou warehouse can be through Baiyun International airport, Guangzhou port, road, and railway.

The close proximity to supplier’s factories, port, and airport make Guangzhou warehouse ideal and convenient for trade.

What are the Benefits of Guangzhou Warehouse?

Some of the advantages of Guangzhou warehouse consist of:

Secure Premise

Most Guangzhou warehouse facilities have CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers, security personnel, and controlled access doors among other security measures.

This ensures the security of clients’ goods while at the warehouse.

Closeness to Factories

The location of Guangzhou warehouse is in Guangzhou city; the trade hub for import and export traders.

As the host of China’s biggest fair, Canton fair, manufacturers and suppliers have established their factories within the city.

This makes shipping of goods from the factory to the Guangzhou warehouse faster, affordable and convenient.

Proximity to Ports

Guangzhou warehouse is close to a number of ports that facilitate the shipment of goods in and out of Guangzhou city.

This makes the warehouse facility convenient and ideal for traders.

Consolidation Services

Traders who import less than a container load goods use Guangzhou warehouse to store their wares as they wait for consolidation.

This makes it cheaper for small traders to import and ship goods from Guangzhou city.

Pick and Pack Services

Guangzhou warehouse also collects and packages goods for clients on their behalf from the factories.

The products can be collected in their bulk form and packaged into smaller or specialized forms.

Storage Facility

Guangzhou warehouse offer a storage facility for goods before you ship them to their respective destination.

Storage can be short-term or long-term depending on your requirement and instructions.

The warehouse also provides storage of stock holdings to ensure a constant supply of goods for customers.

Guangzhou warehouse can also be your storage point as you wait for delivery of the rest of the products.

Cargo Storage in Guangzhou Warehouse Facility

Cargo Storage in Guangzhou Warehouse Facility

Product Assembly Centre

Some manufacturers do not have the capability to assemble products after manufacturing.

Guangzhou warehouse can assist in such situations, especially for small and medium product assembly services.

Distribution Center

You can also use Guangzhou warehouse as a distribution center if you in large quantity goods and e-commerce selling.

The warehouse can act as a fulfillment center for customer orders to various destinations globally.

It saves you time and cost of shipping to a destination before dispatching to customers and also helps with the consolidation of goods.

Centralized Quality Control Services

If you prefer to have a centralized quality control center, Guangzhou warehouse provides for such.

This is convenient as it cuts on travel, accommodation cost and caters to situations where you lack adequate equipment.

Easy Replacement for Defective Goods

It is easier to have your goods replaced while still in Guangzhou warehouse than after they have been shipped to you.

Guangzhou warehouse inspects goods upon arrival as per your inspection checklist sheet.

All goods that do not meet your expectations are returned to the factory for replacement or re-working.

Supervised Services

Guangzhou warehouse has skilled employees who oversee all the services from the time goods arrive to the facility till they leave.

The supervisor ensures the goods received at the warehouse meet your quality and quantity needs, and leave in the same way.

Labeling and Marking Services

Guangzhou warehouse also provides services such as product labelling and marking for their clients.

The services include custom labeling, health, and safety labeling, and marking according to the clients’ requirements.

Climate Control Services

Guangzhou warehouse has the capability of providing climate controlled conditions for particular products.

They have equipment such as humidifiers, air conditioners, freezers, heaters, etc. installed in them.

What Products can I store in Guangzhou Warehouse?

  • Clothing and Textiles
  • Electronics and Household Appliances
  • Cosmetics and beauty products
  • Consumer Goods
  • Shoes
  • Office supplies
  • Building materials
  • Vehicle spare parts
  • Machinery
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Chemical Products
  • Hardware Tools
  • Medicine and Medical devices, Health Products
  • Food

How does Warehousing Work in Guangzhou?

The processes in Guangzhou warehouse involve:

  • Picking or receipt of goods from the factories
  • Perform quality control on the inbound goods to ensure they comply with the required standards
  • After the warehousing accepting the goods, they get unloaded and packed in different areas within the warehouse facility. They store non-perishable and dry goods on the shelves stacked in pallets, while temperature sensitive are refrigerated.
  • A notification is then sent to you updating you of the inventory receipt.
  • The warehouse management then prepares the goods for shipment as per your instructions using the WMS for easy tracking.

