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Process Audit

Process audit verifies that processes are working as they should. It evaluates an operation or method at a factory establishment. It includes checking production accuracy, machinery accessibility, different production conditions, and inspects all the resources, employees, and the process.

Product Audit
Product Audit

During product audits, we will check the supplier’s compliance with your product or service. This is similar to product inspection, but more focused. Sourcingwise will make sure that your requirements are closely followed. Plus, we will check that product quality complies with government regulations.  

System Audit
System Audit

This is an audit conducted on a management system. Our team will audit the supplier to check compliance with various policies. It includes contract commitments, safety, and environmental regulations. Ethical and structural audits are part of this.

Follow-up Audit
Follow-up Audit

Based on the results of an audit, we may find issues. Once the manufacturer corrects these issues, we can conduct a follow-up audit to inspect the changes made. We will ensure that everything is in order and all modifications were made properly.

Performance Audit
Performance Audit

This service is similar to system audit. However, process, product, and system audits are all conformance audits. They are designed to check how well a supplier conforms to regulations. Performance audits inspect the organizational improvements and efficiency of a factory. Sourcingwise will examine the general improvements and growth of your supplier in China.

Social Compliance Audit
Social Compliance Audit

Social compliance audits are necessary for most supply chains, especially in China. This audit examines a factory’s environmental and social management, including labour policies and work ethics. The social compliance audit conforms to the SA 8000 standards. At Sourcingwise, we take this audit very seriously. 

Security Audit
Security Audit

Security audits focus on a factory’s security systems and processes. This factory audit is aimed at improving safety, security, and reducing illegal trade. We will inspect various criteria, such as PIP, AEO, and C-TPAT. Sourcingwise is proud to conduct the Global Security Verification audit in China.

Fraquently Asked Question

How do you audit a manufacturing company?

With Sourcingwise, factory audits are easier than ever! You will just need to select your audit type service and approve our auditing plan. After this, we handle everything from conducting the audit to reporting it and developing corrective action. 

We will conduct recalculations, performance tests, analytical procedures, interviews, and specific tests.

What is the factory auditing process?

This is a four-step process: planning, execution, reporting, and follow-up. 

Initially, we discuss with you what you would like us to check. Together, we plan and prepare everything to begin conducting a factory audit. 

Then, our auditors conduct fieldwork where we audit the supplier’s factory in China. We summarize our findings in the factory audit report for your and the manufacturer’s viewing.

Finally, there is follow-up where we discuss the results of our factory audit. We talk about what needs to be modified and done in the future. We may also plan another audit after everything is corrected. 

What if a factory does not pass an audit?

After an audit, if we find issues, we will report them to you and to the factory. The supplier will most likely plan corrective and preventive action to improve everything. We will then conduct a follow-up audit to check improvement. If the supplier does not listen to us, we will source you a new supplier in China. 

Can I participate in the planning of a factory auditing checklist?

Yes, you can! Checking client requirements is part of factory auditing, so you can help us plan the checklist and auditing tasks to suit your wishes.

What is checked during a factory audit?

We check many things. But here are the most notable ones:

  • Factory profile
  • Production process
  • Quality management
  • Official documents
  • Equipment and machinery maintenance
  • Facility conditions
  • Employee training
  • Labour policies
  • Environmental policies
  • Safety
What factories can you audit?

We can conduct factory audits in any factory. Our trained auditors can inspect factories of any industry. It is our goal to be professionals in every field. There are audits in almost every sector of industry and they often assess the management system. In each case, there is a defined audit programme with specific criteria.

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More Specific Audits We Can Conduct

Be that plastic, electronic, or plush toys, Sourcingwise can conduct all the appropriate factory audits. We will examine raw materials, certifications, product safety, proper labelling, and ethics. You will receive an in-depth factory audit report. Together, we will ensure that your supplier and your goods are on track.

Many households have at least one pet. This makes pet supplies a profitable industry with demand. Sourcingwise will source and audit the best pet products factory for your business. Pet supplies include cat trees, dog leashes, grooming brushes, transportation cages, bowls, toys, and more. We will check that the supplier has ISO 9001, environmental management, and other certifications. Our factory audits are strict so that your brand image is great.

