1688 Dropshipping Agent Services

Wanna Buy from 1688.com?

  • Wholesale from Real Factory
  • Dropshipping from 1688 Suppliers
  • 100% Transparent Purchase
  • Low to 5% Commission
  • 30 Days Free Warehouse and QC
1688 Dropshipping Agent

You can ask us to help you buy products on 1688.com. We can help you place order, receive goods into our warehouse, pack, quality check, and arrange door-to-door shipping. We also support dropshipping to your end customers.

1688 Payment Agent

If you have found the supplier on 1688.com by yourself, you can send the link to us to make payments, we only charge transparent commission. We can receive both USD and EUR to help you finish the payment on 1688.

Fraquently Asked Question

How can I pay to SourcingWise?

SourcingWise can receive USD and EUR by T/T, Western Union, PayPal and TransferWise(Wise.com).

Do you Support Buy Sample on 1688.com?

Certainly you can buy a sample first to check quality. Especially, when the order quantity is large, we will help you collect several samples from different suppliers to compare the quality and price, it will be very cost-effective and efficient.

Can you do 1688 Drop-shipping to my end customer?

Yes, if you provide the customer’s address, we can drop-shipping to your clients, but we require a minimum daily parcel volume of 200.

How you help me to purchase on 1688.com?

We have two types clients: The first type of customer will give us a direct link to buy from the designated supplier, we just need to help with receiving the goods, checking the goods and arranging the shipping. The second type of customer is to tell us the products we need, and we identify a high-quality supplier by searching and comparing on 1688. In both methods, we only charge transparent commissions, which are generally 5%-10% depending on the amount and work content.

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

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