We provide the one-stop solution for
importers and e-commerce businesses that buy from China

General Trade

Product Sourcing: Nowadays, there are many online platforms for purchasing products from China, but you may still stumble upon the problem of not knowing which supplier to choose. With the help of SourcingWise, you can free your time from comparing Chinese suppliers, eliminate your worry about supplier scam and quality.

Production Management: We simplify the whole process of production in China: confirm samples, place order to each supplier, do quality control, manage production time. All this reduces risks for you and guarantees that the goods will arrive on time.

Quality Inspection: We provide free quality inspection and temporary warehouse storage service. Our inspectors will open most of your cartons to check quality and specifications, and the record will be sent to you through HD photos and videos.

Shipment Arrangement: We provide worldwide shipping service from China via air freight, sea freight, train freight, and
express. Our cooperating forwarder has 15+ years of global shipping experience at a fair price.

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