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Popular Wholesale Mannequins Styles from China

We, SourcingWise, can provide all your wholesale mannequin needs from samples, suppliers, documents, inspections, and more. We can handle all that and help you get more wholesale mannequin ideas to import in China.

Wholesale Abstract Mannequins
Wholesale Abstract Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Child Mannequins
Wholesale Child Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Full Body Mannequins
Wholesale Full Body Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Ghost Mannequins
Wholesale Ghost Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Headless Mannequins
Wholesale Headless Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Realistic Mannequins
Wholesale Realistic Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Sexy Mannequins
Wholesale Sexy Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

Wholesale Torso Mannequins
Wholesale Torso Mannequins

MOQ from 50pcs

How SourcingWise Can Help You
Import Your Wholesale Mannequins from China

  • We can help your worries finding suppliers
  • We can place orders according to your request and ensure quality control 
  • We can manage production time for your urgent needs
  • We will reduce risks for you and manage orders on time

You can import your ideal wholesale women mannequins. There are posing women, forms, standing, sitting, half body, headless, etc. There is also the type of material to consider.


We can find excellent mannequins for you in China. We can suggest adult mannequins like mannequins with wigs, whole body, half body, pose adult mannequins, ghosts, and more.


Choose fiberglass mannequins durable and long life span perfect for store and boutique uses. It has a variety of finishes or polishes or colors to choose from. You can get any colors at glossy types.


Head mannequins have many selections like fiberglass, torso, black colors, white, and more. There are realistic head mannequins you can choose and abstract as well.


The lower body also chooses from waist to foot and waist to knees. You can request your ideal colors like gold, black, white, glossy, and even ghost type. It is a cheap import from China.


You can import mannequins with a wig from men, women, kids, and even infant mannequins. There are realistic mannequins, non-face, and whole-body mannequins.


Are you supporting stores or handling large businesses? We can suggest wholesale maternity mannequins to display clothes. It is accessible in half body, whole body, and headless types.


You can choose wholesale men mannequins at the whole body, half body, realistic, fiberglass, torso, ghost, and more choices. You can request customizations like posing figures, sitting, and so on.


Posing mannequins are available in child, adult, men, women, and so on. There are also ghost posing mannequins you can choose. It is use to the center display.


Whatever your mannequins style selections, you can always choose different colors, materials, and more. There are kids sitting mannequins, adult sitting mannequins, abstract sitting mannequins, and more.


Standing mannequins are accessible in many colors and materials. You can get black standing mannequins, white, glossy, gold, and more with standards heights. It can be realistic or abstract mannequins.


Upper body mannequins also have plenty of selections. You can choose head-less upper body mannequins with wigs, arms, fiberglass, black colors, gold, and more options.

Sourcing Wise Can Help Your Wholesale Mannequins Import from China

  • We can do quality inspections from Chinese suppliers
  • We consolidate goods
  • Safety terms of payments through PayPal, LC, etc
  • Safe and fast transport via sea, land, air, and rail

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Wholesale Mannequins from China - The Complete Guide

Why Import Your Wholesale Mannequins with SourcingWise

Planning to import your wholesale mannequins in China? SourcingWise can fully support any type of your business.

SourcingWise mannequins are accessible in plenty of selections that include complete sizes, types of materials, and more. You can import wholesale mannequins to support your retail store, wholesale, and more purposes. 

Mannequins are very useful to all types of stores to display clothing such as jeans, tops, and more. It is also great for demonstrating fashion dress designs. We also have mannequins for head accessories for men, ladies, and kids.

We can find your ideal mannequins made of different types of materials like fiberglass and plastic. Fiberglass mannequins are realistic that can make high-class mannequins. We also recommend plastic mannequins, which are more affordable and accessible in abstract mannequins in different styles. 

SourcingWise can produce custom mannequin colors such as off-white, skin tone, black, gold, and more that will suit your needs. We manufacture different functions or applications. You can choose half-body mannequins, whole body, head mannequins, waist-to-toe mannequins, and more.

We, SourcingWise ensure the best for your growing business. We will give your satisfying mannequin information for your retail business purposes. It is a reliable retail clothing support that centers your items, one of the best solutions for apparel stores.

Choose ideal colors, pose, sizes, and more. Easier to maintain and clean, lightweight, affordable, high-quality, and attractive appearance. We will help you custom your ideal mannequins. Send your business needs, and we will suggest the best choices for you.

We, SourcingWise, will fully support your mannequin needs. We will support and provide effective solutions from customizations, strict quality control, inspection, packing, shipment, and deliveries. We will produce mannequins at an affordable offer.

You can trust your urgent with us. We will focus on your mannequin’s processes and deliver ahead of time. Send your inquiries and expect a quick response.

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