What are the Closest Shipping Ports to Guangzhou Warehouse?

There are several shipping ports in Guangzhou which you can access from Guangzhou warehouse.

  • Guangzhou Port, currently Port of Huangpu, is the eighth busiest cargo port globally and the fifth in China.
  • Nansha Port is the deep waters terminal of Guangzhou port which handles very heavy and bulky cargoes.

Is Guangzhou Warehouse Safe?

Yes, Guangzhou city is generally safe despite being among the largest urban cities in the world and the third largest in China.

The heavy presence of both police service and private security personnel have seen a significant drop in crime in Guangzhou city.

Most importantly, Guangzhou warehouse has surveillance cameras fitted, has restricted access, and is secured round the clock.

How Long does it Take to Ship from Guangzhou Warehouse?

Shipping time from Guangzhou warehouse depends on your preferred mode of transport and your destination.

Shipping from Guangzhou warehouse to within Guangzhou can be the same day to 2 days delivery by road, express mail or air freight.

If outside Guangzhou or even China you can have your goods delivered by express courier, air freight, ocean cargo or railway transport.

The lead time for express shipment is between 1 to 2 days and up to 10 days for air freight.

Regular shipping by rail or road can take several days or weeks depending on the circumstances along the way.

Ocean freight has the longest lead time of between 30 to 60 days.

How do I Transport Goods from Guangzhou Warehouse to Port?

It is possible to transport goods from Guangzhou warehouse in trucks or trailers by road.

The port is not very far and is easily accessible from the warehouse facility.

How many types of Warehouses are there in Guangzhou?

The common types of warehouse in Guangzhou include:

Public Warehouses

These are owned by the government or semi-government bodies and are accessible to everyone.

Public warehouses are cheaper compared to private owned warehouses thus you can rent them at affordable rates.

It is also accessible to small traders and start-up business owners who do not have access to cooperative warehousing facilities.

They are however not technologically advanced as compared to private warehouses.

Private Warehouses

Private warehouses in Guangzhou are owned by distributors, wholesalers, traders, and manufacturers and are a bit costlier than public warehouses.

Most private warehouses are for the storage and distribution of goods.

They are more advanced technologically than public warehouses.

Guangzhou Private Warehouse Facility

Guangzhou Private Warehouse Facility

Bonded Warehouses

A bonded warehouse is a storage facility within customs jurisdiction for imported goods that attract import duty and VAT.

They can be government or privately owned, however, private owners must obtain a government licenses to obtain and run one.

The advantage of bonded warehouses is that the import duty and VAT can differ till the release of goods.

Most of its users are clients who deal with the importation of goods from Guangzhou.

You can also use bonded warehouses to store restricted goods until you finalize their paperwork.

Besides, they are secure, allow extended storage periods for goods duty-free till the importer finds a client.

Cooperative Warehouses

These are warehouses owned by small traders who have come together as members of a particular cooperative e.g. food, agriculture.

Members of the cooperative therefore access the facility at a subsidized rate.

Specialized Warehouse

Specialized warehouses only deal with particular commodities such as fresh and perishable, chemicals, etc.

Smart Warehouses

Operations at smart warehouses are fully automated with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Such warehouses are normally very big and have robots and drones packing, weighing, and storing the goods.

This has resulted in reduced human error in their handling processes.

Consolidation Warehouses

Consolidation warehouses typically target several small shipments from the same geographical area and group them together into a large shipment.

This is an economical way of shipping goods for small businesses or even for order fulfillment for online businesses.

Fulfilment Center (e-commerce)

Such warehouses act as distributors of goods on behalf of the buyer especially those doing online businesses.

It reduces the cost of shipping to buyers before sending the orders to the customers.

What is the Difference Between Guangzhou Warehouse and Yiwu Warehouse?

  • Guangzhou warehouse is located in Guangzhou city whereas Yiwu warehouse is in Yiwu, Zhejiang city.
  • Guangzhou warehouse handles goods from bigger manufacturers and traders compared to Yiwu warehouse which handles smaller factories and businesses.
  • The rent rate for Guangzhou warehouse is more expensive than that of the Yiwu warehouse.

What are the Similarities Between Guangzhou Warehouse vs. Yiwu Warehouse?

