100 Best Sourcing Agent in China – The Ultimate List 2022

Nowadays, China has gradually become a major manufacturer of industrial products with its low prices and high-quality products. More and more people want to import goods from China.

If you are new to import from China, you may encounter various problems that cannot be solved by yourself during the purchasing process. In this case, you might consider finding a sourcing agent to help you.

So how to find a suitable sourcing agent?

In this article, we have listed the 100 best sourcing agents in China and gave a brief introduction to them, hoping to help you find the most satisfactory sourcing agent.

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1. SourcingWise

Located in Yiwu, SourcingWise is a local sourcing company with rich sourcing experience. Unlike most other agents in the Yiwu market, SourcingWise promises not to charge any black commissions from suppliers, always puts customers first, and is committed to becoming the most transparent Yiwu procurement company.

They can provide customers with one-stop service including sourcing, providing samples, auditing factories, inspecting products with different ways, shipping and more. They will try their best to solve all the problems in procurement and help customers successfully complete the process from procurement to export all the steps.

No matter what size customers are, SourcingWise can win customers with professional, sincere attitude and good service.


2. Golden Shiny

Golden Shiny is a sourcing agent that has offices in Yiwu and Keqiao. They provide one-stop service, including pick up customers at the airport, source products in Yiwu International Trade Market with customers together, track orders after placing orders, shipping, etc.

In addition, they have their own account on YouTube and will post some videos about how to import from China.



IMPORT SECRET is a sourcing agent that has established a membership system. For companies of each size, they provide different right memberships.

After becoming their member, IMPORT SECRET will provide services such as finding products, negotiating prices, shipping, custom packaging and customs and regulatory guidelines, which can help customers save time and cost.


4.Kunming Junmi Trading Co., Ltd

Kunming Junmi Trading Co., Ltd is a trading company with 8 years’ experience that provides import and export services. They can not only help foreign customers import goods from China, but also help Chinese customers import goods from foreign countries.

In addition, they also provide export tax rebates, entry and exit agents, provide import and export required documents, customs clearance and other services.


5. Meeno Group

Meeno Group, located in Yiwu is an experienced local sourcing company. Meeno Group can purchase goods for customers, select suppliers and manufacturers that they believe to be trustworthy, sample arrangements, warehousing and transportation services.

Meeno Group has a smooth and efficient process, professional knowledge and skills, and good professional ethics, which can meet the different needs of different customers, save time and energy for customers, avoid unnecessary expenditures, and minimize risks.


6. China Purchasing Agent

China Purchasing Agent is a sourcing agent located in Shenzhen, with 10 years of experience in the foreign trade industry.

They helped many customers import products from China, especially Amazon customers. They are familiar with Amazon’s processes and requirements, and can provide Amazon customers with one-stop service.

In addition, they also provide dropshipping services.


7. Sourcing Allies

Sourcing Allies which founded in 2006 is a multicultural sourcing team composed of members from China, the UK, the USA and Sweden.

Sourcing Allies has expertise in die casting, metal stamping, plastic injection molding and other metal and plastic manufacturing processes, and is committed to providing customers with the most professional services.

Due to the multicultural sourcing team, Sourcing Allies can not only help customers purchase products from China, but also help customers manufacture and purchase products from India and Eastern Europe.


8. Biz Shenzhen

Biz Shenzhen is committed to becoming the most transparent sourcing company in China. They can help customers find some conventional products, such as consumer electronics, apparels, trendy E-commerce items.

In the process of searching, they will share their supplier information, contact information, finding channels, etc. with customers to make the process of searching transparent. They can also help customers import Antminers from China, and they have extensive experience in this area. At the same time, they also do dropshipping.


9. Jing Sourcing

Jing Sourcing established in 2015, is a local sourcing agent in Yiwu. In response to the different needs of customers, they have launched 4 different service and charging models — free services, pro plan, basic plan and extra plan.

They can provide product search, cost evaluation, customized samples, order tracking, quality inspection, and transportation. , Product photography and other services. They also provide detailed advice to customers who want to do dropshipping in China. You can find Jing Sourcing on YouTube and Facebook to learn more about them.


10. LeeLing Sourcing

LeeLing Sourcing is a sourcing company with more than 10 years of sourcing experience. In addition to providing regular services (looking for general products, providing quotations, providing samples, quality inspection, transportation, etc.), they can also help customers with OEM or ODM.

LeeLing Sourcing not only gave a detailed introduction to the process of finding products, but also gave a detailed introduction to commonly used procurement websites in China. Perhaps some foreign business starters can get a lot of professional advice from LeeLing Sourcing.


11. LAZ Panda

Laz Panda, located in Shenzhen, is dedicated to sourcing and logistics. They can not only help customers purchase common products, but also provide one-stop service to Amazon customers.

As long as Amazon customers put forward their requirements, they will help customers find products, quotation, quality inspection, printing labels, transportation and so on. You can also find Laz Panda on Facebook to get a deeper understanding of them.


12. Sourcingbro

Sourcingbro is located in Shenzhen. It is a sourcing agency dedicated to providing dropshipping services for sellers such as Shopify, Ebay, Amazon, etc.

They have a complete working system in sourcing, fulfillment, shipping, etc., and can find the most suitable supplier for customers, quickly respond to customer orders and complete delivery, and track the logistics information of the goods.

They can also develop personalized services according to the different needs of customers, so that customers have a better experience.


13. Riwick Furniture

Riwick Furniture is located in Foshan which is the core area of the furniture, ceramics and bathroom industry chain.

Riwick Furniture was originally a furniture factory. With market demand and business expansion, they have gradually transformed into a furniture sourcing company. They can find the most suitable factory for customers and get the most favorable price, which saves customers a lot of cost, time and energy.

In addition, they expanded their business scope in 2020 and became a supplier of furniture materials and furniture accessories, and furniture hardware and furniture parts.


