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Source products from China
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Whether you represent a small business or a large wholesaler, SourcingWise can provide you with a set of suitable solutions to make sourcing in China smoother and more cost-effective.

What You Can Get From Us

We have a strong supply chain, which spans many industries. The selected suppliers have high-quality products and services, which can greatly reduce your trade risks and save your time.
The procurement process is completely free, but generates a reasonable commission when you make a purchase through us. Additionally, you can enjoy free quality inspection and temporary storage.
When you have any product idea, but you can’t communicate with the manufacturer, give us your idea, and we will protect and turn them into a product that can be sold repeatedly.
We can track your orders in a timely manner, and conduct quality inspections during the production process to ensure that your orders are safe in China.
We offer a complete range of services for e-commerce sellers on Amazon, Shopify, Ebay, etc.
These services include customization, quality inspection, labeling, packaging, and door-to-door delivery.
When you submit your inquiry, you will get a dedicated customer representative. Due to time zone differences, our customer representative will respond to you within 8 hours of receiving your inquiry.

All Trade Problems You Faced In China Can Be Solved With SourcingWise

  • Inefficient resource procurement, much time wasted on comparisons
  • No reliable partner to work on your behalf
  • Need to manage 10+ Chinese suppliers
  • Unfamiliar shipping process, or can be charged too much
  • Find good products and suppliers fast
  • Have a trustworthy partner in China to act as your staff
  • Help you manage various suppliers and orders
  • Flexible export transportation solutions and reasonably stable prices

The Questions You May Concern

What products can your company source?
We are not limited to a few specific industries. You are welcome to contact us if you have any production needs in China.
How do you ensure your professionalism when working with so many industries?

We have been sourcing for seven years and are involved in most industries. Whenever we contact a new industry, we all learn everything about it with curiosity, care, and enthusiasm.

When the product problems are more complicated, we will find professionals to ask for advice, and then provide accurate information to our customers.

How do you find a supplier?
Our company is located 1.5km away from the world’s largest small-commodity wholesale market. After years of accumulation, we have many high-quality supplier resources. Thanks to the development of the network, we can also quickly find suppliers in other cities. In addition, the Chinese people have the advantage of their own resources: friends, family, even colleagues, who may have good manufacturer and supplier resources.
If I provide my information, will you spam my mailbox?
We do not sell any customer information to any third party. Because your information is valuable to us, we only focus on the sourcing service, and will not push any advertisements or spam to you.
When the goods arrive at your warehouse, how do you check them to ensure quality?
When the goods arrive, we will open random boxes for each type of product—not only one or two boxes. This is to ensure that the bulk goods indeed have no problems. Then, we will take photos, or video for you to let you see the real condition of the products. Finally, if the carton is damaged, we will replace it.
When a quality problem happens, how do you deal with the suppliers?
We will call the supplier and return the goods to them. Most Chinese suppliers will take responsibility for such mistakes. When encountering some irresponsible Chinese suppliers, they may refuse the return of the goods. If your order was placed to the supplier through us, we will have a contract to protect your order.
Is it safe to send you payment?
It is definitely safe. We are not only a registered company in Hong Kong, but we also have a physical company on China mainland. If any problem occurs, you can find us easily. For safety concerns, you can sign a contract with us and have the seal of the mainland company, which will be even more secure.
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