  • Both Guangzhou warehouse and Yiwu warehouse are found in China.
  • Guangzhou warehouse and Yiwu warehouse are both located in trade hub cities respectively.
  • Both warehouses are close to manufacturer factories and can store different products.
  • They both offer similar services such as consolidation, picking, assembly, storage, etc.

What are the Rental Costs for Guangzhou Warehouse?

There is no standard rental cost for Guangzhou warehouse however, the cost ranges from USD 5-15 per square meter.

The significant rise in rental cost has been brought by the rise in e-commerce and high demand for warehouse facilities.

Factors such as type of goods, rental space, amenities, availability of warehouse facility, location and type of services affect rental cost.

Perishable goods demand extra care and specialized handling thus demand high rental costs than non-perishables.

Similarly, Guangzhou warehouse near the city and ports are more costly than those in remote areas.

Additionally, the more space occupied by goods the more rent you pay, and the better the facility the higher the cost.

Modern Guangzhou warehouse fetches a higher rental costs per square meter than an ordinary warehouse.

How can you Find a Warehouse in Guangzhou China?

The most efficient way of finding cheap warehouse facilities in Guangzhou China is through an online search on various websites.

The sites will furnish you with a list of Guangzhou warehouses and their pricing.

From the list, you can choose the warehouse that fits your budget.

Attending trade fairs in Guangzhou city such as Canton fair among other trade fairs.

This offer clients a chance to interact with warehouse owners one on one and know their rates.

Referral by other traders who use or have used similar facilities in Guangzhou.

They are better placed to share contacts of Guangzhou warehouses that are cheaper and affordable.

Import and export agents are also a good point of reference when looking for a cheaper Guangzhou warehouse.

The supply agents have contacts of several warehouse owners or managers in Guangzhou through business contacts.

Therefore, they can easily refer you to the right Guangzhou warehouse upon request.

Is it possible to buy Warehouse in Guangzhou?

Yes, though the process of buying a warehouse in Guangzhou is a strenuous one for foreigners.

This is because it requires many licenses from the government as well as company registration within China.

There is a lot of bureaucracy involved thus many foreigners shy away from the process.

What are the Requirements for Owning a Warehouse in Guangzhou?

Owning a warehouse in Guangzhou needs a lot of paperwork prior to property acquisition.

Some of the documentation include:

  • Certificate of incorporation for company/business registration in Guangzhou China.
  • Operation license from Guangzhou government bodies.
  • Certificates of compliance with the relevant bodies such as health and environment, quality assurance, fire and safety measures, etc.
  • Proof of financial capabilities to buy and run the warehouse and pay employees such as bank statements.
  • Tax compliance certificate from the revenue authority.

Which is Better between Buying and Renting a Guangzhou Warehouse?

Buying or renting a warehouse in Guangzhou have their own advantages and disadvantages to the business owner.

Renting Warehouse in Guangzhou

Renting a warehouse in Guangzhou requires you to understand the products needs and determine the location and space needed.

Thereafter, you pay for space occupied in the warehouse for the agreed period.

The advantage of renting is that it does not require huge capital, and has no maintenance cost and repairs.

Secondly, you are at liberty to move to a different warehouse as, please.

Renting a warehouse has its challenges as well, you may be forced to occupy warehouse facilities that are available.

Buying Warehouse in Guangzhou

Buying a warehouse assures you of space availability whenever you shop for goods in Guangzhou.

However, owning a property in China is not an easy feat, as the processes involved are long and tedious.

Besides, for you to own a warehouse, you must have a large sum of money to make a down payment.

Owning the facility comes with additional costs such as amenities bills such as water, security, electricity, internet, etc.

Other costs such as repair and maintenance costs, land rates also apply.

Another limitation of owning a warehouse in Guangzhou is that it restricts you to a certain location.

It may also be hard to sell it whenever you want to relocate and can lead to loss of revenue.

From the comparison above, it is safe to say that renting a warehouse in Guangzhou is better than buying.

Renting a warehouse gives you the freedom of choice and saves you cost in the long run.

What are the Characteristics of a Good Guangzhou Warehouse?