If you want to sell cosmetic products, this audit is crucial for your business. There are several more specific regulations depending on the country. For example, the FDA standards in the US, or the ISO 22716:2007 internationally. We will ensure the quality and consistency of produced cosmetic products, as well as ethics, and more.

This audit focuses on the regulations within the food and agriculture industries. We will check the hygiene and toxicity of food and equipment. Food is an important and high-stakes industry, so this audit is especially detailed. Some factory audits may need to conform to FDA standards as well. Whatever your needs are, we will build an audit around that.

Household devices include wireless phone chargers, mini speakers, fans, and more. These devices are ubiquitous in many homes, and so Sourcingwise developed skills in factory audits for these products. We will inspect safety, automation, storage, handling, testing, assembly, and more. Plus, our team can conduct environmental and structural factory audits as well.

Textiles and clothes from China are commonly exported around the world. And so, factory audit in apparel industries is important for Sourcingwise. Our professional auditors will check the ethics of work, quality, and more. We will examine everything from raw materials, and even interview employees. Your products may be baby clothes, casual menswear, formal dresses, and more.

Swimming accessories include masks, snorkeling equipment, goggles, pool floats, and more. In this category, we will audit waterproof qualities and toxicity of materials. To ensure that your swimming accessories are high-quality, we will also check necessary documentation and the factory work environment.

Sourcingwise will conduct factory audits for your shoe business. Our trained professionals will ensure that your China supplier is capable of providing quality footwear in due time. Compliance with your design and ethical work conditions are all part of such an audit. Whether you make heels or sneakers, our factory audit will cover everything.

Souringwise is an expert in factory audits. We will check that the supplier’s goods match your requirements of function, appearance, safety, and workmanship. We specialize in all sorts of jewelry audits, including precious and base metals, stone, pearls, shells, wood, acrylic, and leather. We will audit quality, good sourcing, compliance with standards, and more.

The LED light industry is very developed in China. LED lights are efficient and profitable. This is why sourcing and importing LED bulb from China makes for great business. We will audit processes, equipment, and products—all to ensure the quality of your LED lights. 


The Most Responsible Factory Auditor In China

Sourcing from China is serious business. And so, we want to help you find the best supplier for your project. To make sure your products are taken care of, we conduct factory audits. 

Auditing is an on-site validation activity, or inspection, of a process or quality system. We ensure compliance to different requirements. Some audits assess documents, risk, or performance. Some follow up on completed corrective actions. And some check general production conditions. An average audit may assess 50 different criteria. 

Quality control may seem similar, but it is not. Audits are about long-term performance of the supplier, while inspections are more immediate. Factory audits also consider the big picture—how different aspects of factory work function together. Finally, factory audits create relationships, while inspections help make sure that production is on track. 

Factory auditing is the last step of the sourcing process in China. An auditor examines financial information, official licenses and certifications. 

Next, an auditor looks at the products made in the factory, the work flow, equipment, and employees.

An auditor will then conduct product inspection starting from raw materials to the finished product. 

Finally, factory audits include social compliance issues where we look at whether the supplier follows government regulations. For example, SA 8000 and ISO 26000. All of this in-depth complete survey of the factory comprises a factory audit report. 

Sourcingwise offers many types of factory audit services. This includes, process, product, system, and performance audits. All these supplier audits focus on various aspects of factory functioning. 

Furthermore, we work with all sorts of industries and know the regulations. Each industry has many specific audits, and we cover them. There are ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 22716:2007 regulations, among many others. 

To complicate matters more, different countries may have their own regulations. For example, the EU and the US have separate policies. So, depending on where you are importing products from China, factory auditing programmes may differ. 

Sourcingwise is ready to sort all these complications for you! We are professionals with a goal of helping you develop your business. 

No need to worry about all the rules and regulations; we will take care of everything. Just contact us with your product information and specifications!

A factory audit is essential to understand the capabilities of a supplier. Once your relationship begins, additional follow-up audits are great. This ensures that your manufacturer complies with all regulations and continually improves. 

Regular audits will help you improve efficiency and build a better relationship with your supplier in China. 

Plus, you will minimize risk in your supply chain. 


You will be more confident in your supplier and products, helping you develop an amazing brand image.

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