14. B2C Sourcing

B2C Sourcing is a sourcing company located in Ningbo.

They can provide customized services according to the needs of customers, such as finding products, auditing suppliers, collecting samples from different suppliers and shipping them to customers, evaluating samples, conducting product quality inspections before shipping, product photography, shipping and other services.

For different services, B2C Sourcing has different charging standards, and customers can find the most suitable service according to their needs.


15. Dragon Souring

Dragon Sourcing is a large-scale, professional sourcing company with offices in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and Africa.

As a professional sourcing company, Dragon Sourcing has a comprehensive understanding of Chinese business culture, and has extensive experience in managing suppliers, categories and purchasing processes, quality control and logistics.

In addition to purchasing products from Asia, they can also help customers purchase in Western Europe, Africa, Latin America and other markets. They formed a set of their own methodology to serve customers consistently.


16. IMEX Sourcing

IMEX Sourcing is a sourcing company with innovation on the existing basis, with offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

In addition to regular procurement, price negotiation, quality inspection and other services, they also created the 360° Portal to help customers understand more clearly what stage the procurement is in.

In other words, when customers place an order, they will automatically create user credentials in the 360° Portal and send them to the customer via email. After logging in, customers can browse all parts of the business on this page and download all required files.


17. Guided Imports

Guided Import is an experienced sourcing company that cooperates with more than 500 companies of different sizes, including some well-known companies.

They are not only a sourcing company that can provide customers with services such as sourcing, manufacturing and quality control, but they are also freight forwarding, and they can provide customers with services such as air freight, ocean freight, Amazon FBA, road freight, door to door service, etc.

They aim to bring the best purchasing experience to customers.


18. Supplyia

Established in 2013, Supplyia is a reliable and trustworthy procurement company in China. They support small businesses that have difficulty finding suitable suppliers at a reasonable cost and avoid various risks.

They can provide ODM/OEM, deep products sourcing, one-stop amazon prep services, custom packaging, quality control, shipping and more. They provide companies all over the world with a trusted channel to enter China to meet their purchasing needs, especially in jewelry, clothing, and product catalogs.

They aim to reduce the import risk of customers and obtain the best products from China at the most favorable price.


19. Keen Sourcing

Keen Sourcing is a sourcing company with professional knowledge.

Not only can they help customers find regular consumer products, such as household, fitness equipment, toys, beauty, personal care, sports, outdoor, garden, apparels, kitchen, stationery, electronics, hardware, etc., they can also help customers develop new products including conceptual design, 3D drawing generation, reverse engineering, prototype construction, mold manufacturing, manufacturing support, quality management and logistics management.

Before each shipment, Keen Sourcing will conduct multiple quality inspections to ensure that customers receive the correct products.


20. FBA China Sourcing

FBA China Sourcing is a full-service sourcing company for Amazon FBA sellers, which is located in Hong Kong.

In addition to providing Amazon customers with one-stop services such as finding products, purchasing and sending samples, negotiating prices, customizing packaging, printing and sticking labels, and shipping, they can also customize products for Amazon customers and develop a customized plan and time. surface.

The purpose of FBA China Sourcing is We ship. You sell.


21. Maple Sourcing

Different from other sourcing companies, Maple Soucing is a company that focuses on sourcing customized products according to customers’ concepts. It can help customers find factories that can produce products in batches from scratch and turn customers’ ideas into reality.

After receiving the customer’s design, Maple Sourcing can turn the design into an engineering drawing, find multiple factories and obtain the lowest quotation, produce samples and send them to the customer for confirmation. If the customer is satisfied with everything, mass production can begin.


22. Import Dojo

Manuel Becvar established import dojo, which is headquartered at Kwai Chung.

Import Dojo has sourced products worldwide and for famous retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, Metro, and several others. Nowadays, it is connected with 2500 manufacturers from various industries. This enables clients to source almost every product that they require.

In addition to this, import dojo lets customers choose from different pricing deals. Some of the other import dojo services include negotiations, product development, quality, and feasibility checks.


23. Foshan Sourcing

Foshan Sourcing has more than 12 years of purchasing experience and a good reputation in the foreign trade industry.

They can help customers find various products, especially professional and purchasing furniture, kitchen cabinets, floor tiles, bathroom accessories, doors and windows, lights and other building materials.

Due to many years of purchasing experience, Foshan Sourcing has established a good cooperative relationship with many professional suppliers, and they can choose the most suitable supplier according to the needs of customers. Foshan Sourcing has been working hard to make it easier for different customers to import from China.


24. JAZ Trade

Jaz Trade is a sourcing company with more than 10 years of experience. It has offices in Guangzhou and Yiwu, the two most important export cities in China.

It is precisely because of this advantage that they can almost find all the products they want for customers and provide a series of follow-up services, such as order tracking, quality inspection, transportation, etc.

In addition, it can also provide one-stop services for some customers who want to participate in the Canton Fair, such as translating for customers and consolidating goods.


25. Trendimius China sourcing agent

Trendimius China sourcing agent is a local sourcing company in Yiwu.

After receiving the customer’s purchase requirements, they can find products and manufacturers according to the customer’s requirements, provide quotations, track the order status, quality inspection, provide documents required for export, and provide a series of services such as transportation.

Their customers are all over the world, and they use their profession and responsibility to win unanimous praise from customers.


26. Dong Sourcing

Dong Sourcing established in 2012, is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province which has the second largest port in the world-Ningbo Port.

Due to years of working experience in the foreign trade industry, they have established stable cooperative relations with many factories, such as household goods, fashion accessories, hardware products, etc.

They can also provide OEM and ODM services in plastic products, wooden products, glass products, etc.


27. Easy Imex

Since 2005, Easy Imex has been committed to making it easy for foreign importers to import from China through a one-stop solution.

They provide sourcing factories and negotiation, contracting, quality assurance, purchasing, quality control, logistics, etc. All their purchases are completed through contracts, which are effective according to Chinese law, which greatly protects the interests of customers.