  • Secure and safe warehouse.
  • Easily accessible and close to amenities such as roads, rails, airports, and ports.
  • Trained workers; both skilled and unskilled.
  • Fast and efficient services, within the stated timeline.
  • Well-defined goods receiving and dispatch bays to avoid mix ups.
  • Good customer service.
  • Quality Inspection checks upon receipt and dispatch of goods.
  • Functional warehouse management systems (WMS), to track and control inventory.
  • Good storage space and interior design i.e. racking system, pallets, etc.
  • Availability of latest mechanical equipment such as shuttles, conveyor belts, forklifts, etc.
  • Well defined emergency protocols and procedures.

Guangzhou Warehouse Racking System

Guangzhou Warehouse Racking System

Is Guangzhou Warehouse able to handle OOG Shipments?

Yes, Guangzhou warehouse facility is large enough to accommodate out-of-gauge goods before shipment.

There are also large containers that can handle such shipment in case you use our freight forwarding services.

What are the Considerations for choosing Guangzhou Warehouse?

The key factors to consider when choosing Guangzhou warehouse include:

Type of Products

This determines the type of facility to rent, e.g. specialized warehouse or general warehouse.

Spaces Needed

The space determines if you need a section of warehouse or the entire building.

Location of The Facility

Location of the warehouse will determine the cost and time of transportation to the port of exit and the rent.

Available of Utilities

It is important to verify the availability of water, electricity, and speedy internet at the warehouse facility before selecting it.

This is because they are important in running warehouse operations.

The absence of such utilities may lead to the rise in the cost of rent and overall shipping cost of products.

Rent and Taxes

You calculate the cost of renting a space in a warehouse per square meters per month or annually.

The cost depends on the location of the warehouse.

Guangzhou warehouses near the city or ports are more expensive than those in remote areas.

Taxes are also charged on the good and this is dependent on the rate of renting the space.

Accessibility to Airport, Port and Railway Station

Guangzhou warehouses closer to airports, seaports, or railway stations find it easy to transport goods for shipping than far away ones.

Additionally, it is necessary to check on the road networks and traffic flow around the warehouse.

This will impact on the delivery time, accessibility to point of exit as well as safety of goods in transit.

Proximity to Suppliers

The closer the warehouse is to the manufacturer the easier it is to facilitate product movements and it is also cheaper.

Workforce; Skilled and Semi-Skilled

Warehouse operations are run by both skilled and semi-skilled individuals.

Ensure that the warehouse has adequate and right skilled employees for the tasks involved.

How do I Prepare Shipments for Storage at Guangzhou Warehouse?

Before goods leave supplier’s factory they have to be prepared in the factory by:

  • Ensure labelling of all goods with a barcode for easy tracking of inventory at the warehouse.
  • Fragile goods must be clearly and conspicuously labelled and wrapped properly for extra care while handling.
  • Using the warehouse order as your guide, release the goods from the factory shelves and schedule for their delivery.
  • Notify the warehouse of the expected delivery through a delivery note document. This document contains all the information about goods expected at the warehouse.
  • Once again, ensure that the goods released for warehouse dispatch are the correct ones.

Which Goods are Restricted for Storage in Guangzhou Warehouse?

Guangzhou warehouse does not allow storage of the following goods in their facility since they are prohibited in China:

  • Narcotic Drugs
  • Pornographic materials
  • Pirated materials and counterfeits goods infringing on intellectual rights.
  • Wild animals and their parts such as exotic birds
  • Endangered animals and plants
  • Antiques
  • Explosives, firearms, and ammunition

Do I need Special Documentation to Access Guangzhou Warehousing Services?

Yes, you do.

Before hiring Guangzhou warehouse services, you have to provide the following documents:

Packing List

This is a document outlining the goods description, their dimensions in terms of weight and sizes.

It is important for the warehouse owner to calculate the storage space needed.

Commercial Invoice

This is a legal document showing proof of sale between the supplier and the buyer.

It indicates goods description, quantity, and price of each.

This is important to the warehouse management as it shows the value of goods received at the Guangzhou warehouse.

Goods Inspection Report

This is a summary of findings by quality inspection agents with regards to the standards and safety of particular products.

Lease Agreement

This is a legally binding contract between you and the warehouse owner stating storage terms of Guangzhou warehouse.

I need Distribution Services within China, can Guangzhou Warehouse help?

