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Export agents connect domestic businesses to international shipping services. This may be a Chinese brand looking to export their goods overseas, or a foreign brand sourcing in China and wanting to export worldwide.

Build An Export Plan
Build An Export Plan

Building an export plan may mean many different things. This includes conducting target market research, deciding on the pricing policy, developing a strategy to find buyers. An export plan may also elaborate on sourcing, quality regulations, shipping, networking, and more. This document will help you assess the risks and benefits of your export idea to optimize your export process. We will help you balance everything and streamline your China export, making sure things stay on track. 

International Supply Chain Management
International Supply Chain Management

International supply chain management involves planning how the entire supply chain will function as a whole. It has the aim of generating an optimal level of customer service, while reducing expenses as much as possible. In export, supply chain management represents transportation, storage, inventory control, shipping schedules, sourcing, etc. Through this, your China export agent involves at least one company from abroad, creating a network composed of trans-national companies.

Documentation Services
Documentation Services

Sourcingwise will help you sort out all the necessary documentation for export. This includes customs clearance, export declaration, bill of lading, VAT invoice, and more. We will also answer your questions about taxes and duties. We will check that all necessary documents are made properly and collected together. This is an important step in China export, and as your agent, we will take great care with it. 

Shipment Arrangement
Shipment Arrangement

We will arrange your export logistics as well. This includes air freight, sea freight, rail freight, truck freight, and Amazon FBA shipping. Sourcingwise can arrange both FCL and LCL shipments. We will advise you which method of shipping to choose, and which route to take to optimize your export expenses. We support shipping worldwide. Being a China export agent, we will help you ship your goods abroad. 

Quality Control
Quality Control

Quality controls, audits, and product inspections are key to the success of your China export. This is why we provide these services for you. We will perform quality checks before production, during production, and right before shipping. Our professionals will also examine the packaging of your goods to make sure that they arrive securely. Not only will we inspect your products according to your specifications, but also according to various export regulations. Sourcingwise is your premium China export agent, and we will ensure the quality of your exported goods.

Fraquently Asked Question

How long does export from China take?

Exporting times really depend on the type of freight, your destination, your products, and overall networking. 

Usually, shipping to the US from China takes 5-10 days by air, and 30-40 days by sea.

Contact us and we will provide you with more accurate time estimates. 

What is the difference between export and import?

Import is the process of shipping goods into a country, while export is the process of shipping goods out of a country. 

For example, when shipping from China to Europe, it is considered export for China and import for Europe. 

What do China export agents do?

China export agents act as the middle ground for buying and selling products between local and foreign businesses. 

Similar to a distributor, an export agent will connect suppliers, sellers, and more. 

Moreover, specific services depending on the client. For example, in a management company, a China export agent handles foreign marketing, foreign distributors, etc.

Meanwhile, in an export trading company, an agent carries out market research for local and foreign companies.

What types of export are there?

Exports can be indirect or direct. Indirect exporting requires a “middle man”, such as a distributor, export agent, commission agent, purchasing agent, etc. Direct exporting means that a company undertakes export with their own resources. Sourcingwise is your agent for indirect China exports. 


Why should I choose a China export agent?

China export agents require less investments and lower risks than direct export. Your company will not have to develop an export department, an overseas sales force, or a set of foreign contacts. Also, since international marketing agents bring their expertise and services to the relationship, the seller will typically make fewer mistakes.

Sourcingwise will help you optimize your China export process. 

What taxes would I have to pay for Chinese export?

Mostly, you would have to pay import duties and taxes, as there aren’t many export taxes for Chinese goods. 

However, there are 107 commodities that businesses have to pay export fees. We will tell you if your products fall under this rule. 

We will examine your goods and communicate the full list of import and export taxes you would have to pay. Also, we will tell you about the documents that you need. 

What documents do I need for China export?

You may need an export license. It is required for a foreign trade company that seeks to export goods from China. However, this may not be applicable if the goods are under incoterm FOB (Free On Board). An export license or permit is a document that includes all information about the exporter, the buyer, the cargo, and shipping. This document is issued by the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM). 

Also, you will need a bill of lading, a packing list, health certificates, and various invoices. 

Any other question?