In addition, they can also arrange customers to visit factories and lead customers to participate in various trade shows, so that customers can better understand Chinese suppliers.


28. Just China it

Just China it is a professional sourcing and transportation company with offices in the most developed cities in China’s foreign trade industry.

They deal with Chinese suppliers almost every day and know how to choose the most suitable supplier for customers and get the lowest price.

Not only can they provide one-stop service, they can also provide customers with professional warehousing services, which is also a very important link in the formation of their own supply chain.


29. Hunter Sourcing

Hunter Sourcing is a procurement company integrating procurement, quality inspection, transportation and warehousing services.

They can purchase products according to the different needs of customers, such as wholesale purchase, Amazon purchase, direct purchase, customized product purchase, etc.

For many years, Hunter Sourcing has been using professional services to bring customers the best import experience.


30. Linc Sourcing

Linc Sourcing is headquartered in Sweden and has offices in China, the UK, Italy, and Spain, but 90% of its employees work in the Shanghai office.

They can search, identify and find product suppliers according to customer requirements, and handle all customer procurement issues in China.

For finding suppliers, Linc Sourcing has a network of approximately 80 qualified suppliers and maintains a stable cooperative relationship with suppliers.

When looking for a new supplier, they will conduct an initial supplier evaluation for the supplier, and will only cooperate with them after approval which guarantees product quality and makes it easier for customers to import from China.


31. China 2 West

China 2 West has a headquarters in Guangzhou, China.

They can provide customers with layout, development, tooling, quality controlling, logistics, prototyping, producing, and certifying services. They also own a widespread network of reputable suppliers in thousands of product categories. For different customer needs, they have different service and charging models.

China 2 West try to keep up with western standards regarding service, quality, and communication, and has been working hard for this.


32. 80/20 Sourcing

The name 80/20 Sourcing is derived from the 80/20 principle created by the Italian economist Pareto, which means that 20% of things will generate 80% of the return disproportionately.

80/20 Sourcing will show customers which 20% of the procurement process should be paid attention to in order to generate greater returns.

Not only can they help customers find products, Gray Huang, the founder of 80/20 Sourcing, has sold products on Amazon, E-Bay and his own website, so he knows more about the difficulties of customers and how to really help them.


33. Baysource Global

Unlike other local Chinese sourcing companies, Baysource Global is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has an office in Shanghai, China.

They assist in product design improvements, negotiate costs, coordinate transportation and logistics, and supervise end-to-end details. They ensure that this process is transparent with daily and weekly progress reports including photos and videos. In addition, they can also show guests around the factory.

Their goal is to become the most valuable business development resource for customers.


34. Asia Tech Source

Asia Tech Source is an engineering parts and finished product sourcing and manufacturing company with 30 years of rich experience.

They can not only help manufacturers, distributors and retailers to purchase, manufacture and inspect engineering parts and finished products in Asia, but also help customers find hand tools, hardware, power tool accessories, customized building materials, kitchen and bathroom accessories, pet supplies and other categories.

Different from other purchasing companies, Asia Tech Source has its own factory, which can not only produce its own products, but also help customers customize products, and has a mature customization system.


35. Tony Sourcing

Tony Sourcing is a purchasing company specializing in toy soucing.

Tony Sourcing is located in Yiwu, China. Yiwu Toy Market has 2,250 toy suppliers with a business area of more than 20,000 square meters which is the largest toy distribution center in China. They can find almost all the toys you want for you.

In addition, they can also provide toy customization services to help you build your own brand.


36. Skylark

Skylark is a sourcing company with offices in Yiwu and Ningbo. After years of development, they have cooperated with more than 1,000 customers from different countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, India, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Panama, etc.

Their team members not only speak English, but also Spanish, Russian, French, etc., and can communicate directly with customers from different countries. Since Skylark has offices in the two best cities in the foreign trade industry, they can find various types of products for customers, and they can also lead customers to the Yiwu market to find products.


37. EJET Sourcing

EJET Sourcing is a sourcing company with 15 years of sourcing experience, which can help customers purchase and transport.

In the procurement process, they can help customers manage suppliers, develop new products, build customers’ brands, and purchase on the spot.

In the transportation process, they can help customers Quality Control, Amazon FBA Prep Service, Warehousing & Consolidation, Shipping & Distribution, etc.

Choosing EJET Sourcing will make it more efficient and easier for customers to import goods from China.


38. Qaizen Group

Qaizen Group is a team of passionate, talented and experienced product managers and supply chain experts.

They can help customers conduct market analysis and provide customers with the necessary intelligence for the decision-making process. They can help customers manage their suppliers, which they consider to be a vital step in the procurement process. Therefore, Qaizen Group has formed its own unique supplier evaluation system to find the most suitable factory for customers.

They can also help customers purchase strategically and try their best to maximize profits and reduce risks.


39. Arcadia Sourcing

Arcadia Sourcing has set up a main office in Hong Kong and satellite offices throughout China, and has been committed to helping customers obtain the quality they seek at the most favorable price.

Their services include providing complete management and consulting for OEM and ODM manufacturing, auditing OEM and ODM factories, designing CAD drawings and 3D modeling with product engineering recommendations, customizing samples and sending them to customers for confirmation, placing orders for mass production, and quality Inspection, transportation, etc.

Their services and processes ensure that customers receive high-quality products made in China on time at the lowest price.


40. Match Sourcing

Match Sourcing is a sourcing company based in Guangzhou.

They can provide one-stop service for E-commerce, small/start-Up business, bulk orders and other different types of customers, including finding products and suppliers, negotiating and managing contracts with suppliers, quality inspection, providing warehousing, transportation, etc.

In addition, they can also provide customized products and direct sales services. Their aim is Simple, Consistent, Effective, and they are constantly striving for approaching it.