Absolutely, certain Guangzhou warehouses can also act as a distribution center for your orders.

Clients who request such services mostly do not have enough storage facility or are overwhelmed by their customers’ orders.

Some also lack proper distribution management services thus seek the assistance of Guangzhou warehouse.

In such cases, Guangzhou warehouse fulfill customer orders on your behalf.

Similarly, Guangzhou warehouse also helps consolidate and distribute small e-commerce orders on your behalf.

Can I Inspect Products at Guangzhou Warehouse?

Yes, Guangzhou warehouse provides a centralized place for quality inspection of products.

You can send the golden samples to Guangzhou warehouse and an inspection sheet to guide the process.

The advantage of inspecting products at the warehouse is that the defective goods can be returned to a supplier before shipping.

Additionally, some suppliers may not have the capacity or tools to perform the inspection process.

Product Inspection at Guangzhou Warehouse

Product Inspection at Guangzhou Warehouse

Is it Possible to Dropship Products from Guangzhou Warehouse?

Yes, you can dropship gods from warehouses in Guangzhou.

Dropshipping is a form of retail business which does not require the seller to physically have the stocks.

You can therefore hire the services of Guangzhou warehouse such as storage and order fulfillment to meet you customer orders.

In this case, your order items from the suppliers and they are delivered to Guangzhou warehouse.

The warehouse thereafter sends out the orders to your respective end clients using the order list provided by you.

Single orders designated to the same geographical areas are consolidated before they are shipped to save on costs.

What are the Dimensional Requirements of Guangzhou Warehouse?

The size and design of Guangzhou warehouse vary from warehouse to warehouse and the city.

The standard dimension of a warehouse in Guangzhou city is 165,000 feet.

How does Guangzhou Warehouse Charge for Warehousing Space?

Guangzhou warehouse charges for warehousing space per square meter on a monthly or annual basis.

This depends on the type of warehouse, its availability, type of goods, period of storage, and location.

Is there a Specialized Guangzhou Warehouse that can Handle Chemicals and Other Hazardous Material?

Yes, some Guangzhou warehouses offer ‘dangerous goods’ handling services.

As such they are well equipped to receive, store and distribute chemicals and other hazardous materials.

Who takes Liability for Goods Stored in Guangzhou Warehouse?

The responsibility of goods stored in Guangzhou warehouse depends on the contract agreement in place.

It can entirely be the warehouse owner’s responsibility once the goods arrive to the facility till they are shipped.

Other times, the liability of goods stored in Guangzhou warehouse is a responsibility of both parties; the owner and you, the client.

Or, the liability can completely fall on you despite goods being in Guangzhou warehouse.

When does Guangzhou Warehouse Open and Close?

Guangzhou warehouse is open 24 hours 7 days a week except during the Chinese New Year and holidays.

Is Guangzhou Warehouse Licensed?

Yes, it is.

Before operating a warehouse in Guangzhou, you must obtain all the necessary licenses from the relevant authorities.

Who offers Guangzhou Warehouse Services?

The popular entities that offer Guangzhou warehouse services include:

  • Government and government bodies.
  • Private entities
  • Cooperatives

What are the Potential Risks of Guangzhou Warehouse?

Here are some of the possible risks of Warehousing in Guangzhou:

  • Human error
  • Theft or fire outbreaks
  • Low demand of the facility
  • Product damage
  • High cost of labor
  • Incorrect inventory

Fire at Guangzhou Warehouse

Fire at Guangzhou Warehouse

Which Precautions should I take when Dealing with Guangzhou Warehouse?

  • Verify the Guangzhou warehouse’s capability in terms of handling capacity, services, and workforce.
  • Ensure they are licensed and compliant in their operations.
  • Find out who takes responsibility in case of goods damaged or lost in the warehouse. Have a contract agreement in place and signed by both parties.

What are the Available International Shipping Options from Guangzhou Warehouse?

You can ship goods from Guangzhou using the following alternatives:

  • BaiyunInternational Airports
  • New Silk Road
  • Port of Guangzhou

Can Guangzhou Warehouse Consolidate Shipments from Different Suppliers?

Yes, it can.Consolidation services is among the many services offered by Guangzhou warehouse with some warehouses fully specialized in consolidation services only.