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Examples of Industries We Can Do China Export For

Do you have a plush toys brand waiting to launch into a new market? Sourcingwise is ready to help. We are your premium China export agent. We offer a range of services to support your export of stuffed animals beyond China or your domestic country. Not only will we help you increase sourcing to meet the demands, but we will also direct your export to lead you to success.

Exercising is a great passion for many people. This is why exporting your gym apparel is a profitable business. As your China export agent, we will deal with negotiations, arrange shipping from China or your domestic country, and much more. Gym clothes for men, women, and children—yoga pants, tank tops, shorts—all fall under our specialty.

Cosmetics is another large, quickly expanding, and profitable industry. Everything from eyeshadow palettes, lipstick, face products, to make-up tools will rock the market. If you want to export your goods, Sourcingwise is here for you. Being a one-stop China export agent, we will perform thorough quality control, check compliance with regulations, and much more.

Light fixtures are important for home renovation, decor, and office work, among other things. We will help you prepare everything, make an export business plan, arrange all shipments, and more. Our export agents may even help you with market analytics and cost optimization. Let’s export your unique light fixture designs from China worldwide!

Furniture is abroad industry. It includes chairs, tables, cabinets, bed frames, and more. Of course, other countries need to see your products! We are your professional furniture China export agent. We will help you with all the steps of product export, starting from sourcing in China to arranging pick-up in your domestic port or the place of import. Your quality furniture is sure to captivate the market overseas!

Having found success in the domestic market, every business strives to export. Sourcingwise will help you export your goods from China for a small commission of 5-10%. We will ensure that your shoes, sandals, and boots roam the foreign markets freely. Our China export agents will help you with quality control, as well as customs clearance on the way.

Would you like to export your jewelry from China or to another country? We will arrange everything! Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, body jewelry, and other accessories are great for export. As your China export agent, we will support your business selling precious, plastic, leather, or wooden jewelry. Let’s show your designs to the world!

Swimwear includes women’s, men’s, and children’s swimsuits. This product is great for export to warm places and vacation hotspots. We will source the best materials for you, gather important documents, plan ahead, and negotiate export. Being a reliable China export agent, we will do everything for you. Our professional team will optimize export expenses and arrange export shipping in due time.

DIY crafts are very popular in e-commerce. They are an easy way to get a hobby and create things! DIY craft export products include sewing, knitting, bedazzling, and painting kits, among other projects. Our team will perform all export process steps and ensure the success of your export. Even services like quality control and labelling are included in our commission. Let Sourcingwise be your #1 China export agent!

Office supplies include scissors, markers, pens, tape, printing paper, staplers, and more. If you specialize in these products and want to take your business abroad, export is the best option. Being a premium China export agent, Sourcingwise will negotiate with manufacturers in China, shipping companies, export partners, and other agents to advance your business. Our professional networking will surely bring prosperity to your export. 


Export Agent Article

The Best China Export Agent For Your Business

An export management company is a company that facilitates the distribution of another company’s goods to overseas markets. Typically, these firms export goods on behalf of several companies.

Sourcingwise is such a China export agent. We offer a large range of services to support your export from China. All for a 5-10% commission, depending on what services you request. 

China export is very similar to import from China, but some necessary documentation and other details will be different. 

We can help you determine your readiness for export abroad, conducting market research, and optimizing the process. Our customized international supply chain management will plan everything in the best possible way. Plus, you can leave all the pre-negotiations to us as well.

We will also take care of your warehousing and various pre-shipment services. These include consolidation, packaging, labeling, and more. This preparation for export is a crucial step to ensure the success of your expanding business.

Distribution and inventory management are also things China export agents help with. Furthermore, we have experience with Foreign Trade Zone operations, which would help with China export.

Naturally, we will conduct audits and quality control to check compliance with your specific requirements, China export regulations, and import regulations of the receiving country.

This also means that our professional export team will help you collect all the necessary documents for customs clearance. Export license, packing list, certificates, and invoices all fall under this.

Sourcingwise will also arrange export shipping, forwarding, and transportation. Whether you need sea freight or air freight, we will help optimize route and expenses. 

Most importantly, we will help with export networking. 

Let Sourcingwise be your China export agent of choice. We are dedicated to helping your business grow. 

Contact us today to start your successful export!

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