41. Nicobar Group


Nicobar Group is a procurement company with 14 years of procurement experience and headquartered in Shanghai. However, it is different from a purchasing company in the traditional sense.

In addition to helping customers find products, optimizing customer procurement plans, reviewing suppliers and other services, Nicobar Group can also obtain market intelligence and analysis for customers considering entering the Chinese market, conduct market strategy consultation and formulation, and develop business and Partnerships.

Nicobar Group relies on a strong and professional team to obtain maximum benefits for customers step by step.


42. Anco China

ANCO China is a sourcing company with offices in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, which headquartered in the United States. It is also a subsidiary of Anke Far East. ANCO China was originally established to alleviate the rapid growth of Anderson Group’s Asian sourcing needs.

After 32 years of successful exclusive procurement for Anderson, Anke China opened up supply chain management and procurement services to many customers including Thomas Nelson Publishing, Madacy Entertainment , Timeless Music and MTV Networks provide procurement services.

They can provide customers with complete procurement services, and they are supervised and implemented by experienced members at each stage to bring customers the most perfect experience.


43. Global Trade Specialists

Since 1991, Trade Specialists have been helping companies of different sizes to directly purchase products from Chinese manufacturing companies.

In the beginning, they helped customers purchase various machined parts, including CNC machined parts, forged parts, sheet metal parts and castings, and injection molded parts. With business growing, they gradually began to help customers purchase other products, such as custom wood products, clothing and textiles.

In addition, they can also help customers develop new products and turn customers’ ideas into reality.


44.  Giolong International

Giolong International was established in 1995.

Giolong International has rich experience in purchasing and has established stable cooperative relations with many factories. It has formed a unique methodology that can select the most capable and competitive suppliers for customers to ensure customers can get the best quality suppliers.

It can also provide OEM&ODM which has long experience in this area and can help customers turn their ideas into reality.


45. China Performance Group

China Performance Group located in the capital of China, Beijing, is committed to providing necessary support for those suppliers seeking excellence in the Chinese supply chain.

If working with China Performance Group, customers can get the help of a purchasing team, complete management control and direct access to Chinese suppliers, which makes the purchasing process transparent.

Reduce Costs, Improve Quality, Prevent Delays have always been the purpose of China Performance Group, and they have worked hard for them.


46. DTL Sourcing

DTL Sourcing is a leading sourcing company based in Hong Kong.

DTL Sourcing has created a deep network of more than 500 trusted manufactures in China and can help customers source different kinds of the products such as consumer goods, electronics and technology, or industrial goods which can make the source easier.

They can provide customers with one-stop procurement services, and they have enough experience to ensure that the entire process is effectively managed and the risk is minimized.


47. JS Sourcing

JS Sourcing is a sourcing company established in 2011 and located in Shanghai.

Their services are mainly tailored for wholesalers, brand e-commerce and small businesses, including finding products and reliable suppliers, providing quotations and samples, negotiating prices and production time, quality inspection, transportation, etc., and can provide customers with a stationary solution.

In addition, they also have a professional logistics team that can provide customers with quick quotes, plan and monitor transportation from China.


48. Fami Sourcing

Fami is a sourcing company located in Guangzhou and is dedicated to sourcing products for small and medium-sized enterprises.

They can provide a one-stop service for customers of different sizes to control the quality of the products and transport them to the customer’s doorstep. They can find products and factories for customers, conduct quality inspection before payment, AQL inspection instead of random inspection, transportation, etc.

Fami believes that with their industry experience and relationship with manufacturers, customers can make purchases in China more convenient and faster.


49. Pinnacle Sourcing

Pinnacle Sourcing is an international procurement and supply chain consulting company with operations in 17 countries or regions around the world.

They can not only provide customers with global procurement services, but can also provide customers with consulting and formulating strategies, including strategic procurement solutions, supplier audits, improvements and inspections, global supplier databases, virtual procurement offices, and market intelligence reports.

As an international procurement and consulting company with extensive experience, they have always focused on establishing long-term partnerships with customers, and follow an honest and ethical approach to achieve the goal of “customer satisfaction”.


50. Asiaction

Asiaction is a procurement company specializing in providing procurement and quality monitoring services in China for global buyers.

They are committed to purchasing consulting, product development, new product design, and quality control of furniture and home furnishing products, providing high-quality and reliable services and products to buyers in dozens of countries and regions around the world.

In addition, with many years of industry experience and professional capabilities, they have a complete supplier management system that conducts assessments from various aspects which can meet the project requirements, and ensure to maintain a win-win cooperation relationship with hundreds of suppliers.


51. Casino Global Sourcing

Casino Global Sourcing is a Hong Kong-based sourcing company whose goal is to ensure that our customers get the quality level they need at the lowest possible price.

They mainly focus on food, hard wire and soft wire, and have established strong suppliers in China and Bangladesh. They can provide customers with finding suppliers, certifying factories and products, monitoring production and inspecting final products, supervising logistics, and shipping to the port of destination.

As the business expands, they can also assist customers in product development, quality assurance and quality control plans, and provide logistics and integration services.


52. Tanndy

Founded in 2006, Tanndy Ltd is a local sourcing company based in Guangzhou. Their main business is building materials sourcing.

Tanndy Ltd can provide one-stop services such as procurement, purchase, inspection, integration and transportation. They can also receive customers who visit China and arrange their itineraries.

They are committed to helping our customers purchase from China more easily and safely, and they have been working hard for it.


53.  Chick Sourcing

Chick Sourcing is a local sourcing company located in Shenzhen. They can provide customers with sourcing, purchasing, quality control, sample arrangement, shipping and other services. Among them, sourcing product and supplier is a crucial step.

Chick Sourcing will find products and suppliers through different channels according to customers’ purchasing requirements. After finding a supplier, they will screen the supplier based on price, MOQ, quality, etc. and make a price comparison table, and shoot a video for the customer to explain the table and provide suggestions.