For Guangzhou warehouse to achieve this, it has to receive, store and wait for other goods to arrive before the consolidation process.

The goods to be consolidated must have proper details of the consignee and you should specify their packaging requirement before shipping.

This saves shipping costs for small traders with several single orders for different clients.

How Long does it take for Goods to Arrive in Guangzhou Warehouse?

This is dependent on the distance of the supplier’s factory and the mode of transportation used.

Surrounding factories may deliver goods by trucks within hours while distance factories may take longer.

Therefore, you can only determine the length of time when the location of the factory and mode of transport is known.

How do I Monitor my Shipments in Guangzhou Warehouse?

There are various monitoring systems that you can use to track your shipment in Guangzhou warehouse.

Cloud Integration

Worldwide technological advancement has made it possible to have access to Guangzhou warehouse operations from a wherever located in the world.

Cloud integrated software allows you access to Guangzhou warehouse management system remotely.

You are then able to monitor the warehouse processes real time without being physically present.

Barcode Scanning

This is a unique way of information tracking system using radio frequency identification RFID software.

All the products are labelled using a unique code and the information scanned for storage in the warehouse database.

Barcode scanning software enables you to know the quantity of goods received at the warehouse, their storage space, and delivery movement.

Whenever the goods are scanned at the warehouse the information pings at your end.

What are some Tips for Saving on Warehousing Costs in Guangzhou?

Some of the ways through which you can save on the cost of warehousing in Guangzhou comprise of:

  • Goods consolidation
  • Capitalize on free services such as free storage space when you hire freight and forwarding services.
  • Get quotations from different warehouses in Guangzhou before settling for one.

Does Guangzhou Warehouse Accept Sensitive Cargo?

No, most warehouses in Guangzhou do not accept the sensitive consignment.

However, only Guangzhou warehouses that is fully equipped to handle sensitive cargo will accept to handle them.

Can I Prep Amazon FBA Shipments in Guangzhou Warehouse?

Amazon FBA Facility in Guangzhou

Amazon FBA Facility in Guangzhou


In order to do that, you need to follow the below steps:

Create an Account with Amazon FBA

Log in to the Amazon FBA website and create your account with them for ease of access to their page.

Enter all the required details and correct address before submitting for account creation.

Indicate Shipment Quantity

The next step is to list your products in their products catalog and add the quantity in the inventory section.

The added quantities are what you wish to fulfill with Amazon FBA.

Prepare Goods for Shipment

Pre-shipment preparation of goods entails packaging and labelling as per Amazon FB standards to avoid shipment rejection.

Barcode labeling is a requirement by Amazon FBA for easy tracking of goods.

Alternatively, you can hire Amazon FB’s packaging and labelling services to avoid problems with them.

Confirm Shipment Information and Submit

Ensure all the destination details are correct for each product as well as their fulfillment center codes.

Choose the mode of transportation, affix the box labels and confirm total boxes, thereafter review the final copy and schedule shipment.

You will receive shipping confirmation from Amazon FBA and they will fulfill the orders on your behalf.

How do I know if my Supplier has Sent out my Order to Guangzhou Warehouse?

  • You can request photographic evidence of goods receipt at the warehouse.
  • Request for barcodes for the products from the supplier and track them from the WMS.
  • Through a receipt of notification from Guangzhou warehouse.

Is Repacking Service free at Guangzhou Warehouse?

Some warehouses in Guangzhou offer free repacking services to their clients depending on their service policy.

Can Guangzhou Warehouse help me return Defective Goods to the Supplier?

Yes.It is easier and faster to return defective goods to suppliers from Guangzhou warehouse.

This is because the warehouse is within China.

Can Guangzhou Warehouse help me to Pick up Goods from Suppliers in other Cities outside Guangzhou?

One of the services provided by Guangzhou warehouse is pick up services which entails good collection on behalf of the client.

For pick up services, you need to include the supplier’s details, size and type of goods, transportation method, etc.

Other services available include, packaging, and repackaging of bulk goods among others.

As a trusted sourcing agent in China, we will help you find the best warehouse in China.

It doesn’t matter whether you are importing from Shenzhen, Shanghai, or Ningbo, we will help you find a safe and affordable warehouse.

Talk to SourcingWise now if you are importing from China.

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