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Quickly Launch Best Manufacturers

You don’t have to compare suppliers by yourself, worry about supplier scam, bad quality, unfair price. We can quickly source the best Chinese manufacturers for your business.

Turn your product idea into samples

Tell us your product idea, we’ll find suitable manufacturers to do an ODM order. Your wonderful product idea will become a real product!

Create Your Label

We provide many different ways to create your label: printing, sewing, laser. Your target audience will remember your brand with its unique label.

FNSKU labeling

We will print and stick FNSKU labeling for every item. In addition, the shipping labels also will be  printed and attached to the master cartons.


We can put your products into your customized packaging, and bundle different items into one carton to make it ready for delivery and use.

Amazon FBA Shipping

We prepare your products, and make sure they arrive to an Amazon facility at the right time.

Who is SourcingWise

SourcingWise was born of frustration

Work with a China sourcing company is a popular method of importing from China nowadays. However, most of the sourcing agent claim “0-2% commission.” Sounds like they’re provide service for free, but far from it. It’s pure propaganda.

SourcingWise removes all the wrongness, letting people sourcing from China at the lowest possible true cost. We strictly enforce ridiculous transparent commission rate and anti-bribery agreement. A revolution sparked.

Fraquently Asked Question

How long does it take to source a new product?

If you can provide all product details in one email to reduce our doubts, then we can provide a quote to you in 1-2 days.

What does the Prep Service include?

Prep service includes bundling different items, repackaging, printing FNSKU labels, shipping labels, warning labels, instruction manuals, etc. We will make the goods ready for delivery to the end user.

Do I have to use your Prep Service?

No, we’re flexible, so you can choose to only ship from us.

How long does prep take?

It depends on the complexity and quantity of your prep items, but 1-3 days is common.

Do I have to offer you an assistance account?

We can communicate via emails, you don’t have to provide us an assistance account.

Can you pick up goods from multiple suppliers?

It’s our daily work, and you can use our warehouse for free for 14 days. It means you don’t have to find all your suppliers within the same day.

How do we make payment to you?

We accept T/T (Bank transfer), Western Union, and PayPal for payment.

Can you ship to Amazon USA warehouses only?

We can ship your goods wherever you need. That includes Amazon Europe, your own warehouse or a third-party warehouse.

How many days does sea freight usually take?

Sea freight to USA always takes 18-28 days, and custom clearance and delivery to FBA Amazon will take just several days.

I am not in China and not a USA citizen. Could you handle the shipping to an FBA warehouse and custom clearance for us?

Yes, we do that quite often. We offer up to 14 days of free storage, so you don’t have to arrange for your goods to arrive at our warehouse at exactly the same day.

Any other question?

Feel Free to contact us, We're always here

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