54. Made In China Sourcing

Made In China Sourcing has offices in China, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

After receiving the customer’s procurement requirements, they can find many suppliers capable of manufacturing high-quality products for the customer, complete a thorough background investigation of these suppliers, obtain prices from suppliers, narrow the scope of suppliers, and arrange a list of qualified suppliers, take a factory tour, write a sales contract in Chinese and English, arrange and supervise the appropriate quality control process for your goods, and organize door-to-door freight and logistics.

It is the goal and pursuit of Made In China Sourcing to allow customers to find high-quality and inexpensive products in China.


55. China Division

China Division is a local procurement company whose services include product procurement, warehousing management, order fulfillment, logistics and transportation, and value-added services.

They can integrate resources from source manufacturers to end customers, and can provide tailor-made supply chain solutions based on customers’ product categories and distribution needs, help customers purchase finished products and raw materials, and find suppliers for final production of finished products.


56. Peng Light

Peng Light is a local sourcing company located in Shenzhen that specializes in lamps and has established stable cooperative relations with many suppliers.

They can provide customers with services such as product sourcing, quality inspection, global transportation, customized packaging, private label, order integration, repackaging, etc. After receiving the customer’s procurement requirements, they can use DIALux to simulate the production of simulated lighting layouts to bring customers a better procurement experience.


57. China Direct

China Direct is a sourcing company located in Australia with an office in China.

After receiving the customer’s procurement requirements, they can help the customer find products, verify potential suppliers, provide samples, negotiate prices, quality inspections, arrange door-to-door delivery, etc.

It’s no problem to help customers customize products for China Direct. They can help customers draw technical sketches, audit suppliers, customize samples, etc., so that customers’ ideas can be displayed. China Direct Sourcing allows Western companies to directly deal with Chinese factories while reducing related risks.


58. Silic International

Silic International is a professional procurement company headquartered in Delhi, India, with an office in Shenzhen, China.

They have rich sourcing experience and can help customers purchase various types of products, including textiles, clothing, footwear, electronics, machinery, furniture, hardware, building materials, chemicals and more.

As a professional procurement company, they can not only provide one-stop procurement services, but also help customers deal with import and export procedures, customs and accounting document preparation, customs clearance, commodity inspection (if need) and shipping services.


59. E-Heng

Shanghai E-heng Company was established in 2000. It is a comprehensive company that provides sales support, resource integration, logistics, and import and export customs clearance agents for various companies. They can not only help foreign customers import goods from China, but also help domestic customers import goods from abroad to China.

In addition, they also have a logistics management center that can provide customers with services such as warehousing, simple processing, and logistics integration.

As a partner of the British Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, E-heng supports the Chamber of Commerce’s on-site activities, provides long-term services to these chambers of commerce members from different countries, and wins customers with professional services and a sincere attitude.


60. Iris International

Iris International established in 2007, is a sourcing company based in Hong Kong. Throughout the procurement process, they will act as the customer’s single point of contact, supervise and manage the entire supply chain, while allowing customers to participate in every step.

As an experienced sourcing company, they have established deep contacts with many suppliers. No matter where the customer is, they can manage the entire supply chain process responsibly from beginning to end, strategically purchase almost all consumer products from their trusted suppliers, and handle development, branding, production, and delivery.

Iris International will make it easier and more secure for customers to import products from China.


61. Ec4u Ltd

EC4U Ltd was established in the Netherlands in 2000. With the expansion of business, in 2008, an office was established in China.

EC4U Ltd is a traditional trading company focusing on gifts and promotional items from China, which can help customers purchase materials and various types of products. Their selection of suppliers is extremely strict, and suppliers need to pass the tests of technical reliability, social responsibility and legal integrity.

In addition, they attach great importance to the intellectual property rights of their customers and have taken certain measures to protect their intellectual property rights.


62. Amanda Intl Group

Amanda Intl Group is a purchasing company based in Yiwu, focusing on general merchandise. Due to their geographical advantages, they can almost find the products they want for their customers.

In addition to providing one-stop procurement services, they can also lead customers to visit Yiwu International Trade City and act as their interpreters, allowing customers to directly communicate with suppliers and help customers place orders directly.

In addition, Amanda Intl Group has some employees who speak Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, etc., who can directly communicate with customers from different countries or regions.


63. Epic Sourcing

Epic Sourcing is a sourcing company headquartered in New Zealand with a sourcing team in China.

They can help find and cooperate with the best suppliers in the customer’s industry, find popular new products and quickly purchase them, order samples, arrange quality inspection and transportation services.

They provide tailor-made solutions to eliminate troubles and reduce product procurement costs, guide customers to complete any stage of the procurement process, and help customers import like professionals, saving customers a lot of trouble.


64. Pulhant Marketing Private Limited

Pulhant Marketing Private Limited is an Indian sourcing company with offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Foshan, Yiwu, Ningbo, Shanghai and other places in China.

In addition, IFC has its own custom clearance CHA Office setup at Ports of ICD Delhi TKD Tughlakabad, Delhi airport, Chennai, Mumbai, Mundra, Pipavav, ACTL Faridabad, Sonepat, Piyala, Kolkatta, Navasheva and many more. Thanks to this powerful On the Internet, Pulhant Marketing Private Limited can basically provide door-to-door services throughout India.

Pulhant Marketing Private Limited has won many customers with its rich experience, professional knowledge and processing capabilities, and a strong network.


65. Vexos

Vexos is a supplier of full-service, small and medium-volume electronics manufacturing and customized material solutions. They have design teams in North America and Canada, and production teams in the United States, Canada, China and Vietnam. V

exos is committed to developing powerful integrated solutions. They develop, maintain and continuously improve effective and efficient processes to ensure on-time delivery and the quality of products and services.

Globally, all Vexos production facilities have passed ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 quality standards certification to ensure the highest quality of products and services and ensure that customers receive the most satisfactory products.


