Where Adidas Products Are Made

Sure! As a businessman, you might not like sports style, but you surely like making profits. Recently, fashion styles like sport ballet and retro sport have become very popular. As a world-famous sports brand, Adidas has seen a sales boost with these trends.

“Where are Adidas products made?” This article will answer this question you might have.

Which Countries Manufacture Adidas?


Adidas produces 70% to 80% of its total volume in Asia. The production is mainly in the Asia-Pacific region, including countries like China, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. About 40% to 50% of Adidas’s total production is done in China.

In these countries, Adidas mainly produces basic sports shoes, sports clothing, and sports accessories. These products have relatively low technical requirements. By relying on the production capabilities of these countries, Adidas can ensure good quality control and maintain its brand reputation.


Adidas also produces in Europe, but the volume is not high, accounting for about 20% to 30%. The production in Europe is mainly concentrated in Germany, where Adidas originated.

Adidas’s production in Europe focuses on design and quality, aligning with the European market’s pursuit of a high-quality lifestyle. Additionally, since Adidas originated in Germany, producing in Germany reflects the company’s commitment to its roots. This approach attracts customers who value corporate ethics.

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Why Adidas Chooses Made in China?

  1. Low production cost.
  2. Broad market.
  3. Complete infrastructure.
  4. Government policy support.
  5. Excellent manufacturing technology.
  6. Social responsibility to help developing countries with employment.
  7. Trade advantages in terms of policy.

Adidas’ Manufacturing Plants in China

As an internationally renowned brand, Adidas has always attached great importance to the reputation of its products and is very rigorous in selecting factories in China. The factory must have sufficient technology to produce high-quality products and also control production costs. Of course, logistics and transportation must also be considered.

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Footwear Products

1. Guangdong Province

China’s shoe manufacturers and factories are relatively clustered. For example, Guangdong’s shoe manufacturing industry is very mature, characterized by fashionable designs. Adidas chooses to produce footwear in cities like Dongguan and Guangzhou because these areas have excellent supply chains and manufacturing technology. They also possess innovative techniques and a rich talent pool.

Examples of OEM factories:

Dongyuan Yuyuan Shoes Co., Ltd.

Wanbang (Qingxin) Shoes Co., Ltd.

2. Fujian Province

Putian and Quanzhou in Fujian Province are well-known as the “Shoe Capital of China.” The production technology needed by Adidas is fully met here because of the mature infrastructure and skilled shoe manufacturing workers. The flexible manufacturing capabilities of this area attract many big brands like Adidas and PUMA.

Examples of OEM factories:

Putian Shuangchi Shoes Co., Ltd.

Lianjiang Qinglu Shoes Co., Ltd.

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3. Jiangsu Province

The advanced automation and superior manufacturing technology in Suzhou help Adidas produce complex shoe designs in China. This ensures high quality while maintaining efficiency.

Examples of OEM factories:

Stella International Holdings Limited

Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Limited

Clothing Products

1. Jiangsu Province

Suzhou in Jiangsu Province is famous for its excellent manufacturing technology. It is one of China’s important light industry bases with complete infrastructure. This makes it suitable for Adidas’s high-quality apparel production requirements. Adidas has a production base in Suzhou Industrial Park.

Example of OEM factory:

Suzhou Industrial Park Tianyuan Garment Co., Ltd.

Sumec Garments & Textile Co., Ltd.

2. Guangdong Province

Adidas has many OEM factories in Guangzhou. There are also many Guangzhou warehouses. As one of the economic centers in southern China, Guangzhou is not only rich in resources and has complete infrastructure, but also gathers many suppliers and manufacturers, which can provide Adidas with a variety of options.

Example of OEM factory:

Guangzhou Jinke Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Hongmian Clothing Co., Ltd.

Adidas hoodie

3. Fujian Province

Quanzhou and Putian in Fujian Province are famous for shoe production, but their clothing manufacturing skills are also impressive. Adidas takes advantage of these skilled workers and excellent techniques.

Example of OEM factory:

Jinjiang Changda Garment Co., Ltd.

D&J Garment Co., Ltd.

Henglong Shoes and Clothing Co., Ltd.

4. Zhejiang Province

Ningbo and Wuxi in Zhejiang are carefully chosen by Adidas. They have excellent manufacturing technology and fast logistics. These locations are ideal for production due to their advanced capabilities and efficient transportation networks.

Example of OEM factory:


Weiye Clothing Co., Ltd.

Adidas Sports Equipment

Accessories Products

1. Guangdong Province

Guangzhou, Dongyuan and other cities in Guangdong Province have OEM factories that produce accessories for Adidas, with a wide range of products. Guangdong Province’s excellent manufacturing base not only makes Adidas like it, but also attracts a large number of international brands.

Examples of OEM factories:

Dongyuan Wenfeng Silicone Products Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Worley Leather Products Co., Ltd.

2. Zhejiang Province

Ningbo, Zhejiang is a famous distribution center in China and an important base for accessory production. Its excellent small commodity production capabilities and well-developed supply chain are key reasons why Adidas chooses this location.

Examples of OEM factories:

Shenzhou International Holdings Limited

Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd.

3. Jiangsu Province

Adidas chose to produce in Suzhou for several reasons. The city has an excellent manufacturing base, a rich labor resource, and supply chain advantages. These factors were decisive in their decision.

Examples of OEM factories:

Yue Yuen Industrial Holdings Ltd.

Stella International Holdings Limited

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How Chinese Factories Help Adidas with Quality Control?

Chinese factories establish strict quality management systems. They do quality inspection at every stage, including raw material procurement, production process control, finished product inspection, packaging, and transportation. Workers receive special training before production to ensure they meet technical standards.

How Does Adidas Manage Its Supply Chain?

First, Adidas places great importance on selecting suppliers. Once chosen, they generally establish long-term and stable partnerships to ensure supply chain stability. Second, Adidas values supply chain transparency, conducting real-time monitoring and implementing comprehensive emergency measures to respond quickly to crises.

Is China’s Politics Stable? Are There Any Market Risks?

China’s political and market environments are relatively stable, but there are potential risks such as economic cycle fluctuations and changes in laws and regulations. It is necessary to develop adaptable strategies to prevent these market risks.

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How to Cooperate with Adidas’ OEM Factory

  1. Find suitable Adidas OEM factories through various channels.
  2. Contact and learn about the factory.
  3. Visit the factory if possible.
  4. Request samples and check the quality.
  5. Negotiate contract terms and prices.
  6. Start production and monitor quality.
  7. Maintain communication to prevent losses due to misunderstandings.
  8. Understand import regulations.
  9. Plan transportation and logistics.
  10. Pre Shipment Inspection.
  11. Prepare import documents and pay duties.
  12. Track shipments and estimate delivery time.
  13. Inspect goods upon receipt and provide feedback to the factory.

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Congratulations! You now have a good understanding of where Adidas products are made, and this knowledge will help you in your business endeavors.

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