66. Jonble


Jonble is an experienced sourcing company in Hangzhou. Here, Jonble can provide better services to all customers, from factory audits to QC inspections and product testing to ensure the quality and safety of products and processes.

As an experienced team, they can make the procurement process as simple as possible, strictly adopt international standards, and keep any trade details confidential. Jonble will provide multiple quality inspections before the products are shipped to ensure that customers receive high-quality and correct products.


67. Sourcing Nova

Sourcing Nova located in Guangzhou, is a sourcing company specializing in kitchen knives.

They can provide customers with one-stop procurement services including product procurement, arranging samples, order tracking, quality inspection and transportation. Their goal is to help SMEs with high-quality products from China.

Whether their business is a retailer, Amazon or direct sales, their customer service representatives will accompany customers throughout the process.


68. Owl Sourcing

Founded in 2016, Owl Sourcing is a sourcing company based in Shanghai.

They can purchase various types of products for customers, including gifts, household life, toys, kitchenware, home decorations, protective equipment, jewelry, hair accessories, electronic products, handicrafts, pet supplies, furniture, daily necessities, etc.

They can also provide one-stop procurement services, such as finding, reviewing suppliers, ordering products, arranging samples, and shipping. In addition, they are also familiar with Amazon’s regulations and can complete a series of services such as purchasing, packaging, and quality inspection for Amazon customers.


69. Source One

Founded in 1991, Source One has offices in China, India, Thailand, Malaysia and the UK, and has extensive experience in professional manufacturing and sourcing products in Asia.

They provide one-stop service and are committed to finding the lowest cost products for customers while meeting their customers’ quality and delivery requirements.

Their team members have a wide range of skills, from in-depth regional market supply knowledge to price negotiation, on-site audits, engineering, quality and other specialties. They can also develop personalized, professional and transparent plans based on customer needs.


70. Niche Dropshipping

Niche Dropshipping is a direct selling and purchasing agency company based in Hangzhou.

They source various products from China for small and medium enterprises, such as Shopify store owners. Their services range from product sourcing to inventory storage, brand packaging, private labeling, order fulfillment, etc.

Their experienced and professional sourcing agents can connect customers with top Chinese manufacturers, enabling customers to deliver quality products at the best prices. As long as they need the products, they will respond quickly and provide high-quality services, making it easy for customers to import from China.


71. Sourci

As an international sourcing company headquartered in Australia with offices in China and India, Sourci can guarantee quality, transparency, and deliver customers’ products on time, budget, and customer brand requirements.

They work with fast-growing and mature e-commerce brands and their leaders to help them simplify the purchasing process.

Sourci’s procurement process includes analyzing customers’ businesses, brands, goals, and products; finding factories in China, India, Vietnam and other countries that meet customers’ requirements; producing samples and sending them to customers for confirmation; producing large quantities of products and shipping to make purchases easier.


72. Zhenhub

Zhenhub is a sourcing company that focuses on direct sales.

Through simplified logistics, they can have a comprehensive understanding of customers’ inventory, customer orders and shipments, understand all aspects of customer business, and optimize the customer’s supply chain through intelligent warehouses and fulfillment services built specifically to meet customer needs.

At the same time, their warehouses are spread across four continents and 23 countries or regions around the world. No matter where the customer is, they can help customers deliver goods quickly.


73. Sellers Union

Sells Union is a purchasing agency company in Yiwu, China. It was established in 1997 and has more than 1,200 employees. It mainly deals in the wholesale of daily necessities and toys.

In addition, it also set up offices in Shantou, Ningbo, and Guangzhou. It can help customers purchase products from the Chinese market and factories at the most favorable prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver them to their door. It will take care of all stages of customers importing from China and improve their competitiveness in the market.

As a large-scale professional procurement company in Yiwu, Sells Union has always been a trusted partner of customers.


74.  Hope Sourcing

Hope Sourcing is a professional sourcing company with offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan.

They help customers purchase computer laptops, smartphones, electronic products, industrial machines, automation solutions, OEM parts, furniture, textiles, clothing, cosmetics, sports, lamzac, sweatshirts , shoes, jewelry, gifts, stationery and have rich experience in purchasing office wholesale products.

In addition, they also provide international sourcing services from sourcing products in China to shipping to destinations such as global Amazon warehouses, which can help customers save time, cost, and energy, and reduce the risk of importing from China.


75. Avela

Located in Shanghai, Avela is a sourcing company with more than 10 years of sourcing experience.

Avela can provide customers with free preliminary consultation, analyze their business and determine the most beneficial way for customers to purchase from China. When the client decides to move forward, Avela can provide a full range of services, including comprehensive procurement, translation services, visits to China, quality control services, bonded importer services, etc.

If you are interested, please contact Avela to start your company’s journey to increase profitability.


76. Niche Sources

Located in Yiwu China, Niche Sources specializes in product sourcing and supply chain management.

They can provides e-commerce business owners and small importers with professional one-stop sourcing services, including free sourcing, private labeling, sample confirmation, quality inspection report, photography, custom packaging, and arranging shipment to Amazon FBA or third-party warehouses

With their rich resources in various industries, Niche Sources can be customers’ best partner and sourcing agent in China, and customers can expect their goods with excellent quality at an ideal price, and be their best partner and sourcing agent in China.


77. The Sourcing Co.

The Sourcing Co. is an international sourcing company headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with sales offices in Brisbane, Australia and Papua New Guinea. They are able to use their global supply chain and shipping infrastructure to simplify the procurement of important products at unparalleled speed.

As a professional procurement company, they can provide graphic design and marketing, product development, procurement and production supply chain, warehousing, transportation and logistics, etc., to help customers develop their business or turn customers’ ideas into reality.

No matter what the customer needs to purchase, manufacture and transport, The Sourcing Co. can do it.


78. Fulfillman

Fulfillman is a local sourcing company located in Yiwu, which can help customers provide services such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, sourcing, and product photography.

Thanks to the geographical advantage of being located in Yiwu, they can find almost all products for customers. For direct sales services, they have a complete process. As long as the customer authorizes Fulfillman to view their orders, Fulfillman will connect their application to the customer’s store, which is only used to print shipping labels and manage customer orders.

In addition, they can also help customers purchase direct-sale products and attach private standard rooms to them to help customers gradually build their own brands.


79. Tridge

Tridge is a food sourcing and producing company that can help companies safely and reliably purchase food and agricultural products from the global market, while also providing buyers with detailed market intelligence to help them make more informed decisions.

Not only do they serve as suppliers to provide buyers with the required products, they are also responsible for all links in the supply chain process to ensure that the products are delivered to buyers.

In addition, they can also provide customers with a supplier catalog, allowing customers to find the suppliers they need and communicate directly with them. Tridge has helped many customers around the world with their professional services.


80. Chinese Sourcing Agents

China Sourcing Agents is an international sourcing company headquartered in the United Kingdom with offices in Shanghai and Changzhou.

They will help customers find various types of products. If the product exists, they will find a factory that produces it at the most favorable price, quality and speed; if the product needs to be customized, they will find a factory that can manufacture it at the most favorable price, quality and speed, and carry out Audit and evaluation.

In addition, they can also help customers conduct quality inspections. They will randomly select a few large-scale products to check whether the quality can meet the customer’s requirements. If necessary, they can also conduct one-to-one inspections to ensure that customers receive Good quality products.


81. China Import Leads

China Import Leads is a local sourcing company based in Guangzhou that understands China’s language, culture and business environment.

China Import Leads can provide free consultation to companies purchasing from China for the first time, help them understand the entire procurement process, and provide solutions for customers’ business or marketing programs in China. They can also provide customers of all sizes at all stages of procurement services, including sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, legal service, etc.

China Import Leads has accumulated many years of experience and created valuable professional knowledge, which is always available to customers to provide customers with correct and accurate guidance.


82. QIMA One

QIMA One is a leading provider of supply chain compliance solutions, that partners with brands, retailers and importers to secure, manage and optimize their global supply network.

QIMA One is a multinational company with offices around the world that provides 24/7 support in 20 languages, which can combine industry-leading experts for onsite inspections, supplier audits and lab testing with a digital platform that brings accuracy, transparency, and intelligence for quality and compliance data.

Their platform gives clients access to over 120 countries and enables them to view every part of their supply chain from anywhere at any time on any device, which confirm the transparency of each process.


83. Pangea

Pangea is an international sourcing company established in Australia with offices in China, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Through factory partners in China, the UK, and other markets, customers can ensure that their products come from the right place. Their mission is to be a sustainable and ethical procurement supplier, helping customers save more than 20% of orders.

Pangea’s vision is to help Australian businesses by providing sustainable, high-quality products at the best prices.


84. BR Corporation Limited

BR Corporation Limited is focused on providing Purchasing Agent Service, especially for Agriculture & Food.

They provide sourcing solutions to help overseas companies discover reliable manufacturers and import from China. As a Chinese company who has helped many other organizations find their way by connecting them with factories in mainland China that produce goods just as they need it at an affordable price – BR does the same but specializes only in these fields!


85. TCI China

TCI China is a leading supplier dedicated to providing consulting services for companies who wish to purchase products from China or develop their product sales in China.

Excellent professional diversified team, rich purchasing experience, and humanistic care of the company culture and other advantages push them forward and touch every business decision.

Their vision is to become an international leader in providing Chinese consulting services to global companies.


86. China Sourcify

China Sourcify is a professional purchasing agency company located in Yiwu, China.

It aims to help wholesalers and retailers around the world develop and expand their business through resource integration and cost control, establish contacts between overseas purchasing departments and local Chinese suppliers to achieve win-win development.

As a professional sourcing company, they can help customers find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality, and deliver products to the door. With many years of experience and countless satisfied customers, China Sourcify is confident to help customers in their business expand to a new level and achieve a win-win situation.


87. The 7 Ectronics

Founded in 2015, The 7 electronics is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the supply of smart phone accessories. The company is located in Shenzhen, the technology capital of China.

Their products include accessories, headphone, mobile phone screen protector, phone case and more, and their products have been recognized by many international companies from South America, North America, Asia and Europe.

The 7 Electronics’ mission has been to provide the finest customer experience in Smartphone Electronics Industry. They continue to set the industry standard for knowledge and professionalism, educate our customers, and maintain the highest levels of customer service, quality, and value.


88. The Gulati Group

The New York-based Gulati Group is a clothing manufacturer that produces clothing for some of the world’s largest brands, including H&M, Mango, AZ, Old Navy, JCPenny, Target and Macy’s. They recently stepped into the procurement field, opening the floodgates for small and large e-commerce vendors around the world.

Since The Gulati Group itself is some big-name manufacturers in the retail industry, they have some huge advantages, such as a strong supplier network and a good reputation. Their procurement services include factory evaluation, laboratory testing, pre-production inspection, and mid-production inspection to ensure quality consistency.

The Gulati Group provides customers with an unparalleled combination of skills and experience.


89. Fabric Sourcing China

Fabric Sourcing China is a local sourcing company that focuses on fabric sourcing. They can help customers purchase the best fabrics from the Chinese market at the cheapest cost.

They can help customers purchase almost any type of fabric, including polyester, nylon, linen, cotton, wool, silk, antibacterial fabrics for sports applications, outdoor fabrics, furniture fabrics, and fabrics now used in medical applications.

Their services are also very extensive. They can recommend the best options according to the customer’s expected use; they can help customers with factory audits and quality inspections to ensure that the fabrics you purchase meet the quality you seek; they can help customers purchase custom-designed fabrics.

Fabric Sourcing China can provide customers with high-quality fabrics and become the first choice of customers.


90. Globus China

Globus China is located in Foshan, China. It is the best furniture purchasing agent in China and has been providing furniture purchasing services for ten years. They understand the nature of the business better than any other service provider.

Their manufacturer network is extensive, with more than 5,000 manufacturers, and their reputation is impeccable. They can provide procurement, quality control, transportation and other services.

If customers want to purchase furniture in China, Globus China can be the customer’s guide and on-site partner. They will lead customers one-on-one visits to the main furniture markets in Foshan, allowing customers to easily find suitable products.


91. Run Sourcing

Run Sourcing is a local sourcing company located in Guangzhou with more than 10 years of sourcing experience. They can provide services such as product sourcing, sample confirming, purchasing management, pre-shipment inspection, shipping arrangement, etc.

After receiving the customer’s procurement requirements, they will arrange for procurement personnel to conduct a one-to-one connection, and provide assistance throughout the procurement process, saving customers time and improving efficiency.

Just like the name, Run Sourcing can act as a runner for customers, solving all problems in China for customers, and allowing customers to focus on their own product marketing.


92. Uniway Sourcing

Uniway Sourcing is an international sourcing company with offices in China, Bangladesh and Pakistan. They can help customers purchase products from China, Bangladesh or Pakistan, and help customers obtain better products at lower prices.

They can find and review suppliers for customers’ specific products, negotiate pricing and start manufacturing, manage production and quality control, manage timely shipments and track delivery to customers’ desired location and more, they will guide and coordinate customers to complete the entire procurement process.

With more than 25 years of experience in product import and export, Uniway Sourcing provides added value not only to find suppliers, but also to become a representative of customers’ business in China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


93. Online Sourcing

Online Sourcing Company based in Hangzhou, can provide customers with many services related to China business.

They can provide customers with one-stop services, including purchasing products, finding and reviewing suppliers, signing contracts with suppliers, tracking orders, custom packaging, quality inspection and transportation. In addition, they can also provide services such as English-Chinese manual translation.

Online sourcing allows non-Chinese companies, companies without Chinese offices and local teams to easily have their own purchasing and shipping offices in China, so as to quickly find the best factories and the most competitive prices and payment terms, avoid risks and ensure Provide high-quality services for the final product.


94. China Latin Agent

Located in Guangzhou, China Latin is committed to acting as an intermediary between Chinese manufacturers and foreign buyers.

They can provide procurement services, import cost analysis, communication and price negotiation with Chinese manufacturers, production monitoring and quality control before shipping from China to ensure that customers obtain high profits from China’s procurement.

At the same time, Guangzhou Zhongla Logistics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of China Latin Group which can provide customers with international air transport, international shipping, international express and door-to-door logistics services from China to the world, ensuring that customers’ goods manufactured in China are Faster speed and completely safe transportation.

China Latin’s one-stop service makes it easier and safer for customers to purchase goods from China.


95. China Source link

China Source link is a global supply chain solution provider, positioned for US companies seeking to outsource manufacturing to China, with offices in both the US and China.

With more than ten years of industry experience, they can help small and medium business owners, CEOs of large international companies, entrepreneurs, engineering companies or brand owners to source products from China, including consumer electronics, metal products, injection molded plastic parts , clothing and textile products and more.

They can also help companies in sourcing, manufacturing, purchasing, product development and product supply chain, providing products, components or components. China Source link’s proven process ensures that high-quality products are provided at the best prices, delivered on time and reduce the risk to customers and their assets.


96. Shipant

Shipant is a local sourcing company in China, aiming to provide reliable direct selling services to help direct sellers find high-quality direct selling suppliers on 1688 Taobao at a cheaper cost and faster delivery speed than Ali Express.

Their order fulfillment services include sourcing, purchasing, quality control, repackaging, label branding, barcodes, inventory storage, picking and packaging, transportation, tracking and after-sales.

ShipAnt provides one-stop dropshipping and wholesale services from China to countries around the world, making customers’ purchases more secure.


97. My Sourcify

My Sourcify is a leading consumer goods sourcing and logistics company based in Yiwu. They are good at managing the entire supply chain and are committed to achieving the highest standards and meeting customer needs through competitive prices, quality and reliable delivery.

Most importantly, they like to help small and medium-sized enterprises and even start-ups purchase reasonably priced and high-quality products in China, and at the same time help them avoid various potential import risks. They can provide free consulting services, also provide excellent order fulfillment services, and help deal with issues until the entire process is completed.

If you are looking for products in Yiwu, perhaps My Sourcify is a good choice.


98. Bling Sourcing

Bling sourcing company is a professional Chinese sourcing agent, located in Dongguan City, which is one of the largest manufacturing cluster bases in China. They can help brand customers and Amazon sellers find various products, including shoes, bags, bags, wallets, belts, hats, and various fashion accessories.

Bling sourcing provides one-stop procurement services such as product sourcing, customizing sample, production follow-up, quality inspection shipping and more.

As one of the most professional purchasing agents in China, with rich experience and expertise, Bling sourcing helps you reduce all intermediate links, directly connect to the best factories, and purchase the best products at the best prices.


99. Elevate

Elevate is a global industry leader in sustainable development and supply chain services, dedicated to agriculture&food,financial, apparel& footwear, electronics, toys and different kinds of products.

They design, build and manage data-driven sustainability-related projects through evaluation, consulting, project management, and analysis to drive positive impact. Elevate’s services are divided into assessment, advisory, analytics and programs.

Their goal is to use their services and products to break industry norms and shape a sustainable future.


100. Morefar Global

Located in Guangzhou, Morefar Global has more than 10 years of experience in China’s furniture, construction and building materials industries, and provides a variety of products in the Guangdong wholesale market in China.

Morefar Global provides one-stop trade solution services, including procurement consulting, coordination with different suppliers, procurement services, price negotiation, quality control, warehousing and global cost-effective transportation solutions.

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